Mar 22, 2017

Microsoft Surface Book 2 to ditch the 2-in-1 detachable design

Microsoft is said to ditch the 2-in-1 detachable design on their upcoming Surface Book successor, the Microsoft Surface Book 2. The impending laptop would sport the traditional clamshell design and come with a considerably cheaper price.

Microsoft made a great innovation in the field of portable computers when they launched the current Surface Book laptop with a detachable display. Now, a recent rumor coming out of "sources from the related upstream supply chain" disclosed that a new Microsoft Surface Book has already entered mass production and would likely be available for purchase by the end of March or in April. This news might cheer the laptop enthusiasts who have waited long for the Surface Book's successor. However, here's the only drawback: The Surface Book is expected to adopt a clamshell design instead of the existing 2-in-1 detachable design.

The current Surface Book can be a laptop and a tablet, depending on the user's choice. The upcoming model will say goodbye to detachable parts and will be just like any traditional laptop. With the loss of its main selling point, the Surface Book 2 will be considerably cheaper than its predecessor which is expected to be priced starting at USD 1,000 (approx. PHP 50k). Apparently, it will still feature the same 13.5-inch display and a magnesium-aluminum-alloy chassis.

There are two reasons behind the alleged change in the upcoming Surface Book. First, the current Surface Book has a significantly limited demand which is said to be because of the high price, ranging from USD 1,499 to USD 3,199 (approx. PHP 75 to 160k), that the laptop carries. In 2016, Microsoft only shipped an estimate of 500,000 Surface Book units. Second, the first-generation Surface Book's detachable design created a conflict with the Surface Pro lineup. The reasons mentioned might explain why Microsoft took another route with their upcoming Surface Book laptop; to avoid conflicts between their different product series and to increase their sales for the year. They are expecting to reach 1.2 to 1.5 million units of the new Surface Pro in 2017.