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Sony Pentium 4 CPU Laptops Price List in the Philippines June 2021

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Sony Vaio VGN-FJ290

Sony Vaio VGN-FJ290

  • Pentium 4, 1.86GHz
  • 2GB, HDD, 100GB
  • 14.1 inches, Windows XP Professional
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updated on Jun 16, 2021, 18:51

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Latest Reviews for Sony Laptops

Ang ganda pala ng design ng Sony na laptop, ngayon lang kasi ako tumingin tingin ng laptop at isa ito sa nakita ko sa mga laptop. Medyo makapal lang at mabigat itong laptop na ito at napansin ko ...Read more

  • Rating : 3.9
  • Review by Carlo Joaquin Imperial
  • Date : Sep 6, 2018

good graphics and easy to use, i like this device.much better to use than other PC and its not too vulnerability..i recommend it to others

  • Rating : 4.8
  • Review by Angelo Tabilas Salamanca
  • Date : Sep 11, 2017

okay ako sa mga specs pero yung battery talaga hindi tumagal

  • Rating : 4.3
  • Review by Sheena Ong Vallejo
  • Date : Sep 8, 2017

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how to use camera on this unit/ please help

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Rosita Matias

change everything !

Since luma na kasi ito gusto ko sana ipaayos lahat then ibenta ko, although working panaman siya gusto ko lang magmukhang bago ang laptop ko para mabenta ko pa ng mas malaki.

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About Sony Laptops

Sony Company Overview

VAIO Corporation with VAIO standing for Visual Audio Intelligent Organizer, is a Japanese manufacturer headquartered in Azumino, Nagano Prefecture that makes personal computers and smartphones.


Sony made computers in the 1980s exclusively for the Japanese market, the company withdrew from the computer business around the beginning of the 1990s.

The concept of the workstation as a device was essentially an extension of current MIPS projects. NEWS project leader Toshitada Doi saw it as consisting of a 32-bit CPU developed in a short time with unrestricted applications. Basically, he thought of it as an OA computer.


The Sony NEWS was unable to break into the U.S. market, where Sun Microsystems was dominant, and also did not fare well in Europe. The NEWS platform was later used for video-on-demand applications, and for Internet server applications.


Sony's re-entry into the global computer market, under the new VAIO brand, began in 1996 with the PCV series of desktops—the PCV-90 was designed with a 3D graphical interface as a novelty for new users.


The first generation of VAIO laptop computers was released in 1997 and the US$2,000 PCG-505 model was designed to be "SuperSlim," and was kept in a four-panel magnesium body.


The following products of our USB portable hard disk drive "VGP-UHDP04 series / UHDM08", the product from the PC body It has been found that there may be a symptom that the data cannot be read properly. This caused Sony to have a USB portable hard disk drive free repair.


Launched VAIO firmware update program from February 2009 in correspondence and response regarding Seagate hard disk.


In the standard specification (over-the-counter sales) model of our VAIO personal computer "S series (VPCS 119 FJ / B) " released from January 2010, the display of the country of origin on the bottom of the main unit had an error.


Suspended the distribution of update programs from "PlayMemories Home for VAIO" and PMB (Picture Motion Browser) VAIO Edition to "PlayMemories Home" (Ver.1.2 / 1.3).

The delivery date of the update program will be announced on the PlayMemories page as soon as the schedule is confirmed.


Sony sold its PC business to the investment firm Japan Industrial Partners in February of that as part of a restructuring effort to focus on mobile devices, on the same day, the company announced refreshed entries in the VAIO Fit and Pro lines. The re-launched products initially distributed in Japan, then later in Brazil.


In August 2015, VAIO announced plans to re-enter international markets, beginning with Brazil and the United States.

Canvas Z tablet was released in the United States on 5 October 2015, through Microsoft Store and the VAIO website.

On 16 October 2015, VAIO agreed to introduce their products in Brazil through a partnership with a local manufacturer Positivo Informática.


On 2 February 2016, VAIO announced that it would unveil a Windows 10 smartphone. Also that month, it was also reported that VAIO was negotiating with Toshiba and Fujitsu Technology Solutions to consolidate their personal computer businesses together.


On 4 June 2018, Nexstgo Company Limited announced that they will be licensed by VAIO Corporation to oversee the business in Asia.


VAIO has started to produce the SX12. It is a laptop with a 12.5-inch screen and more I/O options than other machines. It's the follow-up to the S11 and features a larger screen and keycaps in about the same body size.

Sony VAIO Series' and Models

    VAIO PCV-90

    The first Sony VAIO PC arrived in 1996.

    VAIO PCG-505

    One of the first-generation VAIO notebooks shipped in 1997.

    VAIO PCG-707

    Sony also launched the PCG-707 in 1997.

    VAIO C1 PictureBook

    Branded "PictureBook," Sony's VAIO C1 series introduced the idea of a built-in webcam to its notebook range in 1998.

    VAIO MX series

    Sony returned to its Walkman roots with its MX series in 2000.

    VAIO LX series

    Sony's VAIO line entered a truly experimental phase in late 2000.

    VAIO W all-in-one

    The original VAIO W, released in early 2002, combined a PC with TV features.

    VAIO U series

    Originally introduced in 2002, Sony's U series of VAIO computers looked like tiny portable DVD players.

    VAIO Z series (2008) keyboard and switch buttons

    This series come with Sony's proprietary XBRITE (known as ClearBright in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region) displays.

    VAIO X505

    It had some impressive specs when it first debuted in 2004.

    VAIO UX series

    While Sony introduced its U series previously, the UX series followed two years later just as Microsoft's ultra-mobile PC initiative with Samsung was starting to take shape.

    VAIO SZ series

    It was yet another expensive, high-specked machine, featuring the latest processors, display technology, and even a fingerprint sensor, all in a tiny package.

    VAIO FW series

    In mid-2005, a hidden partition on the hard drive, accessible at boot via the BIOS or within Windows via a utility, was used instead of recovery media for many VAIO laptops.

    VAIO P series

    Components such as Intel processors, Seagate Technology, Hitachi, Fujitsu or Toshiba hard drives, Infineon or Elpida RAM, Atheros and Intel wireless chipsets, Matsushita optical drives, Intel, NVIDIA/AMD graphics cards, Sony speakers, were integrated to the P series.

    VAIO TX series

    Introduced in September 2005, the TX series was the first notebook to implement a LED back-lit screen, which provides lower power consumption and greater color reproduction.

    VAIO TZ series

    The TZ offered a built-in highly miniaturized Motion Eye camera built into the LCD panel for video conferencing. Additional features included the XBRITE LCD, integrated Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) technology and Bluetooth technology.

    VAIO SZ Series

    The first to use switchable graphics wherein the motherboard contains an Intel GMCH (Graphics Memory Controller Hub) featuring its own in-built graphics controller (complete memory hub controller and graphics accelerator on the one die) and a separate NVIDIA graphics accelerator chipset directly interfaced with the GMCH.

    VAIO AR Series

    The first to incorporate a Blu-ray Disc burner, this series was designed to be the epitome of high-definition products including a 1080p capable WUXGA (1920 x 1200 pixels) screen, HDMI output, and the aforementioned Blu-ray burner.

Sony VAIO Technology and Innovation

Sony has advanced AV technology and rapidly developing IT technology, advanced analog technology, and cutting-edge digital technology.

Sony also has a range of hybrid tablet computers, with models called VAIO Duo 11/13, VAIO Tab 11/20 and VAIO Fit multi-flip, as well as a desktop computer under the L series.

Sony's first VAIO Z notebook arrived at the dawn of Intel's Centrino era before anyone knew what an "ultrabook" was.

VAIO Corporation's first new computer is the VAIO Z Canvas 2-in-1 PC.

A selection of media centers was added to the VAIO range in 2006.

Sony now offers a "Fresh start" option in some regions with several of their business models.

The default webcam software in VAIO notebooks is ArcSoft WebCam Companion.

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