Notice of service termination will discontinue all services as of June 30, 2021 (scheduled).
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About product registration

Termination of new product registrations
We will stop accepting new product registrations as of May 17, 2021 (scheduled).
Items posted before the above date will be displayed on our website for 30 days. All postings will be undisclosed after 30 days.
Termination of reposting of expired products
After May 17, 2021 (scheduled), you will not be able to repost products that have already been displayed on our website for 30 days.
You will still be able to continue to view and edit products that have already been registered.
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No limitation for product registration.

Easy to Use

It only takes a few minutes to create a shop. Also, you can request us to register your products for you (first time only).

Huge Traffic

Your shop will be seen by many people.

And more...

Promotion for new products and sellers.
Better price you offer, the more offers come.
And now planning more!

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  • * There is no function for payment as of now. Please communicate with each buyer by e-mail or tel about how to pay and deliver.


How to register
How it works


What is
No.1 price comparison site in the Philippines for mobile, gadgets and electronics
Why free? Do we have to pay in the future?
If we make any changes, we will inform you beforehand.
How will buyers contact me?
They will e-mail, text or call you through the number you registered in your account. (Image)
Is there any limitation for displayed products?
No. You can register thousands of products for free :)
What kind of products can we post?
Mainly, mobiles, tablets, PCs, electronics and those accessories. If you cannot find your category, please select "Others"
Can we sell used products on priceprice?
Yes. "Used" condition can be selected in the registration
How long are products open on priceprice?
30 days after posting. If you wish to continue to sell it, change the status “Expired Eto "For-sale" in "MyMenu" page
How can we change the price and other information after posting?
Click the Edit button in "MyMenu" and then change them.
I'm too busy to register
Please use Request button. Priceprice will register your account and products for you. (first time only)
We make enough profit from our Physical shop
That's great! Especially then, we recommend you should embrace E-commerce as quickly as possible. The trend is coming and it's a pioneering advantage.
How about prevention of fakes, dummy and others frauds?
We manually check all accounts and the products. Once any registration is irrelevant such as wrong or unreal shop information, fakes, or assumed fake products, which violates our terms of use, it will be deleted without notice.
I don't like my prices being compared with other shop prices
Consumers have a tendency to check and compare prices on the internet before purchasing. If you decide to work for E-commerce, good prices are an advantage.
How can we contact
Thank you for your interest. Please e-mail to
1. You can own a shop in as below
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2. There is a review function. If you have good rating from buyers, the purchase rate will increase.
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1. Sign up with your facebook account
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2. Register your shop’s information
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3. Click "Add New Product" button in "My Shop" tab...
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4. Register products you want to sell (Repeat 3 and 4 for all products)
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5. All products have been registered, and click "Go to shop page"...
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6. Your shop has been completed !
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7. If these steps are complicated for you...
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If these steps are complicated for you, click button to request to register them

Priceprice will register your account and the product for you.(first time only)


1. New sellers and products are promoted on the Top page at all time !
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2. Each product will be shown not only on your shop page but each product page on (you can get more traffic)
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3. Buyers will contact you by email or tel through the page above
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4. Non-comparison products, like accessories, will be shown in the list of each category such as above
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