Oct 7, 2019

Know More about the Windows 10X Operating System

One of Microsoft's newest gadgets, the Surface Neo, is a dual-screen, Windows 10X-powered device that promises to change the productivity landscape, but what exactly is Windows 10X?

Microsoft has been busy working with their partners on creating a mobile version of Windows 10, or what is now called Windows 10X (previously known as Windows Lite). The reason for the development is that the company wants to offer users a mobile version of the Windows 10 experience through dual screens.

The Surface Neo, once it comes out, will mark the debut of the Windows 10X operating system. During the development phase, engineers at Microsoft worked to ensure battery efficiency while still being able to offer a top-notch multi-screen productivity experience.

It looks like the team was successful as they were able to come up with a trimmed-down version of Windows 10 that is still able to run Windows 10 applications, including Microsoft Office. This is going to be a game changer, especially for corporate users who are always on the go as they will have a bigger display size to view information like spreadsheets, charts and presentations while on the go.

For students, Windows 10X also allows them to take down notes, read textbooks in a more natural manner, watch movies and videos, or do their research on the web. Microsoft said that they are working with streaming services like Spotify and Netflix to optimize their applications on this OS.

The dual screens promise either enhanced functionality for a single app and the ability for the user to run multiple apps on each screen. Windows 10X will also have gesture-based controls that will allow a single app to take up both screens.

Surface Neo running Windows 10X

While there's no definite launch date yet, Windows 10X is going to be available exclusively on dual-screen devices which are going to be offered by Microsoft and OEMs like Dell, Lenovo, ASUS, and HP among others. The company also adds that Windows 10X caters to users who require a high level of portability while still being able to access a decent amount of computing power. Just don't expect it to be available anytime soon though, as the majority of the devices are expected to be available starting next year.

It's important to note that Windows 10X is not in any way an OS upgrade to the existing Windows 10 OS offerings and that this is a stand-alone OS for dual-screen devices. Microsoft says that Windows 10X is still being developed and has given a timeline of 2020 for the release.