Jun 23, 2017

Lenovo's futuristic laptop concept features a flexible screen

Lenovo shows off a new laptop concept at the recently-ended Transform event, giving us an idea regarding the future of laptops. The concept showcases a laptop with a flexible display that stretches all the way to the keyboard and works using voice commands.

Lenovo surely has tech ideas that seem absurd in the common viewpoint. At the recently-ended Transform event in New York, the company showed off a futuristic laptop concept which has a flexible display that runs right up to the built-in keyboard. What's making it unique is it doesn't have a hinge because it is the hinge itself. It can be bent half way and can also be folded down towards the keyboard when not in use. With this concept comes the ability to "speak" to the laptop; literally, using voice commands and a stylus to browse around the laptop. Interesting enough, Lenovo still chose to include some peripherals such as the keyboard and mouse to its futuristic laptop concept.

Before we put all our hopes in this wild concept from Lenovo, we must remember that there's no guarantee that the tech firm will build it. First, Lenovo did not disclose whether they're already working on the concept or if it's still on the drawing board. Second, the only screen technology that can bend for now is OLED. Despite the fact that OLED displays are now being used to create a few bendable devices, it might not be suitable for the laptop concept. In fact, Lenovo states that the concept can only turn into reality when advanced materials and new screen technologies becomes available, ignoring the pre-existing OLED technology. That being the case, it may take a couple of years or more from now before we can see the real-world version.

Albeit we have doubts regarding the laptop concept, we are not closing our doors to the possibility that it might turn out into reality at some point in the future. It is worth noting that it is Lenovo we are discussing here, a company known for its dedication to creating unique and innovative devices.