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Hair Treatments Price List in the Philippines June 2021

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  • An intense anti-frizz serum enriched with argan oil to replenishes hair from the inside out to tame frizzy hair for up to 48 hours.

  • Treats your hair from the ill-effects of chemicals used in perming, dyeing and other hair treatments.

  • A leave-on treatment infused with all-natural soybean, broccoli, sunflower and avocado oils to protect your hair from damaging elements during the day.

  • A hair treatment made with a blend of rich avocado, sunflower and soybean oils, aloe vera, and a honey-derived conditioning agent to deeply nourish your damage hair.

  • A hair loss treatment infused with black bean extract to help absorb excess sebum leaving hair shaft smooth and silky.

  • A lightweight hair essence, formulated with Marula Oil that coats the hair to protect it from blow-dry or styling products and helps create a great hairstyle with a lightweight finish and velvety softness.

  • A natural and plant-based hair serum made with uniquely powerful Elemi and Pili Oils combined with coconut oil that makes your locks shiny from root to tip.

  • Instantly conditions and rehydrates hair, giving smooth, sleek, silky locks whilst also adding volume.

  • A shine-giving hair serum with organic argan oil and macadamia oil that helps to tame unruly hair while simultaneously smoothing it and giving it a glossy salon-worthy shine.

  • A lightweight, leave-in treatment that penetrates the surface layers of the scalp to nourish and help preserve the scalp’s natural protective barrier, leaving your the scalp nourished, soothed and feeling comfortable all day.

  • 100% pure, cold-pressed and organic Virgin Marula Oil infused with Vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants to boost your skin's radiance and smooth stressed-out strands.

  • A conditioning hair mist rich in moisturizing jojoba that rehydrates your hair without weighing it down.

  • Percy&Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Treatment Oil+ is a completely transform even the driest of hair, giving you shiny, silky, glorious hair you won't believe.

  • Refreshes and add waves and texture to your hair while leaving a luscious, beachy aroma.

  • Targets and absorbs the excess sebum produced by the scalp giving you healthy hair and allows them to grow stronger and more beautiful.

  • A lightweight hair oil that revitalizes hair from roots to ends with essential nutrients that naturally smooth frizz and promote radiant shine.

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How to Properly Use Hair Treatments for Your Hair Type

For most of us low-maintenance types, a regular wash and some conditioner would be enough for our hair care routine. After all, if we're just going to put it up in a bun or comb through it, we don't really need to fuss with it, right?

But what about those who want long, lustrous hair that they can freely show off in their Instagram posts? Well, for those who want a little something extra in their hair care routine, the best way to go is to use a hair treatment product that's specifically made for their hair type.

Not quite sure what your hair type is? Here's a quick guide:

Thin hair. You often have the type of hair that can't seem to gain enough volume no matter how much you try to tease it. Thin hair is very common among more mature ladies and Asian ladies. However, other ladies can have thin hair too due to hair breakage, fallout, or just plain genetics.

Frizzy hair. Frizzy doesn't always mean curly, though many women with curly hair have frizzy hair. Those with a frizzy hair type may have some waves in their hair, but what defines it is the fact that the strands seem to have a life of their own. They simply refuse to go along with the rest of the herd no matter how hard you comb it.

Greasy hair. Your hair isn't necessarily greasy, but your scalp is. This is because of the over-production of oils by your scalp. This isn't necessarily a bad thing because it's these oils that keep your hair nice and shiny, but they can be a drag because it tends to leave your hair looking limp.

Dry hair. Dry hair can be caused by a number of things – the environment, heat styling, hair coloring, or just plain genetics. Dry hair can be a drag because of how brittle it becomes, and thus how easy it is to break with just the slightest pressure.

There are a lot more hair types out there, but these are some of the most common ones addressed by hair treatments out in the market. You must know your hair type first before you pick a hair treatment to use.

What Treatments Should You Use?

Here are some hair treatments you can use depending on your hair type.

A purifying hair treatment

Purifying hair treatments are perfect for those who often use products on their hair for styling. These treatments help remove impurities from your hair and scalp to reveal smoother, lightweight hair. This kind of hair treatment is perfect for use before you apply a moisturizing hair treatment as clean hair and scalp mean a more receptive surface for your next treatment.

A moisturizing hair treatment

The best treatment for dry and frizzy hair is a moisturizing hair treatment that's enriched with glycerin. Glycerin helps moisture bind to the hair to make it softer and smoother. Hydrating hair masks like this also adds some shine, even if you often use styling and heat tools.

A frizz-eliminating hair treatment

For the most part, frizzy hair can easily be solved by affordable hair treatments that keep the hair in check. This anti-frizz serum helps you style your hair to avoid unwanted flyaway strands. On top of that, it also helps moisturize the hair.

A colored hair treatment

Coloring your hair is such a huge trend that companies are now creating hair treatments targeted specifically at those who color their hair on a regular basis. This daily hair treatment helps your hair become softness and luxuriously shining health while also making the color more vibrant!

Shampooing and conditioning are great, but you also need a regular dose of TLC for your hair. So on those days when you want to pamper your luscious locks, give these hair treatments a try!

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