Feb 3, 2016

Back from the Dead, Vaio returns to America with the Vaio Z

Once abandoned by Sony, Vaio is back and it wants to take on Apple


Vaio is back with a new premium 2-in-1 laptop convertible, the Vaio Z.
The Vaio Z represents Vaio’s attempt to appeal to the high-end market that desires strong build quality, beautiful aesthetics blended with cutting edge hardware and performance.

Sony sold off its Vaio division back in 2014 to Japan Industrial Partners, as part of a move to divest itself of all its PC enterprises, and focus instead of mobile and gaming. The Vaio line had long suffered from falling sales, and did not even make it into the Top 5 PC manufacturers back in 2013, falling way behind rivals such as Lenovo, Dell, HP, Acer and Asus. Now its own independent brand, Vaio announced the new Vaio Z, a premium high-end laptop which will feature three modes of operation – the traditional clamshell style, a 180 degree flipped screen with the screen facing backwards for presentations, and closing it for a tablet mode.

Pricing for the Vaio Z starts at $1,799, and at this price point it is looking to take on not the lower or mid-end PC market, but the market dominated by Apple’s Macbook Pro. The Vaio Z will be equipped with a Core i5 or i7 Skylake processor, 8 to 16GB of RAM, a 13” 1440p display and an aluminium housing. It also comes with a stylus that has left and right mouse buttons for more versatility.

Vaio also reports that its logic board configuration, which it dubs the “Z-Engine,” uses less space inside the chassis, leaving more room for a bigger battery and a large cooling fan. As a result, you can expect 11.5 hours of battery life off of one charge. Vaio will also have a dedicated clamshell version without a touchscreen and the flipping feature, which starts at $1,500. This model will sport a lower resolution of 1080p, but because it does not have a touchscreen, the battery is expected to last a whopping 15.5 hours.

The Vaio series was initially only confined to release in Japan, however Vaio’s American branch is now looking to expand sales to the US. The Vaio Z will be shipping in the US in early February.

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