Oct 8, 2020

Here are Some 80s Fashion Trends Modern Men Can Wear in 2020

Women would surely want to see their men wearing these '80s fashion trends!

The '80s was the time when maximalism ruled the fashion world. This decade saw a lot of bold designs, bright hues, and outrageous silhouettes. In this era, several fashion trends were also born, including hip-hop, preppy, and punk styles. Sadly, these brave looks slowly disappeared from the limelight to make way for the minimalistic styles popularized in the '90s and '00s. This year, '80s clothing trends are back to reclaim their lost glory. Men can now proudly express their quirky style, just like the gents back in the '80s did! In this article, we will show how modern men can rock the '80s fashion trends.

Double Denim

The '80s double denim fashion trend was all about pairing denim jeans with denim tops. TBH, this trend will not make you look awkward as some people say. In fact, you will look stylish and edgy in double denim! To slay this trend, try wearing different shades of denim for your top and bottom or opt for an acid wash design.

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Leather Jackets

In the '80s, if a guy wanted to look like a bad boy, all he had to do was throw on a leather jacket. This statement piece was commonly worn by bikers, punks, and heavy metal rock artists in the era. By wearing leather jackets, you get to express your edginess and rebelliousness in a stylish way.

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Polo Shirts

People in the '80s love collared shirts aka polo shirts. Wearing polo shirts was a part of the preppy fashion that was popular in this era, to be specific, pastel-colored ones. To follow this trend this 2020, look for polo shirts in subtle shades and pair them with trousers that complement them.

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Power Suits

80s fashion was also known for the rise in popularity of power suits. Power suits are often characterized by their sharp cuts and wide shoulder pads. Ambitious guys in the era never failed to slay this trend. Feel free to wear power suits to work or to a business meeting, and you will look formal yet trendy and stylish!

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Hip-hop and rap icons helped popularize tracksuits in the '80s. While athleisurewear was originally limited to sports activities, those artists proved that you can wear them anywhere you like. While some modifications have been made on the original tracksuit, it remains the fashion apparel that you can wear inside and outside the gym.

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The '80s era boasts having the loudest style statements ever seen in the fashion world. Incorporating the fashion trends from the '80s to your wardrobe would surely spice up your style game and make you look extra sharp and edgy!