Apr 15, 2019

Classic Hairstyles For Men

Retro becomes modern! Here are some timeless men's hairstyles you can wear that will never let you fall out of style.

Fashion has proven time and time again that there are trends out there that die out per season, and there are those that can withstand decades of change. Timeless hairstyles are hard to perfect and can raise doubts as to what type you should wear, but try experimenting with these four classic hairstyles that are sure to sweep girls off of their feet!

1. Crew Cut

Attainable to all types of hairlines and textures from receding, thinning, to thick, this is a type of buzz cut wherein the top part of your hair is cut short so that it has a bump at the front, but not like a pompadour. The sides are tapered so as to level out the top part and everything blends. There aren't many differences to a crew cut and a buzz cut, aside from the fact that in a crew cut, the top front part of the hair is quite long and it's shorter in the back. This is usually worn by sports athletes because it gives off a neater appearance, like Billy Harris.

2. High and Tight

This type of cut was popularized by the military and other law officers and has been used ever since. While crew cuts aren't obvious in their tapered sides and have a little bump on top, this style fades at the sides and the obvious pomp is emphasized in these high and tight cuts. Of course, you can also change the hairstyle according to your taste as long as the sides neatly shaven and that the top has more hair.

3. Side Part

Another popular style nowadays is side parts, and you can rarely walk down the street without seeing at least two men wearing it. The good thing about side parts is that they're easily switched or combined with other hairstyles thereby giving more options and variations for every man to choose from. You can have more volume on one side, have your sides fade a little bit, and it's manageable in short, long, or medium length. You usually need to use a wax to make sure that your hair stays in place, but it's all up to you to get creative!

4. Medium Length Waves

Here's a secret. A lot of girls absolutely dig guys with medium-length waves. There's something mystical with how a guy's mid-length hair just falls freely and naturally, with or without wax. It's also fairly easy to get this type of hairstyle - just grow your hair out enough. You can also choose to taper off your sides a little bit, make it high and tight, or whatever direction your waves are facing. Most guys usually pair this style with a beard and a mustache to add to that 'manly' look, but choose whichever style works for you.

So take a trip back in time and explore these classic hairstyles!

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