Nov 27, 2019

Holiday Gifts 2019: Here Are 5 Best Gifts You Can Give Her Under PHP 1000

Check out these best bang-for-the-buck gift choices for the special woman in your life- may it be your mom, wife, sister, or girlfriend!

Are you one of those whose anxiety level rises up to the max when it's time to go shopping for Christmas gifts? Well, you are not alone. Most people, especially men, have little to no idea on what to give their female acquaintances. This becomes harder when you have to stick to a certain budget. In that case, you should be smart in spending your money. To help you out in your dilemma, we've rounded off some of the best yet affordable gifts you can get your mom, wife, or girlfriend for under PHP 1000.

Tassel Earrings

If you find gold and silver jewelry too expensive, why not try these alloy tassel earrings? These fashionable pieces are perfect for your mom who wants to be on-trend or your wife that's a style enthusiast. To know her design preference, be observant with her style choices or simply take a look at her fashion jewelry set and decide which fits the best.

Sling Bag

The holiday season might be the reason to treat your girl to new arm candy! If your girlfriend is a big fan of handicrafts, you might as well give her a sling bag made from natural materials such as abaca. The sling bag has cute floral accents and a clutch closure so her things will be kept in place.


Is your girlfriend or female BFF active on Instagram? While it isn't an Instagram requirement, most gals like to post photos of them wearing sunglasses. Support her on social media and gift her a great pair of sunglasses to complement her OOTDs. And don't forget to take an Insta pic with her!

Floral Scarf

Can you name a fashion item that exceeds the versatility of a scarf? A well-chosen scarf can be used as a bandana, placed around the neck for warmth as well as for fashion purposes, or as a stylish accent for her bags. For added feminine vibe, choose a pastel-colored floral scarf. Watch how she creatively uses the multi-purpose scarf in various ways.

Makeup Brush Set

What might your makeup junkie wife or girlfriend want for Christmas? Of course, anything that's related to makeup! If you don't know which cosmetics brands she prefers, you can just buy a makeup brush set as a gift. And don't settle for just any brush set; opt for the unicorn-inspired one. She will definitely thank you for making her unicorn dreams come true!

10 Stks Soft Makeup Brush Set PHP 999.00

14pcs Pro Gradient Color Makeup Brushes Set PHP 999.00

There's nothing you can ask for other than seeing your special someone wear a smile on her face because of your well-thought gift!