Nov 1, 2019

All Gentlemen Must Add These 10 Essential Items to Their Wardrobe

Men must also be particular in their fashion style!

We know so well that a lot of men find shopping for clothing pieces challenging. But, whether you want to look presentable at a special event or you want to impress that lady you like, you have to dress with style. As a modern man, you should know the basic things you should start shopping for right now and add to your wardrobe. We will help you figure out what items you should go out to buy and definitely keep in your wardrobe.

White T-shirt

White T-shirts are already the go-to outfit of most men, but do you know why many men prefer wearing them? It is because this classic piece of clothing is versatile and can be worn with ease under a jacket or paired with jeans. And recent surveys show that women like men who wear simple white shirts!

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Black T-shirt

If you are not a fan of bright-colored shirts, you may want to buy a black T-shirt instead of white. Dark-colored shirts scream masculinity and make you look cool and rebellious. For a suave look without the clutter, wear a black tee.

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Ripped Jeans

You may think of ripped jeans as a female fashion staple. It's not that way anymore as some guys have already switched to this trend. So why should you sport ripped jeans? Well, they are comfortable to wear, easy to mix and match and look cool and sexy.

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Black Jeans

Do you agree that black jeans might be the most versatile thing you can own? Black-colored jeans are indeed versatile. You can wear them in the office or on a night out with friends. You can also easily transform from a streetwear style look to a formal fashion look depending on what you pair the jeans with.

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Denim Jeans

The most common type of trousers a man can have- denim jeans. To fully cater to the different needs of every man (and woman), denim jeans have various fittings such as skinny, straight, baggy, and so on. Depending on your taste, pick the most comfortable denim fit to wear.

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There's a general rule for every man: You should own at least one good watch. It doesn't need to be too expensive to cost you an arm and a leg, but just one that could present your persona well. Although digital and smartwatches are in, analog watches will surely never go out of style.

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One of the smallest details of a man's fashion statement, belts still must not be overlooked. Belts made of real leather will ensure that you'll have a comfortable pair of pants all day. Needless to say, they can also last for years.

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Black Backpack

A modern man needs something to carry his things around in, such as a backpack. If you are one of the few men who are heavy-packers, you should make sure to have a backpack you can put all your necessary items in. Also, opt for a black-colored one so it's easy to match with any outfit.

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Sling Bag

If you aren't into backpacks and aren't packing too much, you might want to consider sling bags. This type of bag only requires you to have its sling over one shoulder so it's not that heavy to carry, perfect for day trips and running quick errands.

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White Sneakers

Yes, I'm confident that almost every man has white sneakers in their arsenal. If you still don't have a pair, it's time to purchase your very own first pair of white sneakers. Solid-colored sneakers are effortlessly casual and comfortable to wear. They can also be paired with any outfit.

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These 10 things are worth buying with your hard-earned money. Invest in your style and you'll pass as a modern cool dude!