Aug 26, 2019

Get To Know These 5 Best Local Shoe Brands For Men That Deserve Our Support and Patronage

We must support and patronize our own brands!

International brands like adidas and Nike have become our primary choices when it comes to footwear for men. Obviously, we adore the quirky designs and quality of these brands' shoes. But, do you not think that it's time to appreciate and patronize our own products? Happily, in recent years, support for these local shoemakers has become the priority of buyers. Our love for local brands, which was born from the ideas of our fellow countrymen, really shows in our product choices. To also show our support for these brands in our own little way, we will feature 5 of the best local shoemakers for men.

Marquina Shoemaker

Paying homage to the Shoe Capital of the Philippines Marikina, founders Juancho Del Rosario, Kayne Litonjua, and Patrick Kahn chose to name their project as Marquina Shoemaker. Their advocacy is to gather support for the shoe-making industry in Marikina by making timeless shoes that are durable and comfortable to wear.

Sapatero Manila

Sapatero Manila's mission extends to the shoemaking industry of the Philippines as a whole. It wants to bring back the iconic design of the olden days. Expect to see shoes that resemble the design of what your grandpa used to wear in his teenage years in their display. Their shoes are high-quality, very durable, and show intricate craftsmanship.

Godfather Shoes

Aaron Angeles, founder of Godfather Shoes, envisions producing leather shoes that can fare against foreign brands. The result is the birth of this local brand that offers beautifully crafted footwear with a sleek finish. The shoes can be customized and are perfectly designed for the modern man living in 2019.

Nobleman Shoes

The local brand Nobleman offers good-quality, stylish boat shoes that don't cost an arm and a leg. The product names are inspired by Philippine heroes such as Rizal and by the fictional characters from his books Noli and El Fili, Simoun and Ibarra. Nobleman also sells shoes for women so you and your special someone can go matchy-matchy.

Black Wing Shoes

The Marikina-based Black Wing Shoes boast of high-quality custom-made leather shoes. The skilled, passion-driven workers behind the brand are open to adapt their designs based on international trends so you can buy local-made shoes that could satisfy your aesthetic and functional needs.

Filipinos are indeed very driven and creative. We are proud of these local entrepreneurs that invested their effort and ideas to provide us with these world-class shoe brands.