Sep 24, 2019

5 Masculine Ways Modern Men Can Wear Floral Shirts

Who says only girls can wear floral?

While most of us associate floral prints with middle-aged men, the truth is this trend is for men of all ages. And you too can master the floral shirt trend with ease, so you shouldn't write it off just yet.

You might be surprised, but floral shirts might become your new go-to outfit for both casual and formal events! However, wearing whatever floral printed-shirt you find in your wardrobe might make you look like you had some life crisis. The secret to perfecting this trend is to pick the right cut, color-combination, and design to avoid looking feminine or old-fashioned. In that case, we are here to help you by giving some dressing tips.

1. Wear It Under a Suit

We have seen valiant men wearing floral suits paired with matching floral trousers. However, if you are still a newbie in the floral dressing game, you surely would want to start slow. You can do that by wearing a floral long-sleeved shirt under a suit. This will serve as the needed twist to your usual plain shirts. Look formal yet quirky with this dressing tip!

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2. Wear It with Denim Shorts

Maybe you think about floral shirts paired with shorts in a negative light. Yeah, sometimes it gets awry. But also note that a floral shirt, if well-chosen, can be paired with almost anything you have in your wardrobe. If you still have fashion doubts, you can just start with a floral-inspired T-shirt paired with knee-length denim shorts and low-cut sneakers. This is the perfect comfy and laidback look for men!

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3. Pair It with Jeans

One of the many things you can pair with jeans is a floral shirt. Denim jeans have become the staple outfit for casual events, and so if you want to upgrade this versatile and simple item from your wardrobe, you should switch your plain tops with something more eye-catching like a floral-printed shirt. You can either wear a white tee underneath the floral shirt or wear it alone over your favorite denim jeans.

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4. Wear It with Tailored Trousers

If you want to look business-oriented yet fashionable, you may want to wear floral shirts over tailored trousers. Denim jeans are surely too casual while slacks pants look more formal. To avoid looking casual in this coordinated look, wear floral shirts that are not too colorful and better yet, stick with universal colors such as white. And don't forget to button up that shirt and tuck it in the trousers!

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5. Wear It Under a Jacket

We have discussed earlier how floral shirts coordinate with suits. Now, we'll be focusing on how jackets can accentuate the floral-printed shirt for that casual look. Pair it with well-chosen denim jeans and leave the shirt untucked - you're now good to go!

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The floral shirt trend is one of the best dressing styles for men that you might've missed out on. Don't look at floral patterns as a challenge to your masculinity. On the contrary, it will bring back life to your bland wardrobe!