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Nov 6, 2019

OOTD Battle: Alden Richards vs. Mario Maurer. How Will Our Pambansang Bae Fare Against The Famous Thai Actor?

Who has a better sense of fashion?

We had already done several comparison articles in the past with most of them involving actors that share the same nationality and environment. This time, we will be breaking national barriers by comparing our own Alden Richards to the Thai actor Mario Maurer. Although Mario Maurer is based in Thailand, it didn't prevent us from watching some of his movies such as the iconic film Crazy Little Thing Called Love opposite the pretty Baifern Pimchanok and the horror-comedy movie Pee Mak. Since then, we have been an international fan of the Thai actor.

Alden Richards, on the other hand, rose to popularity in our country due to his incomparable prowess in acting. Also, his visuals make him a good leading man. We also can't deny that he easily gets a connection with any actress and creates a chemistry with any of them. Check out the chemistry between him and Maine Mendoza, thus the birth of the famous loveteam AlDub. When paired with ABS-CBN's Kathryn Bernardo in the recent blockbuster movie Hello, Love, Goodbye, we also saw how comfortable they are with each other amidst network boundaries.

Now that we have already mentioned some background details for both of them, it's time to check out their different fashion styles and make a fair comparison.


Alden Richards' Hairstyle

Alden Richards' hairstyle during the shooting of the movie Hello, Love, Goodbye is flat, pressed-on bowl cut. Let some of the hairs go messy to achieve that edgy look.

Mario Maurer's Hairstyle

Just like Alden Richards, Mario Maurer is a fan of Justin Bieber-inspired bowl haircut. However, he made sure to slightly sweep the front hair to the sides for that cute look.

Formal Attire

Alden Richards' Formal Attire

Alden's formal attire reflects the usual Filipino suit look- a black blazer, white long-sleeve as the inner, and a bold-colored necktie. He surely looks a respectable gentleman in it!

Mario Maurer's Formal Attire

Mario Maurer in his printed black suit is perfection. He managed to incorporate the distinct prints and designs from his country, Thailand, to come up with his unique formal outfit.

Casual OOTD

Alden Richards' Casual OOTD

On his recent trip to Cambodia, Alden Richards showed off his style in the international setting. We love his casual look that consists of a white T-shirt topped with a light-washed denim jacket and denim jeans. His white sneakers also came into play.

Mario Maurer's Casual OOTD

Mario Maurer likes hitting the gym to maintain his figure. Although he will still get all sweaty, he still exerted effort in choosing his casual OOTD to wear to the gym. Look how he looks sporty with that plain T-shirt, shorts, and sneakers.

And the winner for today's comparison is ... actually, both of them. They have equally good looks, edgy style, and remarkable talent. Do you agree?

Although different countries have varying beauty standards, one thing's for sure: You'll appear handsome if you have a great sense of style and a good heart.