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Dell Precision Laptops Price List in the Philippines June 2021

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Dell Precision 15-3510

Dell Precision 15-3510

  • Core i5, Core i7, 2.7 GHz( i7-6820HQ)
  • DDR4, HDD, SSD
  • 15.6 inches
P43,945.55 - (2 Prices)
Dell Precision 15-5510

Dell Precision 15-5510

  • Core i5, Core i7, Xeon, 2.8 GHz(Xeon E3...
  • DDR4, 32GB, 2TB
  • 15.6 inches
P78,347 - (3 Prices)
Dell Precision M3800

Dell Precision M3800

  • Core i7, 2.2GHz
  • DDR3L, 16GB, HDD, 2TB
  • 15.6 inches, Windows 7 Professional, UB...
P35,099.25 (1 Price)
Dell Precision M6500

Dell Precision M6500

  • Core i7, 2GHz
  • DDR3, 4GB, HDD+SSD/eMMC, 500GB, 64GB
  • 17inches
- (0 Prices)
Dell Precision M4500

Dell Precision M4500

  • Core i7, 2.67MHz
  • DDR3, 4GB, 2GB, HDD+SSD/eMMC, 500GB, 25...
  • 15.6inches
- (0 Prices)
updated on Jun 24, 2021, 22:51

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Dell Precision Laptops Price 2021

Latest Dell Precision Laptops Price
Dell Precision 15-3510 P43,945.55 -
Dell Precision 15-5510 P78,347 -
Dell Precision M3800 P35,099.25
Dell Precision 15-3510 Dell Precision 15-3510

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Latest Reviews for Dell Precision

[Good]well my laptop over all is not bad at all...i can count on it in terms of searching in internet.. in case of life battery..its still always in good..when im in house i depend on the adaptor ...Read more

  • Rating : 3.9
  • Review by Cynthia Caparas
  • Date : Jul 9, 2014

itong dell inspiron m6500 eh isang maganda piece of device talaga.. it really does live up to its reputation bilang isa sa mga pinaka powerful na laptop na nasa market.. tapos wala pa yung mga ...Read more

  • Rating : 3.6
  • Review by ChEllAxx89
  • Date : Mar 4, 2013

medyo makaluma na itong laptop na ito.. medyo makaluma na rin talaga yung design nito at sobrang mahal parin hanggang ngayon. pwede na akong makabili ng tatlo or dalawang laptop or ultra book sa ...Read more

  • Rating : 2.8
  • Review by mAyexxxx16
  • Date : Feb 26, 2013

Latest Topics for Dell Precision

Cynthia Caparas

why its always corrupted and crash..

I already repormat it but the problems is still there..

  • Last updated : May 21, 2014
  • Posted by Cynthia Caparas
  • Replies of This topic : 1 Replies

About Dell Precision

Dell Precision laptops offer leading solution to complex problems

Dell Precision computers are actually Workstations meant for corporate use by CAD/ CG/ Architecture professionals or in small-scale businesses. In Philippines, there are quite a few takers of this corporate lineup who mainly rely on computers to get their job done. Dell's inception goes well beyond the early 90's, to the time they started as a small company based in Texas, United States. It was founded by Michael Dell and now employs over 103,000 people across the world. Their journey to becoming a multimedia giant was riddled with obstacles, but however the company managed to not only survive but become one of the best in the world, competing with the likes of Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, etc.

Features of Dell Precision

Among the many releases Dell has made over the years, the two most recent models are more worthy of discussion apart from others. These models and their configurations are as follows:

Dell Precision M6600

It is powered by Intel Core i-5 (2540M, 2520M) processors based on Intel QM67 Express chipset and comes with 1333 MHz/1600 MHz DDR3 RAM. When it comes to choices in GPUs, it offers AMD FirePro Mobility M8900 with 2 GB DDR5 memory and NVIDIA Quadro 300M with 2 GB DDR5 memory. There is a 17.3 inches screen and overall, this laptop weighs 3.42 Kg.

Dell Precision M6700

This model comes with a 17.3 inches screen and is powered by Intel Core i5 and i7 processors along with their individual variations based on Intel Mobile QM77 Express Chipset. RAM is upgradable to a maximum of 32 GB in variations of 1333/ 1600 / 1896 MHz DDR3 type. GPU offering is between AMD FirePro Mobility with 2 GB DDR5 RAM and NVIDIA Quadro K300M 2 GB DDR5 GPU.

Popularity in the Philippines

Dell Precision lineup boasts of solid performance while keeping reliability at its forefront. This formula has been successful so far and has given the company over other leading brands that offer similar products at almost same prices. Philippines computer market is full of brands, each offering varying specifications at varying prices, but Dell has found the soft spot that appeals to the masses. Even though home users may not be keen on using these PCs, people who are looking forward to opening any small business may opt for a model in order to implement their ideas.

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