Sep 27, 2019

You Can Easily Copy Alden Richards' Coolest OOTDs as Ethan in Hello, Love, Goodbye

Be cool like Ethan by imitating his fashion style!

A homegrown talent of GMA network and the other half of the loveteam AlDub, Alden Richards' prowess in acting is remarkable. When paired with the rival network ABS-CBN's talent, Kathryn Bernardo, in the OFW film Hello, Love, Goodbye, he showed his versatility and professionalism as an actor. After seeing the trailers, we can't deny their chemistry on-screen! With a great plot, a high-caliber director and talented artists, the movie became the Philippine's highest-grossing film of all time, breaking the record previously held by Kathniel's The Hows of Us. However, Hello, Love, Goodbye was Alden Richards' first-ever high-grossing film. Well, with all the hard work he put into the movie, we can say that he deserved this achievement.

In the movie, Alden Richards portrayed the role of Ethan, a playboy bartender that is working to become a resident in Hong Kong. Having the looks enough to charm any woman, he tries his luck on Joy, Kathryn Bernardo's character. He then succeeds to make her fall in love with him just like we all do. We surely fell in love with Ethan because of his charming looks and cool outfits. If you're a man who wants to copy Ethan's fashion statement, or a woman, who wants to refer to his style for your boyfriend, continue reading this article!

Casual Military Look

This image was from the scene where Ethan waits for Joy in the place where they first had an interaction. The cool and artistic graffiti in the background matched Ethan's rugged style, wearing a brown T-shirt, black pants, and bright-colored sneakers.

Casual 'Cool Guy' Look

Throughout the film, Ethan can be seen wearing three-fourth shirts like this white and gray raglan T-shirt. The fashion piece accentuated the masculine figure of Alden Richards, who had to undergo diet and workout programs to achieve the required physique.

Cool in Maroon

Strolling down the busy streets of Hong Kong, Ethan and Joy donned streetwear outfits that are worthy to imitate. Ethan looks funky wearing a brown-ish maroon quarter-sleeve shirt paired with black skinny jeans. The overall look was then topped with his dashing smile and cute dimples.

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Fun and Preppy

One of the most enjoyable parts of the movie is when Ethan and Joy made quirky but sweet poses to the camera. In this scene, Ethan wore a dark-colored shirt with some bold accents, black ripped jeans, and his favorite yellow sneakers.

Simple and Casual

Listed among the most heartbreaking scenes, the movie clip where Ethan lets Joy go to achieve her dreams in Canada will definitely stay in our minds and hearts forever. Also, we won't forget Ethan's white shirt layered with a collared jacket OOTD because he looks badass in it.

With charms like Alden Richards, you'll be able to pull off these streetwear OOTDs!