Aug 31, 2018

Dell Has Announced The Refreshed Version Of The XPS 13

The XPS 13 is one of Dell's best-selling laptop computers because of its compact size and computing performance. Will the refreshed version live up to its reputation?

At the IFA consumer electronics show this year, Dell announced that they will be releasing a refreshed version of their XPS 13 2-in-1 laptop. The new laptops will come with one of these two processor variants; the Intel Core i5-8250U and the Intel Core i7-8550U, depending on the model. The Core i5-8250U processor comes with a 6M cache with up to 3.4GHz, while the Core i7-8550U will come with an 8M cache with up to 4.0GHz.

Dell XPS 13

The revisions to the XPS 13 focus more on its internal functions, the external portion of the laptop remaining almost the same. The upgrade will offer users a higher level of computing power and better battery life that lasts up to 15 hours on a single charge using Dynamic Power Mode. Another main aspect to this update is that they will be much more affordable now.

The price tag of the XPS 13 variants starts at USD 899.99 (around PHP 48,000). This version comes with 4GB of RAM, 128GB of SSD storage, and a next-gen InfinityEdge display. There are three versions with 256GB of SSD storage, and the prices range from USD 1,099.99 to USD 1,799.99. The version that costs USD 1,099.99 comes with 8GB of RAM and the 8th-Generation Core i5-8250U processor. The second variant comes at USD 1,250 (around PHP 66,000), and carries 8GB of RAM but includes the 8th-Generation Core i7-8550U processor. The third most expensive version of the series comes with 16GB of RAM, a touch display, and presents the 8th-Generation Core i7-8550U processor.

There is also a version of the laptop called the XPS 13 Developer Edition, that all come with Linux Ubuntu 18.04 already installed, catering mainly to programmers and coders. There are four versions of this edition as well, and the main differences here too are the processors and the capacity of storage.

Another major revision to the XPS 13 laptops is their ability to be transformed into different forms thanks to the 2-in-1 hinge. They can be folded to work like a tablet, be stood up like a tent or opened normally depending on the need. The tablet version can be used together with the Dell Active Pen, which is not included in the package. The pen can be used to draw and write on the screen.

The laptops are already on sale in the United States, but there is no official word yet from Dell Philippines regarding an official release date locally.