Jun 5, 2019

Apple Announces New macOS Catalina, Drops iTunes

Apple's official unveiling of its next macOS iteration has also retired the infamous Apple suite in the process.

Apple has now debuted its next macOS iteration, macOS Catalina. And in the new platform, the Cupertino, California-based company has also ditched the beleaguered iTunes for good. But in exchange, the company has replaced it with tons of exciting alternatives.

At the helm of the new macOS Catalina are its now three, separate apps – Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV. Each of the apps is designed mainly to optimize a Mac user's entertainment needs. Apple is quick to point, however, that while iTunes is now booted off the system as a suite, the feature can still be accessed in each of these apps. Thanks to iCloud, these files are then synced across your devices as you can also back them up, restore, and sync by simply connecting your device to your Mac directly.

The new Music app on macOS Catalina allows users to explore a library of songs while discovering news tracks and artists. Apple TV, which finally premiers in a Mac, provides users the option to watch everything directly in the app. A "Watch Now" tab is also thrown into the mix. Probably the most important feature of this app comes from the inclusion of a 4K HDR and the Dolby Atmos support.

Finally, Apple Podcasts boasts of more than 700,000 of the best entertainment, comedy, sports, and news which is now all accessible via Mac. Users can either search these podcasts by title, topic, guest, host, and a whole lot of ways.

The new macOS Catalina also features the Sidecar, which enables users to use their iPads as their second screen for their MacBook. Their tablets can also be utilized as a tablet input for their Macs. There is also the full Voice Control feature, which as the perk implies, allows consumers to control their device with just the use of their voice. Meanwhile, the Find My Mac feature is now re-introduced as the Find My app which helps users to locate their lost or stolen Apple devices, and even more conveniently, this can be used even when the Mac is offline.

Apple has also equipped macOS Catalina with an Activation Lock on all the T2-enabled devices. When the feature is activated, no one should be able to use your stolen Mac right until the user's credentials are logged in.

macOS Catalina has also received updated Photos, Notes, Reminders, and Safari apps, right alongside its Screen Time support. Porting your iPhone or iPad apps to the new OS is also now made easier, courtesy of the new Project Catalyst.

The new macOS Catalina is expected to arrive during the third quarter of 2019 for Macs introduced in mid-2012 or later.