May 16, 2018

Lenovo Receives a Patent for a Hybrid Laptop with a Triple-fold Display

Lenovo has recently received its much-awaited patent from the World Intellectual Property Organization for a hybrid portable computer having a tri-fold OLED display. The flexible screen will have multiple viewing regions and can be folded inwards and outwards.

Tech makers have been gushing over foldable displays and trying to secure multiple patents to their benefit. For instance, the Chinese company, Lenovo, which holds a strong presence in the laptop segment, recently received a new design patent for a laptop having a tri-fold display. As per the documentation published by the World Intellectual Property Organization, the firm filed for the patent in late 2016. The newly-awarded patent talks about a "flexible display with multiple viewing regions" which is of the OLED variety and can be folded inwards and outwards. It allows users to triple the amount of screen real estate offered compared to what traditional laptops can provide.

The flexible nature of the patented display enables the portable computer to be folded in a way that its screens face both sides, a mode which would be very useful for presentations or local multiplayer games. While the patent filing did not explicitly say that the display panels are touch-sensitive, it is already implied by the fact that the setups won't be able to hide the keyboard. The documents also seem to reveal that the laptop will be equipped with a camera and at least one microphone and that the engineering principles can be applied to devices with either dual or triple-fold displays.

The patent won't be limited to laptops, as tablets and smartphones can also make use of it. In fact, apart from the tri-fold screen laptop, it turns out that Lenovo is also working on a tablet with a foldable aesthetic. Other phone makers such as HUAWEI, OPPO, and Samsung are also jumping on this gadget bandwagon and planning to release foldable devices later this year and early 2019. Lenovo's upcoming foldable laptop might also arrive in the said launch schedules.