Aug 1, 2019

Non-Natural Hair Colors for Men That Modern Pinoys Must Try

Women aren't the only people who can have their hair colored. Join in the fun by coloring your hair in colorful hues!

Men are not used to dyeing their hair, especially in colorful hues, except if they're a K-pop idol. However, this doesn't mean that men can't dye their hair. So ditch that age-old tradition that men can only color their hair when gray hairs become prevalent or that they must not get a colorful dye job at the salon. Don't worry, you won't look less like a man, but instead, you will appear cool and stylish. We have rounded off 5 non-natural hair colors for men that you must try sporting once in your life.

Baby Pink

While most men connect the pink color with femininity, the truth is, pink used to be a color meant for boys. What's the reason behind this? It is because the pink hue is a more decided and stronger color. No wonder, Maroon 5's macho vocalist Adam Levine chose the subtle baby pink color for his dye job.


To jazz up your dark-colored hair, dye it with a purple hue! This regal color screams authority, position, and power and is fitting for the king within you. Watch as the Dusk Til Dawn singer Zayn Malik rocks this eye-catching hair color.

Ash Brown

If you are a beginner in the hair coloring game, you may want to sport a hue just around the natural brown family. The product of the gray + brown combo called ash brown might be the most suitable one to start with for you. Get this tip from the famous footballer David Beckham!


We have seen Jared Leto in green hair when he played the iconic role of Joker in Suicide Squad. However, the red-haired Jared Leto grabbed our attention through his charms and we aren't complaining.

Platinum Blonde

We have always loved Zac Efron since his High School Musical days. Now that he's all grown up and starring in movies like the musical film The Greatest Showman, we can't help but notice his handsome aura complemented by his platinum blonde hair.

Recommended hair colors

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Garnier Olia Hair Color

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Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Color

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Kolours Hair Color

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Break the society's norms and dare to stand out from the crowd with these hair colors for men that are Hollywood celebrity-approved.

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