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Nissin Biscuits Butter Coconut Flavor (3 packs x 275 grams per pack)

Nissin Biscuits Butter Coconut Flavor,Contents per pack, 275 grams 11 packs x 25 grams

P164 Lazada

HERSHEY'S Hershey's Chocolate Chips Semi Sweets, Sea Salt Caramel, Milk Chocolate, Premier White 340g

P290 Shopee

Meiji Almond Black

Meiji is a well known for its high quality chocolate and offer a great of different chocolate products. One of the best is ?meiji ALMOND chocolates with combines best almonds with finest chocolate which is also available as DARK with dark chocolate.Weight: 84g

P340 Lazada

BULL NUTS! Mani Hubad Adobo Hubad Masarap!

Peanut Fried Luto Adobo Flavor,Susuwagin ka sa sarap!Available in different flavors:,- Original,- SpicyAvailable in 300g and 500g

P180 Lazada

Oreo Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies, Cream Cheese Flavored Creme 345g

?100% Authentic from the USA,Oreo Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies, Cream Cheese Flavored Creme 345g,Size - 345 g / 12.2 oz,Take a delicious break with Oreo Red Velvet Cookies, a new twist on the classic favorite of millions around the world. Supremely dunkable, this Oreo variety sandwiches ...

P495 Lazada

Blue smileys vanilla blast cream sandwich cookies 10packs 32g W92 999106

Good for snacks,Favorite for your children,Delicious,Lessen your stress,Good taste,Affordable,Top Quality

P80 Lazada

Juicy Jay 1 1/4 Superfine Black Berrylicious Flavour Rolling Papers - 32 Leaves (3 Pack)

Did you know that the average human has about 10,000 taste buds; however, theyEfre not all on the tongue. Some are under the tongue; some are on the inside of the cheeks; some are on the roof of the mouth. Some can even be found on the lips; thatEfs why Juicy Papers and Wraps taste so ...

P350 12% OFF P400 Lazada

HUJI MAMI Special Roasted Peanuts 120g

Mami Special Roasted peanuts 120g,100% Nature Peanuts,Large Peanut, Roasted and Salted tasty. Crispy,Life time 18month after manufacturing day, which is marked on the package. enjoy shopping at home,#peanuts#roastedpeanuts

P55 Lazada

ST. MICHEL Galettes Biscuits with Cream Chocolate, 125g.

the productCocoa cream filled buiscuits with pinch of Guerande sea salt.about us:Biscuiterie Saint-Michel is a French food company based in Contres. It was founded in 1905. Saint-Michel produces a range of biscuits, exports them to about 30 countries, and offers store brand production ...

P220 Lazada

Toddler Mum Mum Organic Strawberry Rice Biscuits 60g

Great Taste, Oven Baked,No Artificial Flavor,No Preservatives,Gluten, Lactose, Egg and Peanut Free,Low in Fat and No Trans Fat,No Added Fats or Oil,Each Serving Individually Wrapped for Convenience

P603.50 19% OFF P750 Lazada

XMAS PRICE Sugar Coated Nuts 100grams by PRICEPOINT

If you're looking for a low-cal snack, an ounce of peanuts can fit the bill. Each ounce contains 160 calories ? which is within a healthy calorie range for snacking. Most of those calories come from 13 grams of fat, but some of them come from peanuts' 7 grams of protein and 5 grams of ...

P90 Lazada

Enjoy Life Double Chocolate Brownie Soft Baked Cookies 6oz

Verified Non-GMO, Allergy-Friendly, Certified Gluten-Free, Vegan, Kosher, Halal. Enjoy Life products are free from gluten and wheat, peanuts, dairy, tree nuts, soy, casein, sulfites, egg, lupin, sesame, fish, mustard, crustaceans, shellfish. Nutrient-dense ancient grains finely milled ...

P576.30 19% OFF P720 Lazada

Cafe de Lucca Luxury Wafers Cookies and Cream 300g

Ingredients Sugar, Wheat Flour Gluten, Vegetable Oil Pam Fruit, Cocoa Processed with Alkali 7%, Tapioca Starch, Corn Starch, Dextrin, Rice Flour, Milk Cow's Milk, Colour Caramel E150c, Salt, Whey Cow's Milk, Emulsifier Soy Lecithin E322, Flavouring Vanilla ALLERGY ADVICE: FOR ALLERGENS, ...

P250 10% OFF P280 Lazada

Nagaraya Barbeque Cracker Nuts 160g Set of 8

Product of the Philippines,160g,Cracker Nuts,They are simply peanuts with a crunchy flavored-coating shell. Canadians call them ?gchip nuts.?h The shell is infused with a flavor. The original Nagaraya flavor is butter. In recent years, other flavors have come out, such as garlic, hot & ...

P636.65 33% OFF P960 Lazada

Oh So Healthy! Purple Yam Banana Coconut Fruit Crisps40grams

Description:Chrunchy, Tender, Preserved Mixed Fuit Crisps. Made wihtout oil or cooking! Oh So Flushed! offers a fun and nutritious lie of new snacking treats made from 100% echt fruits. Each of our products is precooked using the most earthy ingredients and without any cookery or oil. ...

P319 Shopee

HERSHEY'S Hershey's chocolate chip cookies+ white chocolate chip 50g*10pcs gift package from korea

P1,728 32% OFF P2,559 Shopee

Red And White Crackers 100% Original Medan, 250 Grams

Red and white crackers, with a crispy flavor, are suitable for soup noodles or medan gomak noodles..

P201 Shopee

Mixed nuts(P260 in 1pouch) COD black arrow

[name]Mixed nuts[butterfly Brand ]【Origin】 Hong Kong 【Specifications】 135g Pack (10 packs), 280g Pack (20 packs) 【Price】 ₱ 160 / Bag (10 packs) , ₱ 260/ bag (20 packs) ●Contains six nuts: peanuts, honey peanuts, savory cashews, California almonds, Japanese pistachios and mustard peanuts. ...

P160 Shopee

ORION Choco Pie with Black Sesame 12 pcs *28g * Free Gift (Shipping from Korea)

#?? 100% Authentic Products.#?? Delivery from Korea on the fastest way !#?? 100% Original Money Back Guarantee#?? Best Price in IndonesiaORION Choco Pie with Black Sesame 1 Box = 12 pcs *28gVariant :- 1 box Orion Chal Choco Pie with Injeolmi(Korean Rice Cake) (12 pcs * 28g) - ???? ???- 1 ...

P415 31% OFF P610 Shopee

Ritter Sports White Whole Hazelnuts 100g

Ritter Sports White Whole Hazelnuts 100g

P199 Lazada

Ritter Sport White Whole Hazelnuts 100g

Ritter Sport White Whole Hazelnuts 100g

P559 Lazada

Red Ginger

Ginger redComposition:# Empritic ginger# Sugar sand# SpicesHow to present:20ml hot water 200ml submersible smmGinger 's will:1. Heating up2. Reduce influenza, fever, wind, linu ache, rheumatism and cough3. Launder blood circulation and defecate4. Breast - feeding

P213 Shopee

g2L NONGSHIM SHIN RED CUP NOODLES 408grams ( 68 grams x 6 pieces ) BOX

6 Cups Per BoxMaximum Transaction: One Box per OrderSHIN RAMYEON-Specially mixed flour for premium noodles is used to bring a chewy texture to the noodles. -No.1 representative ramyun in Korea made by Nongshim's state-of-the-art facilities and technology. Thank You!!!#Ramyeon #Ramyun

P539 Shopee

Kutkutins ( Mani, Green peas, Sweet beans)

KUTKUTINS in pouchSafe & Secure kasi resealable ??-Perfect snack or anytime of the day!-Perfect pulutan (beer, gin or whiskey or any)-Perfect sa movie marathon-Perfect pampa good vibes at pampalipas oras-Perfect habang nakikipachikahan online 3 packs for P100 only - SULIT SARAP ??

P35 Shopee

Dark Raisin / Raisins Black 100gr

Packaging: Clip pouchHeavy: 100 grDark raisin. / Raisins contain many iron, potassium, magnesium, antioxidants, calcium and vitamins.- It has high levels of fiber, antioxides, iron, and calcium- Helps maintain digestive health, hair and skin- Good for coping with anemia and insomniaHow to ...

P137 Shopee

MARUTAI RAMEN (Black tonkatsu, pork bone, kyushuu garlic)

Marutai is a Japanese food company that specialises in various types of instant noodles like packed stick noodles and cup noodles, as well as different types of condiments and flavourings. I wish I could say more but their website is in Japanese, which I cannot read. Japan does have the ...

P220 Shopee

Natural Black Water Honey

Honey klanceng / Apis trigona jenia itama. Sour taste + Bitter + Natural sweetness, not extra herbs, and without processed, honey is still raw without a mixture.

P512 Shopee

Khong Guan Black and White

FOR SALE!!!Khong Guan ProductTo avail the wholesale price, you must order minimum of 10pcs.You may ask us about the expiration date and we make sure that our products that we will send are properly sealed.Delivery ETAMetro Manila: 3-5 daysProvince: 5-7 calendar daysDELAYS IN DELIVERY-- ...

P70 Shopee

Crown White Torte Crown Vienna Coffee

For more than 4 purchases, please send message to the owner for packing purposes. Thank you ??Crown White Torte Crown Vienna CoffeeCrown White Torte Crown Vienna CoffeeOpen for reseller ? DM FOR inquiries

P85 Shopee

Sanjai Anna Yellow Seasoning

These products include dry foodResistance (expired) / Expired) 2-3 monthsProduct status: Ready (always readystock)Preorder status, if:1. Empty stock2. Insufficient stock limit3. Customer demand for new productsLong preorder 1-2 working daysThe weight on the top (product weight)) It ...

P219 3% OFF P226 Shopee

Fancy Pants Brown Sugar Oatmeal Cookies

Hello guys! This product is perfect for merienda and coffee break! No actual photos yet but stocks are available as per my supplier. Please expect delays in shipping due to COVID strict guidelines.

P254 Shopee

Rice Up Brown Rice Cakes / Himalayan Salt Brown Rice Crackers 120g

Rice up brown rice cakes / 120g himalayan salt chocolate rice crackersDescription of rice up brown rice cakes / 120g himalayan salt chocolate rice crackers120g brown rice cakes himalayan salt is a health snack based on brown rice with himalayan saltBulgarian productsComposition:- Whole ...

P245 Shopee

Renginan Sweet Black Stamp

The old food regginan is always wanted and there is always a time when lebaran, ready to accompany your day endes as well450gr because a kilo volume fits 2Make it by very suitable

P435 Shopee

Vegetable Maxi Green Tea 145gr

Nabati maxi green tea 145gr

P192 Shopee

Arnott Brown Tam Chocolate Team 81g

Chocolate sandwich biscuits with chocolate cream

P104 Shopee

Cranberry and White Chocolate Lactation Oatmeal Cookies by Raleigh

These cookies primarily contains:1. Oats that provide plenty of IRON that will help in the production of milk. 2. Brewer's Yeast is mostly taken by pregnant woman in pills for the increase of milk production but with the help of our product it's now compacted in a cookie! 3. It also ...

P220 Shopee

Gem Rose 200 Grams / Gem Flower 200 Grams

Gem flowersGem flowers / And the gem rose was an ancient snack, and on top of the biscuits was a sweet, colorful sweet, sweet taste.200 gr#jajananmedan #snackmedan #keripikmedan #snackready #kulinermedan #cemilanmedanmurah #cemilanmedanenak #snackmedanmurah #medansnack #gembunga #gemrose #...

P191 8% OFF P209 Shopee

Arnott Oppo Nyam Nyam Magic Adventure Moo Milky - Nyam2

Arnott 's nyam nyam magic adventure moo milkyBubblegum flavor- Weight: 25g- Milk bubble gum cream cookie stick- Contains a choice of milkNote:- No return & no refund- Complaint limit 1x24 hours- No complaints were made, misguided, or misconducted.Please chat first yes to confirm ...

P66 Shopee

Cranberry and White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies by Raleigh

***A box of treats contains 20pcs or 10pcs of cookies.??NOTE????Cookies are baked once order is confirmed. Everything is freshly baked upon ship out. ??We are not responsible for the courierfs mishandling.For more inquiries, please send us a message. Thank you!

P210 Shopee

Tom's Farm Black Sugar Milktea Flavor Almond Nuts 190 grams SALE

from KoreaBlack sugar milk tea flavornewest addition to the flavor collection of Tom's farm almondsAddictingSweet Almond with milk tea flavor#bestseller

P450 Shopee

Kokola Milky Vanilla/400g

#Sobrang Sarap??#Magugustuhan to ng ating mga bulilit??????????#Just enjoy our happylicious Milky Vanilla Cookies#SHOPEE NOW!!!

P185 Shopee

Cashew Nuts Baked in Charcoal and Salt, Nut Snacks, 400g

Storage method: cool and dry placeseries: NutSugar content: SugaryFood flavour: Charcoal burningNet content: 400g

P841 11% OFF P953 Shopee

Black Raisin (Raisins) - 1 Kg

Raisin / The raisins contain a high concentration of sugar, and during decrystallization, the fruit will be soaked in fruit juice or boiling water to dissolve the sugar.Selama ini mungkin seringkali kita menemukan buah kismis sebagai hiasan kue, campuran coklat ataupun topping pada ice ...

P784 Shopee


1kg original prophet dateFree bubblewrap. + Thick cardboard, (inclusive in package) to keep the package safe until destinationAjwa date (prophetic date)) Original medina premium qualityNetto: 1 kgReady!! Quality equals imageNewest stock!!The reason why you bought ajwa dates in our shop:1. ...

P1,114 30% OFF P1,608 Shopee

Red Velvet Cookies

Here's our Red Velvet Cookie representing our Christmas Season this year!In this season of giving, a dozen of these goodies is the perfect giveaway or for sharing with your family.For Orders/Inquiries Message us on FB/IG: Baked Goods by Rose or for faster transaction contact us on Globe/Vi...

P170 Shopee

The Green Tummy I'm Nuts About You Trailmix 300g

A guilt-free and yummy healthy snack packed with Almonds, Cacao Nibs, Goji Berries, and Sunflower Seeds. An energy rich treat rich of healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Cacao nibs is the true chocolate in its finest form. This miracle food is a mood booster increasing ...

P409 Shopee

Kurma Sayer Jumbo 500gr Jar Packaging / Emirates Date Gold Jumbo / Al Saad / Dc Sayer / By

Jumbo 500g sauer date.

P524 P528 Shopee

Imperial Wafer Snack Cookies ( HAZELNUR & MILKY VANILLA )

Delicate wafer snack cookiesAvailable in 3 flavors: hazelnut, milky vanilla Great for party flavors and snacksMakes a perfect luxury snack gift!

P95 Lazada

Caravan Black Holiday Cookies

12 medium sized chewy sea salt and chocolate cookies. This a perfect care package to a friend this holiday season.Baked using the freshest ingredients, no preservatives.Best consumed immediately and stored in an air tight container.Shelf life 2-3 days in cupboard, 5 days in air tight ...

P300 Lazada

Alsuhail Shopping-Fineti 200g/400g/1kg (Cocoa Hazelnuts and Milky Cream Spread)

*Photos used are for sample purposes only *Credit back to its rightful owner *Make sure to check the description carefully *Should you need further assistance feel free to send us message. *Always check our Store for future promos *Photos used are for sample purposes only *Credit ...

P267.75 P268 Lazada

Hoodys Green Tea Blend Mix Nuts 3tabs (32oz per tab)

No artificial flavors or colors , 160 calories per 1/4 cup , Matcha seasoned. Matcha seasoned cashews, roasted slated almonds , honey roasted almonds , and lemon infused apple dices.

P6,009 23% OFF P7,819 Lazada

HOODYS Green Tea Blend Mix Nuts 2tabs (32oz per tab)

No artificial flavors or colors , 160 calories per 1/4 cup , Matcha seasoned. Matcha seasoned cashews, roasted slated almonds , honey roasted almonds , and lemon infused apple dices.

P4,069 16% OFF P4,889 Lazada

LLC-Fineti 200g/400g/1kg (Cocoa Hazelnuts and Milky Cream Spread)

*Photos used are for sample purposes only *Credit back to its rightful owner *Make sure to check the description carefully *Should you need further assistance feel free to send us message. *Always check our Store for future promos *Photos used are for sample purposes only *Credit ...

P267.75 P268 Lazada

Nut Shopping-Fineti 200g/400g/1kg (Cocoa Hazelnuts and Milky Cream Spread)

*Photos used are for sample purposes only *Credit back to its rightful owner *Make sure to check the description carefully *Should you need further assistance feel free to send us message. *Always check our Store for future promos *Photos used are for sample purposes only *Credit ...

P267.75 P268 Lazada

HOODYS Green Tea Blend Mix Nuts 32oz

No artificial flavors or colors , 160 calories per 1/4 cup , Matcha seasoned. Matcha seasoned cashews, roasted slated almonds , honey roasted almonds , and lemon infused apple dices.

P2,529 9% OFF P2,789 Lazada


•PRODUCTDESCRIPTION•Gilim Tomsfarm Black SugarMilk Tea Almond (190g 6.7 oz) Korea Sweet Nut Snack Chocolate coatedwith sweet black sugar and combination of savory almonds. The dark sweetness ofbrown sugar•#BLACKSUGAR•#ALMOND

P398 Lazada

M&M Resealable Pouch Limited Flavors Peanut Butter , white , mint , dark peanuts

#m&m #chocolates #peanutbrittle #darkchocolates #cacao #peanut #coffeenut #minis***Please message what flavors before ordering ***Limited stocks only***USAM&M'S Chocolate CandyM&M'S chocolate Candy is made with freshly roasted almonds, real milk chocolate and surrounded by a colorful ...

P299 Shopee

Cowhead Green Tea Butter Cookies

Cowhead Green Tea Butter Cookies150gGreen tea flavored buttery cookiesContains 9 individually wrapped crackers.Imported from MalaysiaWe packed with box and bubble wrapped to avoid deformation.Actual photo will be sent thru chat to guarantee good condition before ship out.Cash on delivery ...

P150 Shopee


Korean conglomerate Lotte offers tasty and crunchy biscuits under their signature brand Pepero. Here what you see is the Pepero ‘Nude’ biscuit sticks in a 50g packet. The box contains around 12 biscuit sticks. Each biscuit stick is soft and creamy on the outside, and filled with chocolate ...

P49 51% OFF P100 Shopee

BLACK and WHITE VANILLA and Cream Sandwich

Free shipping Cash on delivery Support Xpost IntegratedSupport black arrow intgratefSupport black arrow own packagingReminder : 4 pcs lang po ang kasya sa pouch sa xpost integrated5 pcs and above piliin nio ang black arrow own packaging For mix order please chat the seller kung kasya ...

P75 Shopee

The 4th, 5th, or 6th Meal

A snack is a small serving of food eaten between meals. Before it used to be prepared at home but now snacks are made to be more portable and quicker to bring at eat. A snack eaten shortly before going to bed is called bedtime snacks, or midnight snacks.

In the Philippines, usually, you eat a snack during a school break or during Merinda time.
Merienda time (similar to England's Afternoon tea) originated from when the Spaniard colonized the Philippines. For most Filipinos is between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and supper.

What is considered a "merienda" varies from region to region?
It is a tradition to take a break and eat while conversing with friends, families, even co-workers.

Here is a list of typical Filipino meriendas:

Banana/Kamote Cue, Turon, Maruya, Pinaypay, Ginamay, Bread (Ensaymada, Pan de Coco, Hopia, Siopao, Spanish Bread), Rice Cakes (Suman, Bibingka, Puto, Kalamay, Nilupak, Palitaw, Carioca, Kutsinta), Halo-halo, Saging Con Yelo, Maiz Con Yelo, Pancit (Palabok, Malabon, Bihon, Canton, Lomi), Fried or Fresh Lumpia, Balut, Dirty Ice cream and Ice Candy, Taho, Sliced Fruits (Guava, Green Mangoes, Papaya, Turnip), Ginataan, Fish Balls, Squid Balls, Kikiam, Kwek-kwek, Barbeque (Isaw, Betamax, Adidas), Lugaw, Arroz Caldo, and Champurado.

By referring to the list above, most of the ingredients on the meriendas are from root crops, fruits, and rice.

The typical American snacks are totally different from Filipino meriendas.
Here is a list of them:

Nuts (Walnuts, Almonds, Cashew, Peanuts), Bread (Bagels, Baguette, Ciabatta, Toast, Flat Bread), Pastries(Pies, Cakes, Puddings, Rolls, Croissant), Cookies (Biscotti, Bourbon, Chocolate chip, Ginger snaps), Candy bars (Hershey's, Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, Milky Way, Reese's Cups, Snickers), Chips (Apple, Banana, Corn, Sweet Potato, Potato), Cheese (String Cheese, Cheese sticks, mini Brie, Tillamook), Chocolates (Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate), Crackers (Saltines, Graham, Cheese), Dried fruits (Mangoes, Raisins, Dried Cranberries, Dates, Prunes, Figs), Granola Bars (Brands: Nature Valley, Kashi, Kind, Quaker), Yogurt (Traditional, Greek, Goat, Sheep, Soy, Almond, Icelandic, Australian, Coconut, Kefir), Ice cream (Sundaes, Soft, Sticks, Cakes, Sherbet, Gelato), Jerky (Pork, Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Soy), Popcorn (Yellow, White, Mushroom, Ladyfinger, Red, Blue, Purple), Seeds (Pumpkin, Sunflower, Flax, Chia, Hemp), Fruit cocktails (Peaches, Pineapples, Oranges, Apples, Pears, Cherries), Puffed Rice cakes (Brands: Quaker, Lundbends, Kroger), Biscuits (Digestive, Rolled, Scones, Drop, Shortcakes), and Gummies (Bears, Rings, Worm, Eggs, Vitamin).

Noting the list cited above, most of the ingredients on the snacks are from wheat/flour, nuts/seeds, dairy, and chocolates.

Comparing both snacks, you can really tell that trends, cultural and traditional influences have an impact on food. Some people even dropped eating meals and just have multiple snacks in a day as they think it is easier to control their food intake calorie wise.

Apr 23, 2019

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