Mar 29, 2017

Apple's new patent can turn iPhone and iPad into a full-fledged laptop

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently published the patent filed by Apple back in September last year. The patent filing suggests an accessory that will be able to turn the iPhone and iPad into a full-fledged laptop.

Having a phone that can be turned into a laptop is long-dreamed by several companies including HP and Motorola. However, they all failed to make that dream into a reality. Apparently, that did not hold back Apple from pursuing the ultimate goal. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently published the Cupertino Company's application for an electronic accessory device. The patent was originally filed back in September last year.

Apple's patent filing suggests a "headless" device that still contains the traditional laptop components such as a physical keyboard and the needed ports. It will also have an either large display or a trackpad, depending on which of the concepts will be used. Although it looks like a complete laptop it can't function without a host that will serve as its CPU, graphics card, memory, and storage. In this juncture, the iPhone or iPad will be able to play a role.

The first concept has a slot near the trackpad area where the user can drop the iPhone, which will then provide the necessary hardware to run the ultraportable laptop. The iPhone will also double as an actual trackpad while the display screen is already given. The other concept listed in the patent filing makes use of the iPad. This time, the iPad will be used to power the laptop, add more storage and GPU. It can be done by sliding the iPad into the slot meant for the screen and it will have a built-in trackpad.

The company plans to integrate additional batteries and GPU hardware in the accessory aside from the parts that the iPhone or iPad can provide. It might seem odd but it is indeed a great device to watch out for. However, we must remember that it is still a patent, which means that we can't really be sure if Apple will be able to make this product for real. That being said, we must wait for developments regarding this patent.