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Hair Care Price List in the Philippines May 2021

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  • Strengthens your hair from root to tip with Pro-Vitamin formula, leaving your hair stronger & less tangled, resulting in less hair fall even when hair is wet, or it's being combed.

  • Protects your hair from damage and delivers a shiny vibrant color that lasts.

  • A matte sculpting wax that gives hair a strongly defined style that can be easily undone.

  • Contains 1% w/w Permethrin (10mg/g) formula to treat head lice and their eggs.

  • A damaged repair shampoo that nourishes your hair back to strength with keratin repair actives to repair roughness and dryness.

  • Replenish and refines your hair and gives you smooth, soft, shiny and fully colored hair.

  • A head lice treatment shampoo that effectively kills lice and nits, and prevents its recurrence while keeping your hair soft & smooth.

  • A shampoo-type bubble hair coloring to help you achieve vivid coloring without looking mottled.

  • A washable colored hair wax that provides easy rinse styling formula with hair and scalp nourishment at the same time.

  • A shampoo that helps reduces hair fall and perfect for strengthening hair from root to tip.

  • The no. 1 concealer spray that conceals greys and roots in just one quick spray.

  • Effectively removes 100% of visible dandruff flakes to make your hair soft while giving you that cool and clean feeling.

  • An intense anti-frizz serum enriched with argan oil to replenishes hair from the inside out to tame frizzy hair for up to 48 hours.

  • Delivers an amazing fully colored hair that feels smooth, soft and shiny.

  • Controls frizz for 24 hours and leaves hair intensely moisturized while providing up to 100% dandruff protection for a refreshed and flake-free scalp.

  • Repairs 10 visible signs of damage and prevent split ends for up to 3 months with its formula infused with Pro-Vitamin Formula blended with Japanese Rice Oil essence.

  • A conditioning shampoo enriched with Amla pearl complex, a formula moisturizes and nourishes your black hair making it look fuller and shinier.

  • A refreshing shampoo that contains coconut that is full of vitamins A, C, and E to provide the right balance of moisture for your hair making it soft without leaving it flat or heavy.

  • A nourishing shampoo enriched with lavender oil and rosemary extract that helps boost body and bounce form first wash for a healthy and fuller looking hair.

  • A nutrient-rich, hair-smoothening shampoo with creamy and nourishing Pro-Vitamin Nutrient Blends to keep your hair moisturized, smooth and silky.

  • A daily treatment conditioner to nourish and repair your damaged hair in just 60 seconds.

  • A conditioner that won't weigh your hair down and nourishes your hair with Hydracollagen Technology, making it water-based, easy-rinse, and non-greasy.

  • Features Jojoba and sunflower oil for scalp nourishment leaving your hair stylish and silky at the same time.

  • A shampoo enriched with Straight Lock Technology that brings life to your hair keeping them straight as it dries.

  • A nourishing shampoo that smoothens your damaged hair with pro-moisture complex for a healthier hair over time.

  • A gentle dandruff shampoo that works for hours even after it's rinsed off and controls itchy and flaky scalp conditions.

  • The most joyful yellow shampoo pack with a unique blend of five natural oils: Argan oil, Babasu oil, Almond oil, Camellia oil and Coconut Oil to nourish your hair deeply, and makes it beautifully soft and smooth.

  • The EverPure Moisture Shampoo helps to prolong the radiance of your hair color with the Anti-Fade Complex. It will finish for soft, silky and shiny!

  • Gives your hair a tender loving color that lasts for at least 3 months while adding vibrancy minus the dryness and damage.

  • Keeps your hair will feel smooth, soft and shiny while the color is amazing with no gray hair in sight!

  • A hair volumizing shampoo formulated with oxyfusion technology, which breathes life into dry, flat hair.

  • Delivers a natural looking hair from root to tip and also adds definition and dimensionality.

  • A high-performance shampoo that reconstructs and fortifies hair against damage, leaving hair with more resilience and strength.

  • Infused with the nourishing power of serum capsules that go deep into the hair and repair damage from within - in just 1 minute!

  • A rinse-off hair coloring treatment with advanced foam technology to give results in fashionable and vibrant colored hair without going to a salon.

  • Gently and effectively cleanses scalp with its clinically proven Vitazole formula to remove 100% of dandruff, leaving hair naturally soft.

  • A cream conditioner infused with Aloe Vera and Fruit Vitamins that instantly smoothens your hair for effortless finger-combing throughout the day.

  • Deeply moisturizes and effectively cleans hair for a fresh menthol feeling and a long-lasting dandruff protection.

  • Protects your hair from damage caused by coloring and perming, and helps repair chemically damaged hair.

  • For beautifully moisturized hair, the Philippine coco nectar bursting with amino acids, vitamins and minerals nourishes each strand inside out. It sulfate-free that definitely good for you and for our earth too.

  • Deeply nourishes your hair from root to tip, allowing it to get more beautiful and strong as it grows.

  • Packed with so much good-for-your-hair goodness such as coconut oil, keratin proteins, avocado oil, and cocoa butter to make your hair super happy.

  • Treats dry, frizzy hair and gives you 99% smoother hair leaving them soft and manageable with every use.

  • Helps protect normal hair from daily wear and tear while leaving your hair feeling silky and manageable every day.

  • A therapeutic scalp shampoo that helps relieve itching and flaking associated with severe scalp conditions.

  • An effective conditioner for damaged hair with Nutri-Keratin Repair Actives to visibly repairs signs of surface hair damage and helps to detangle and improves manageability.

  • Conceals grays in seconds with a lightweight formula that leaves no smudging or sticky residue when dry.

  • Treats your hair from the ill-effects of chemicals used in perming, dyeing and other hair treatments.

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How to Get Perfect Instagram-Ready Hair in Just 3 Steps

Every gal has a different hair care routine. Some of us are good with a quick wash, a bit of combing through with our fingers, and we're out the door. But there are some who want to layer on all kinds of products for that perfectly coiffed hairstyle. Both of those hair care techniques are a-okay, but we're here to show you the trifecta of hair care – cleanse, treat, and style.

This three-step hair care routine can easily be done by ladies who want minimal fussing with their hair, ladies who like to style and care for their hair just a bit, and ladies who can't leave the house without all kinds of hair care products and then some!

So below, we'll be discussing the three-step hair care routine with some products you might want to try out.


No matter what kind of hair care routine you like, you simply cannot skip cleansing! It's the most important part of caring for your hair because it gives your hair time to breathe and be free from the products you use on it all the time.

If you're the kind of girl who's always piling on the mousse, the hairspray, the pomade, and more, you'll want a detoxifying shampoo that you can use to give your hair a breather.

Original & Mineral Original Detox For The Ultimate Cleanse

On the other hand, if you just want a quick cleanse because you don't really use a lot of product on your hair, you'll want to use a shampoo with built-in nutrients. It acts as a cleanser and a treatment all in one. It's the perfect hair care product for super low-maintenance ladies.

Alberto VO5 Extra Body Volumizing Shampoo

Now if your hair feels dry, brittle, and on the verge of death, you can easily revive it with some shampoo. Shampoos that give your hair some added radiance would be best.

Percy & Reed Rather Radiant Divine Shine Shampoo


The kind of hair care treatment you want depends on what your hair really needs. For the most part, hair treatments are made to revive hair that has undergone its fair share of bleaching, dyeing, and heat treatments.

If your hair is luscious and curly, you might want to try out a treatment that will help you get rid of tangles without ripping your hair out of its roots!

Original & Mineral Know Knott Detangling Spray

On the other hand, you can give it a few spritzes of Argan Oil to give it a bit of shine and moisture. Hair oils are great for taming too-voluminous hair types and for giving that extra oomph to frizzy or limp hair.

Bench FIX Argan Oil Age Defying Hair Treatment

However, if your hair tends to be on the oily side, you'll still want to give it some love. But this time, pick out a hair treatment that doesn't have oil in it.

Percy & Reed Smooth Sealed & Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil For Fine Hair

Lastly, if your hair needs all the help it can get, give it a keratin boost to help your hair become smoother again. This would be an essential hair care step for ladies who have been styling and dyeing their hair to oblivion!

Natural World Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Therapy Hair Treatment Oil


Styling your hair is totally optional, but it's a nice step to take if you're headed to a party or a formal gathering.

For au naturel waves, give your hair a few spritzes of ocean mist to give it that effortless, boho look.

Sachajuan Ocean Mist

Need just a touch of volume? A mousse can help your hair stay in place without being too crunchy like it would with hairspray.

Percy & Reed Abundantly Bouncy Volumising Mousse

Of course, you'll also want to have some hairspray in your hair care routine if you're going for a more elaborate updo!

Percy & Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray

Lastly, if you're a fan of the slicked back look, nothing beats pomade at keeping hair in place while giving you tons of shine!

BYRD The Classic Pomade

These simple hair care products give you tons of options, no matter what kind of hair care routine you're used to. It's always good to have at least one product to cleanse, treat, and style your hair because you never know when you might suddenly need to whip up an elegant hairstyle!

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