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Feb 4, 2021

Best Rice Cooker Brands in the Philippines 2021

A rice cooker is the single most used appliance in most Asian homes. Here are the top brands in terms of rice cookers in the Philippines today.

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Determining what perfectly cooked rice is may result in an exchange of different opinions― some like it sticky and soft while others may like it cooked fluffy, or even hard. To aid us in cooking the perfect rice we turn to rice cookers. All these different models may look very advanced, but they all perform the same tasks of cooking rice.

As technology progresses, materials used and standards for cooking have also changed. Today, modern rice cookers feature multilayered pans which provide faster and better outcomes. In addition, rice cookers nowadays are no longer confined to just cooking rice, but some are even equipped to have multi-functions like baking and slow cooking.

The pricing of a rice cooker may be the major factor in which we rely on when picking out which one to buy. But beyond that, there are other aspects one should also consider in making their decisions.

Durability and design are some of the things that may be overlooked. Rice cookers are all built differently; some are made with high-quality plastic while some use stainless steel to prevent rust. There are also rice cookers that use a non-stick coating on their pan making it easier to remove excess food when cleaning.

There are a number of rice cookers available in the market making it tough to pick the right one. To help you in your search, we're here to share with you our exclusive list of the best rice cookers brands in the Philippines that have a great reputation in terms of reliability and performance giving you a worry-free selection amongst their product lineup.

Best Rice Cooker Brands in the Philippines

9. Hanabishi

RICE COOKER (available in different sizes) HHRC FS

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Hanabishi has become one of the go-to brands for affordable kitchenware that is also known to have excellent quality. Slowly with time, they have managed to grow into a household staple as they become aggressive in promoting their products.

Hanabishi caters to the more affordable segment in the market. In return, their products may be one step behind in terms of features and technology but they make up for it by providing robustly built appliances that are both affordable and easy to use.

One of Hanabishi's popular rice cookers is the Hanabishi HJC-28. It is a versatile machine that is equipped to deal with everyday abuse. It has a jar-like design and a capacity of 2.8L, which is enough to feed 15 people― cooking this much rice can be difficult for some rice cookers as there is a tendency to either overcook or undercook some areas. Fortunately, Hanabishi's unique design allows it to evenly cook the rice. Another interesting feature― this rice cooker can also make congee and soup!

8. Imarflex

Imarflex IRJ-1500A

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Imarflex rice cookers are not your typical rice cooker. Their very rugged designs sometimes do not resemble an everyday, mundane rice cooker. Unlike more traditional rice cookers that use simple designs and colors with plastic housing, you would instead find an outer case made with stainless steel and high-quality plastic.

Imarflex is also well-known for offering durable appliances. The price of Imarflex appliances is typically a bit more expensive compared to other brands. Another feature of Imarflex rice cookers is their use of non-stick surfaces that is great for clean-up as it will take less effort to remove excess rice. You will also find that Imarflex has added safety features in place even in the more basic rice cookers such as a thermostat and fuse protection.

7. Micromatic

Micromatic MRC-18 Rice Cooker 2.8L

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Micromatic rice cookers are another affordable option. This brand specializes in building compact and portable rice cookers. They do offer larger sized rice cookers but most of their lineup is comprised of smaller ones.

Micromatic rice cookers are available with either a plastic cover or stainless steel cover; the price difference is significantly higher with the more durable finish. Additional features include a steam rack that you can use while cooking your rice. A keep-warm function that ensures your rice is kept warm for longer is also standard in all of its models.

6. Kyowa

Kyowa Rice Cooker 1.8L (Silver/Black) KW-2044

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The Kyowa brand has been around in the Philippines for quite some time now. Their products are focused on the budget-friendly segment yet they are able to provide durable products with many additional features. A standout feature you would normally find with Kyowa rice cookers is that they normally come with a steamer tray, making the rice cooker look taller than usual.

The materials used for the outer cover are stainless steel which gives it added durability and protection from rust. Another important feature is the non-stick pot that makes it easier to clean.

5. Philips

Philips Daily Collection Jar Rice Cooker HD3115/65

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Philips is a very well known appliance maker that has released a countless number of premium rice cookers that feature an array of features and functions.

Most Philips rice cookers come with different preset options for cooking your rice. You can normally find a timer to set when you want your rice to be cooked, how you want it cooked, and the type of rice you're using.

Philips usually caters to the more premium segment of the market. Philips rice cookers use multistage cooking technology, which unfortunately results in a longer wait time for the rice to cook. Although you might have to wait a little longer, the quality of rice will certainly be better than a cheaper model. Philips cookers also usually have a keep-warm feature to keep your rice fluffy for more than five hours.

4. Tefal


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Tefal is also a premium brand that offers an array of kitchen appliances and utensils. Tefal rice cookers are also well known for providing multifunction controls with their models.

Tefal rice cookers usually have a simple and elegant design. They are also known for being robustly built with some models sporting a stainless steel finish. One of the highlights of Tefal rice cookers is the slow cook options. The rice cooker acts as your pot for you to be able to place all your ingredients and wait for it to cook. The pot that normally comes with the rice cooker is a non-stick type and works well when used to cook meals and is easy to clean at the same time.

Just like other premium rice cookers, Tefal rice cookers take longer than usual to cook rice. The technology used increases cooking time but produces better quality rice.

3. Tough Mama

0.6L Rice Cooker

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Tough Mama appliances have a goal to improve everyone's quality of life by providing budget-friendly appliances that are reliable and work well.

Tough Mama rice cookers have a wide range of models starting from the smallest 5 cup capacity to the larger rice cookers that can cook up to 15 cups at a time. Tough Mama rice cookers usually come with non-stick inner pans, which are great when cleaning up the excess rice that builds up during cooking. Although the basic design may look unappealing to some, its ability to cook great rice is a good trade-off. If you want a more durable cover, they also provide numerous stainless steel options for an additional cost.

2. Panasonic

Rice Cooker SR-AFM187

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Panasonic is another big brand that offers a wide range of appliances. Their expertise runs across different sections and one of those is in the rice cooker department.

Panasonic offers a number of rice cookers, from budget-friendly entry models up to more premium models. Their lineup is very flexible but one thing in common with their products is that they are all durable and reliable.

The design of Panasonic rice cookers is simple with easy to use control knobs and easy to read labels. Panasonic's more premium edition rice cookers allow you to cook different types of meals with a push of a button. The metal pot has several coatings that make it more scratch-resistant and non-sticky which will make it easier to clean.

Panasonic rice cookers also offer a great warranty, giving you an added peace of mind and all the more reasons to buy.

1. Tiger

JNP-S Series Stainless Steel Conventional Rice Cooker

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Tiger rice cookers are, if not the best, one of the most famous brands when it comes to cooking rice internationally.

Similar to Panasonic rice cookers, Tiger rice cookers also offer a wide variety of models ranging from budget-friendly entry models up to commercial use rice cookers.

Tiger rice cookers may look simple compared to other brands, but their products focus more on durability and the technology of cooking. Their knowledge in cooking rice is world-class; you'll even be surprised to see how much their premium models can cost.

With a wide variety of models available in different price segments, the build and features vary depending on the model. But similar to other brands, most Tiger rice cookers feature a non-stick pan, IH cooking, a more advanced pan coating, multi-function cooking, cooking timer, and computerized cooking menu amongst many other features.


The brands mentioned on this list are the most reliable and reputable manufacturers of rice cookers that are available in the Philippines today.

Some brands only cater to the entry-level segment, some only offer premium models, and others offer both budget-friendly and premium rice cookers. One thing you should remember when buying a rice cooker is that you get what you pay for. Don't expect to receive the same level of performance a premium rice cooker is able to provide with an entry-level model.

But this doesn't mean that you should always opt for the most expensive one. As every home is not alike, picking one that would suit your home is the best way to go. Picking a rice cooker from one of the brands mentioned above is also a great place to start for guaranteed durability, safety, and satisfaction.

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