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Noodles prices online in the Philippines June 2021



LM pancit canton kalamansi

#pancitcanton,#kalamansi,#pancitcanton #kalamansi

P13 Shopee

Raw Homemade Yellow Noodle

Home made.Curly (special fried)1kg 20,000Po 1 dayChat me

P762 Shopee

OTTOGI BEIJING JJAJANG Ramen Korean Instant Noodle Black Bean Sauce 135g

Korean Instant Noodle Black Bean Sauce ,OTTOGI BEIJING JJAJANG Ramen5ea

P69 Lazada

Shirataki Dry Keto Noodle - @ Dry Shirataki Blue Vest. Debm, Diabetes, Low Carb Diet Low Calorie

You like noodles but fear fat. Calm down we have noodle products but don 't make fat guaranteed quality. Suitable for diet keto, diabetes, epilepsy, debm, low carb diet.For the benefit of it, you can slide the picture.

P487 Shopee

Paldo Koreno Jjajangmen Black Bean Sauce / Jjajang Korean Noodles 115g

PaldoKorenoJjajangmen 115g Product Type: Noodles Feature: LowFat Style: Instant Place of Origin: Hanoi, Vietnam Brand: PaldoKoreno Rawmaterial: Top quality wheat flavor, vegetable oil, Jjajangmenseasoning powder, dried vegetable, oil Cooking time: 4 minutes Style: Unfriednoodle, cooking ...

P345 Lazada

Birthday Noodles / White Noodles / Typical Salted Noodles Cassava / Kalimantan

This salty noodle is made from singkawang city Mien sien (hakka) And people2 used to call it birthday noodles. Weighs 5-6 ounces.

P645 Shopee



P250 Lazada

Dry Noodles Like 1kg / Vermicelli Corn Rose Brand 300g

My joyful dry noodlesQuality dried noodles, guaranteed good. It has a denser texture. Special noodle flavor. 1000gThe rose brand corn barley is made from corn starch in such a way that it produces chewy, white and hygienic bihunes that it is safe to consume by the family. Rose brand corn ...

P729 Shopee

Korean Chunjang - Jjajangmyeon Black Bean Paste 300g/Noodles 200g

Chun Jang is Korean version of black bean sauce. Its main ingredient is soybean and flour. Soybean is fermented with flour and salt. Then, caramel colouring is added before the aging process. Chun Jang is mainly used to make Jjajangmyun, Korean noodles with black bean sauce. Sometimes it's...

P48 28% OFF P67 Shopee

Marutai (Black) Kagoshima Kurobuta Tonkotsu Stick Ramen

MARUTAI Instant Ramen(2 servings per pack)RED: Kumamoto Kuro Mayu Tonkotsu RamenNOT SPICY. A rich garlic pork bone soup with a bold pork extract and garlic flavor. Because it contains a large amount of garlic, such as browned garlic and kuro mayu (Kumamoto style black oil made from sesame ...

P140 Lazada

White Elephant Big Bone Noodles Original Juice Pork Bone Beef Noodles Braised Beef Noodle Whole Box

BrandFWhite ElephantProduction DateF2021-02-05Shelf LifeF180DaysOriginFMainland China/Henan Province/Zhengzhou CityFood Production License No.FSC10714070210891Single Specification QualityF75gSpecificationsF24BagPacking MethodFOrdinary BoxedSpecialty CategoryFNanjie Village Old Beijing ...

P1,738 Shopee

SAMYANG Instant Stir Noodles Jjajjaroni Black Soybean Paste Noodle 700g 5 packs

Samyang Chacharoni Black Bean Jjajang Stir Olive Oil RamenThe real taste of Korean blackbean paste ramen with olive oilPRODUCT INFORMATIONNet Wt: 700gIngredients:Noodle(74.1%):Wheat flour,modified tapioca starch,palm oil,gluten,salt,soybean oil,sugar solution,sweetener(E420),emulsifiers(E3...

P250 Lazada

Super Spicy Noodles Yellow Noodles Spicy Spicy Crispy Orange Crispy Snacks

Spicy noodle with a flavor that makes the rice not a can of canned taste is guaranteed because we foresee flavor and quality

P121 Shopee

Konyol Noodles - Kenyol Noodles - Awud Noodles - Raw Yellow Crackers 250 Grams

First: Fried as crackers as a sprinkle of stew, pecel rice, glabed coupat etc.Second: Pour yellow noodles with hot water , Wait till it 's softened., This yellow noodle will be chewy... That 's why it' s called silly noodle because of the fact that it 's sweet. Don 't be afraid of order ...

P225 P226 Shopee

??????Authentic Korean Samyang Super Spicy fire noodles (BLACK 2X 3X Per piece)????

Samyang (Black) (2x extra spicy) (3x super sipicy) hot chicken Flavor ramen Korean spicy noodle (140g each)Features & detailsSAMYANG Buldak Black Hot Chicken Noodles ? with HALAL How to Serve: ? Boil 600ml (about 3 cups of water) and add noodles ? Cook for 5 minutes with stirring ...

P240 50% OFF P480 Shopee

Nongshim Shin Ramyun Black (134g)

NongShim Shin Ramyun Black Pouch 134gThis special premium version of Nong Shim's spicy instant ramyun comes with chewy, bouncy noodles and milder, but still spicy, beef and vegetable stock. This packet of ramen noodles also comes with two soup seasoning sachets, letting you decide just ...

P107 Lazada

Veggie Noodle Red Spinach 150g

***PLEASE READ FIRST*** - EXPIRY Date indicated is just an ESTIMATED date as it varies everyday. Every product has different expiry date based on date of Production so what we do is we always choose stocks with farthest expiration - Strictly No Cancellation of Order/s once confirmed ...

P219 Lazada

Nongshim JJapagetti Black Bean Sauce Ramen 140g Korean Noodles Korean Food (5packs)

Nongshim Chapagetti are Korean instant noodles with the famous Korean black bean paste (Chajang).They are prepared simply and quicy. Nongshim Chapagetti have a slightly sweet and spicy aroma. Direction: 1) Boil 600 ml of water. 2) Add the noodle and vegetable mixture into the boiling ...

P355 Lazada

Ottogi Korea Black Bean Sauce Jjajang Ramen 135g 1Pack (5 Pieces)

Contains a newly enhanced vegetable flake, which includes onions, cabbages, potatoes and green peas, as well as oil made from onion, garlic and green onions to replicate a more authentic taste. Made in Korea.

P220 77% OFF P999 Lazada

Nongshim JJapagetti Black Bean Sauce Ramen 137g Korean Noodles Korean Foods

Nongshim JJapagetti Black Bean Sauce Ramen 137g Korean Noodles

P75 Lazada

NongShim Spicy Chicken Noodle Bowl, 3.03 Oz

This product combines a Korean style Chicken Soup and the American classic Chicken Noodle Soup has been combined to make a delicious, savory and convenient, noodle soup. This product is a comfort food you can enjoy anytime. Nongshim is a Korean food company that produces instant noodles ...

P336 Galleon

Nissin Cup Ramen Noodle Soup, Very Veggie Spicy Chicken Flavor, 2.75 Ounce (Pack of 6)

Nissin very veggie spicy chicken flavor Cup Ramen Noodle Soup. No artificial flavors. No added MSG.

P1,434 Galleon

Dish of noodle like a food sample 2pieces

Unique fun dish Fun party gift large set that seems to laugh irrespective of just seeing it A common pot like a food sample. Size and capacity Ӡ26 x H 9 cm yF-465z

P5,385 Galleon

Samyang Carbo Hot chicken flavor topaki


P1,220 Galleon

[Ottogi] Real Cheese Ramen Noodle Soup (Pack of 5) / Korean food / Korean ramen (overseas direct shipment)

We will send you excellent products of korea directly from Korea. If you purchase multiple or other products that we sell, you only need to pay the shipping cost once. We will send the ordered product via EMS the next day, and we will always try to ship as soon as possible. We will do our ...

P2,150 Galleon

Shin Ramyun Noodle Soup Black 130g Set of 4

Beef chunks, vegetable flakes and the 'sul-long-tang' broth base make this traditional Korean hot & spicy soup nutrient rich and delicious,Lots of garlic enhances the absorption of nourishment and the addition of fresh vegetables provides vital nutrients,Ready in 4-5 minutes, boil or ...

P375 42% OFF P650 Lazada


Unwanted Skin growth remover 100% Original,Removes Warts/Kulugo, Skin Tag, Mole, Ringworm, and Milia,10 Days Kinis Skin Challenge!,with Cashew oil, Pineapple Extract, and Garlic extract,Leave no Scar to your skin,100% Natural ingredients made in the Philippines,1 bottle contains15ml ...

P259 83% OFF P1,599 Lazada

Real Thai Rice Stick 2 Pack 375g Per Pack

100 percent natural rice noodles,Can be serverd along with any curry according to your preference,Contains 90 percent rice flour and 10 percent water,Savour every moment of meal with these delicious rice sticks

P549 Lazada

Real Thai Rice Stick 375g

100 percent natural rice noodles,Can be serverd along with any curry according to your preference,Contains 90 percent rice flour and 10 percent water,Savour every moment of meal with these delicious rice sticks

P389 Lazada

Ottogi Tteokbokki Topokki Rice Cake Fish Cake 436g

Ottogi Tteok-bokki Topokki Rice cake fish cake 436gServing: 2 person rice cake: 200g, Fish cake: 120g, noodles: 110g, Sauce: 6g Brand: OttogiMade In Korea #ricecake#fishcake#koreanoodles#ottogiBest before: March 01, 2020COOKING DIRECTIONS :Boil 300ml of water in a pot or pan then add in ...

P299 Lazada

NongShim Chapaghetti (black bean noodle) 700g(5pack)

Chapaghettiwas released in 1984 as ramyun-style chajang noodles. The noodles are thick, smooth and chewy. Chajang soup made of chunjang and onion is delicious and offers the thick flavor of the original Chajang. Plentiful flakes of carrot, onion and meat and premium olive oil arouse the ...

P220 Lazada

[K-FOOD 3 Best Korean Ramen] Three Best Korean Ramyun Collecting Foreigners' Favorites/ Best tasty Korean Originally Ramen MILD/SPICY,...

Korea's Popular Ramen Random Group shipping Event,No. 1 Korean Brand OTTOGI Jin Ramen Spicy and Mild noddle soup 5pcs Family pack & 5pcs Family pack,Original KOREAN instant Noodle Black Bean Sauce 4pcs Family pack,Samgyeopsal and fantastic combination of Korean Brand PALDO Bibimmyun Ramen ...

P995 33% OFF P1,499 Lazada

4 PACKS Paldo Black bean Sauce Jjajang noodles ramen 200g, 4 Packs KOREAN GROCERY KOREAN SNACKS KOREAN FOODS

Korean Instant Noodle Black Bean Sauce PALDO ILPUM JAJANGMYEON Ramen,- Origin : Made in Korea,- Net Weight : 200g/ea,- Manufacturer :PALDO, Korea,- How to cook,1. Boil 600 mL about 3 cups of water. and Add noodles. Cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. 2. Remove from heat. Strain ...

P599 Lazada

veggie noodle red spinach 150g set of 2

Made with nutrient-rich cassava flour and fresh vegetables, Ladang Lima's Veggie Noodles offer a similarly delicious yet healthier alternative to instant noodles. These noodles are naturally tinted with pesticide-free red spinach. Spinach is a rich source of iron, however red spinach has ...

P399 11% OFF P450 Lazada

Tokyo Pink Tonkotsu Ramen x Edo Tamagawaya

Edo-Tamagawaya is a long-established Tokyo noodle maker, mostly known for their concept of soft mochi-texture noodles as well as interesting products likeprotein pasta and udon. A packagedtonkotsu ramenthat includes pink rich pork broth, pink noodles, and even a nori grilled seaweed cut ...

P349 30% OFF P499 Lazada


SHIRATAKI TRIO BUNDLE for KETO DIET/LOW CARB DIETSHIRATAKI TRIO BUNDLE for KETO DIET/LOW CARB DIET shirataki spagetti noodles shirataki angel hair shirataki rice Keto Approved! Shirataki noodles and rice literally make no sense. Most packages have anywhere from 0-15 calories yes, for the ...

P295 Lazada

Dee Thai Rice Sticks 10mm 400g

WELCOME TO DIVERSO STORE, we are glad to serve you!,Orders amounting of 5,000 php above must pay first to process your orders. Message us first before you place your order to confirm if the items are available. Message us for more questions and inquiries or have a request. This is a ...

P111 Lazada

Nongshim Shin Ramyun Pouch Black 130g

The most premium, delicious noodle without compare, Shin Black is the Black Label of all noodle soups.

P103 Lazada

Bob's Red Mill - Soup Mix Vegi - 28 oz.

Bob's Red Mill Vegi Soup Mix is made from an exceptional blend of delicious ingredients. Bob's Red Millcombines wholesome green and yellow split peas, barley, lentils, and flavorful alphabet vegetable pasta bits,made from wheat flour, spinach, and tomato

P449 25% OFF P599 Lazada

Korean Extreme Spicy Hot Chicken Rice Cake Topokki Bowl 183g

Instant Rice Cake Topokki,Net Weight: 183g,Cook in 2 mins,Made in Korea

P199 Lazada

Nongshim Shin Ramyun Bowl Black 101g

The most premium, delicious noodle without compare, Shin Black is the Black Label of all noodle soups.

P103.50 Lazada

[2020 NEW Non-Spicy Korean Brand Ramyun Combo PACK] Well-Being KOREAN Sari-Gomtang 110g x2 & BEEF/SEAWEED Soup Ramen 115g x2/ Unlike other...

This Sari-Gomtang is a new concept of Korean ramen that is healthy and not spicy because it made soup out of beef bones and meet. Sari-Gomtang is a Korean Well-Being Ramen that is not Spicy and is goog for children and woman. A Well-Being Korean Ramyun/ Made in Korea,2020 New Arrivals/ 100...

P320 28% OFF P450 Lazada

NongShim Ja Wang Black Bean Noodle Multi 134g 4 Pieces

Korea #1 Famous Black Bean Noodle,Product by NongShim,Made in Korea,Must Try!!!

P1,000 Lazada

Ottogi Soup Tteok Bokki topokki rice cake and fish cake 426g

Ottogi Soup Tteok Bokki topokki rice cake and fish cake 426g,Serving 2 Person, 300g rice cake, 120g fish cake and 6g sauce. 5-6mins cooking ready to eat,Brand: ottogi,Made in Korea

P239 Lazada

Safoco Bun Tuoi Vietnamese Rice Vermicelli 300g

Rice vermicelli used in fresh Vietnamese spring rolls and bun cha,Made from rice,Product of Vietnam

P130 27% OFF P180 Lazada

Ottogi Rice Tteokbokki topokki rice cake fish cake 426g

Ottogi Rice Tteokbokki topokki rice cake fish cake 426g,Serving: 2 person,Rice cake: 300g, Fish cake : 120g, Soup: 6g,cooking 5-6 mins , ready to serve. Brand: ottogi,Made in Korea

P239 Lazada

5pc SamYang Buldak (Spicy Fire Chicken) Multi 5pc

SamYang Buldak Bokkum Myun Spicy Fire Chicken Multi 140g x 5pc Pack

P350 65% OFF P1,000 Lazada

SamYang Buldak Cheese Bokkum Myun Multi 140g x 5pc

Latest from SamYang,Cheese Spicy,First in the Philippines

P349 75% OFF P1,400 Lazada

5pcs SamYang Buldak Original Multi 140g x 5pc Pack

Made by Samyang,The Number 1 noodle in Korea,?

P350 53% OFF P750 Lazada

SamYang Buldak Bokkum Myun CARBONARA Multi 130g x 5pc

Latest edition from Samyang,Limited Stocks,Carbonara...

P120 90% OFF P1,200 Lazada

Sedap Noodle White Curry

Mie sedaap is the only noodle product that has iso 22000 certification and is one of the leading instant noodle products in indonesia, Present with a variety of tasty and delicious flavors to be an alternative to the practical dish at your table.There are several flavors + good onion ...

P91 Shopee

?Peeled pea flour yellow jelly 5 catties bean noodles multigrain thin soybean non-starch grains

Place of Origin: Mainland China/Shanxi Province/Xinzhou CityNet content: 2500gPacking method: edible agricultural productsFlour type: otherFlour grade: ordinary flourFlour gluten: low-gluten flourProduction date: 2021-03-10Shelf life: 180 days

P2,875 Shopee

Maltese Kagoshima Black Pig Pigment Ramen

Ramen with a soup made of black pig bone is famous in the kagoshima area, plus vegetables and delicious seasonings. Raw material name: Soup. (Pork extract. (Kagoshima prefecture black pig extract 50%)), lard, salt, vegetable powder, powdered soy sauce, powdered oil, saccharide (Glucose ...

P435 Shopee

Vit Asha Aposhayu S Ramen Penang White Curry 196 Gr

Vit 's presents premium noodles with authentic taste taste of malaysiaMade up of:- Penang white curry- Hokkien mee penang- Myriad acid penang1package of 2pax ramen and seasoningThere is bpom ri and halal malaysiaPlease beorder according to taste variants400-440gram weight for 1 ...

P427 Shopee


2 Times Hotter Noodle Challenge ?140g Samyang 2 times spicy Chicken Flavor Ramen.( 2X BULDAK NOODLE )Hotter than the original buldak noodle.Simple Called 2X SPICY

P75 Shopee

???A wide red oil noodles dry Roll out Liangpi dormitory instant non-fried

>Brand: A wide production date: 2020-10-01 Shelf life: 300 days Origin: Mainland China/Sichuan Province/Chengdu Food Production License Number: SC10351011200312 Product Standard Number: Q/CBJ0004S Single Specification Quality: 105g Specification: 3 Bags Packaging: Special products in bags:...

P376 Shopee

Japanese Noodles Spicy Flavor Tomyam By Green World (Vegan Friendly)

Japanese tomyam spicy noodles vegan friendlyHomemade noodles with a tasty japanese flavorHalal 100% is suitable for all vegans and vegetariansProducts without preservativesNo animal elementsNo eggs.No milk.Non onionFor those who are not strong spicy, spicy seasoning can be reduced during ...

P288 Shopee

Purple Sweet Potato & Rice Noodle Gluten Free

Purple yam & rice noodlePurple sweet potato & rice noodle# Gluten free.# No. Preservative.# No. Trans fat# Non frying noodle# No msg & gmo free- price. Rp60,000, - / 200g

P464 Shopee

Cheebhot Tomyam Black Pepper Dumpling Noodle - Original Tomyam

Instant noodle bakwan cheebhot (= instant cuanki) + Noodle) is a practical instant food with hot water in its manufacture, as easy as making pxp noodlesAvailable in 2 flavors options: Tomyam & black pepperWeighs 100 grVolume 200 grS & k:* List flavor options or will be sent randomly* ...

P276 Shopee

Suit Dress Female 2021 Black Waist Slim Temperament Light

New customers are concerned about the first order of our store for small gifts (please consult customer service before the order is settled)I sincerely invite you+attention to become a fan of this store and keep abreast of the latest promotional activitiesPlease remember to return to the ...

P608 32% OFF P897 Shopee

Noodles, a Modern Delicacy Known All Over The Globe

From the streets of Japan to College Dorms and Homes

Instant Ramen, it's every college student's best friend, and a favorite amongst men, women, and children of all ages. Instant noodles are so popular in fact, there are more pack consumers per year than there are people on earth. Astonishingly, this delicacy was only recently created in Japan around 1958. As technology developed at an accelerated rate, so too did food evolve. It was thanks to the culinary genius, Momofuku Ando, that the first instant noodles were born. These first-ever instant noodles were chicken flavored and quickly became an instant hit. As a truly futuristic food, Momofuku Ando's "Chicken Ramen," was created through a unique process that began by dehydrating noodles that were already steamed and seasoned in heated oil. This cutting-edge process at the time allowed the noodles to retain a degree of flavor which only aided in skyrocketing their popularity. Ever so ravenous, the Japanese people demanded a better tasting product to go along with the convenient instant ramen, and it was because of this that flavoring powder was introduced in 1964. The market for this delicacy grew immensely through the years, and today instant ramen is without a doubt one of if not perhaps the most popular instant food available on the market. Amazingly enough, instant noodles still continue to evolve. In more recent years, the dehydrated delicacy recently took to space with a new form and more convenient preparation techniques. As if they weren't already easy enough to eat and cook, the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency, specifically made instant noodles in a packet that could be reconstituted in water that was only 70 degrees celsius. Only time will tell how instant noodles will develop in the future, but consumers can be certain that they will remain, tasty, cool, and most of all convenient.

Cheap And Tasty, a Budget Meal Unlike Any Other

Like with all consumer products, the process of shopping for instant noodles can be dizzying at times considering the sheer amount of selections to choose from. And unlike other consumer products, instant noodles and the question of which brand is best, depends entirely on a person's sense of taste. Setting aside this subjective standard and assuming all brands are equally delicious, consumers can narrow down their preferred choice by looking into serving size, and actual flavor.

1. Serving Size
Most instant noodles come with a standard serving size across all brands and this usually consists of one 3 ounce pack which includes the dehydrated noodles and a flavoring pack of some sort. Other brands however include much larger servings as they are intended to be full-on meals as opposed to smaller snack servings. If consumers feel as though a standard 3-ounce pack will not be enough to satisfy their cravings, then the better choice would be a large cup noodle meal.

2. Flavor
Though the taste is a very subjective category, instant ramen can be categorized into specific flavors. Most consumers will have the option to choose amongst many of the basic flavors consisting of beef, chicken, and seafood. But as time has passed manufacturers have done well to create a wide array of new flavors including, spaghetti, Korean style, sriracha, and even cheese to name a few. With all these flavors in mind, consumers can take advantage of this diversity to try each flavor that interests them to determine their cup of noodles.

A Word on Nutrition

Ramen is wonderful and a number of things, but it is certainly not healthy especially in excessive amounts. Because of this, consumers that are avid instant noodle fans would do well to watch out for their nutrition intake. This can be done by checking the labels included on all instant noodle products.

1. Calories
Calories are something to take note of regardless of whether one is dieting or simply trying to stay healthy. Most instant noodles have an indicated calorie count and this aids in helping consumers calculate their daily caloric intake. Typically men should have 2,500 calories each day while women should have 2,000 calories.

2. Sodium
The sodium levels contained in instant ramen are especially important as most instant noodles contain rather high amounts. Consumers that take in too much sodium are at risk of suffering high blood pressure, heart disease, and in worst-case scenarios, stroke. To make sure that sodium levels remain at safe levels, people eating instant noodles should always take note and balance the delicious treat with a healthy serving of fruits or vegetables.

The Tastiest Brands in The World of Noodles

It would be a bold task to attempt to identify which instant ramen brand is best. In fact, it would be a rather tiring exercise in futility to do so. Hence, instead of picking the best brand, this list will enlighten consumers to the world's most famous brands and in turn, allow them to pick their own personal favorites.

1. Samyang Ramen, Spicy Chicken Roasted Noodles
When it comes to spicy ramen, many consumers would quickly claim Samyang Ramen to be the king and for good reason. A quick search on youtube will reveal a plethora of internet videos with people all attempting to eat Samyang Ramen's spiciest flavors. For general consumption, consumers are better off putting down the extra spicy Samyang Ramen but for avid fans of spicy foods, the Spicy Chicken Roasted Noodles are sure to be a tasty and welcome treat. This pack of noodles is unique in that it is of the stir fry variety meaning it is slathered in a sauce as opposed to a broth.


  • Halal certification for Islamic consumers
  • Quick and easy to prepare
  • Terrific flavor with diverse notes of savory, sweet and spicy
  • Perfect for spicy food lovers in search of a challenge


  • Not suitable for weaker palates
  • Can irritate stomachs due to the presence of spices

2. Nissin, Raoh Japanese Instant Ramen Noodles
Nissin is well known for being one of the go-to brands when it comes to instant ramen, The Raoh Japanese Instant Ramen Flavor is Nissin's poke at a premier ramen pack if there ever was one. Though it is certainly pricey, consumers are sure to taste the difference compared to other lower-priced ramen.


  • Unique high-quality pork bone broth
  • Deliciously chewy ramen noodles
  • Comparable to authentic Japanese ramen


  • Rather pricey for a pack of ramen

3. Nissin, Cup Ramen Noodle
The cup ramen noodle is the classic instant ramen that many people have come to know and love. The curry flavor is unique in that few other brands can replicate its savory nature, if there was to be a poster child for the world of ramen, this particular cup ramen could very well take the spot.


  • Deliciously nostalgic taste and smell
  • Perfect for on-the-go eating
  • Easy to prep


  • The noodles can absorb the broth rather quickly
  • Sodium levels are rather high


In its early days, instant noodles were once considered a luxury food

Astonishingly, about 95 Billion packs of instant ramen are consumed every year

Ramen is the Japanese pronunciation of the original Chinese dish lamien

The highest number of instant noodles are consumed not in Japan, but in China

In Riker's prison, instant noodles are the best selling commodity

There is a cup noodle museum in Japan where visitors can custom make instant noodle cups

Instant noodles were the first type of noodles to be eaten in space

February 25, 2021

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