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Canned, Dry & Packaged Foods prices online in the Philippines May 2021



Premium Quality White Rice Bigas Thai Jasmine Rice 4kg Naturally Fragrant Enriched Long Grain Jasmine Rice Bigas

Inside sack is 4 kilos but the packaging print is 5 kilos we use this packaging becasue we dont have a 4kg print packaging also we only put 4 kilos to save on shipping fee charges . hope you understand,Unique Flavor: Brings an exotic flair and flavorful accent to any dish. It develops a ...

P300 Lazada

Nutritious White Rice Bigas Denorado Dinorado Rice 4kg Naturally Fragrant Premium Grains Rice

Fresh Produce Grain,Supporting Local Farmers ,4 kilos of rice inside . the sack packaging writes 5 kilos , we only use the 5 kilo packaging because we dont have 4 kilos available , the reason for putting only 4 kilos so the shipping fee will not be expensive . hope you understand. thanks,...

P290 Lazada

Spam White Cheese, Hot Hayu Amp; Spicy 340 G

340 g.Hot & spicy.White cheese.

P768 Shopee

Green Camp Rice (Dinorado)

Green Camp RiceSourced directly from Nueva Ecija farmersWhite and soft rice.Best for daily consumption.Perfect for garlic rice.

P55 Shopee

Special Sinandomeng Rice (Cardinal Blue)

100% Bought from Filipino Farmers! Guaranteed Well & Freshly Milled!

P1,125 Lazada

Dinorado Rice (Cardinal Gold)

100% Bought from Filipino Farmers! Guaranteed Well & Freshly Milled!

P1,200 Lazada

Sinandomeng Rice (Cardinal Red)

100% Bought from Filipino Farmers! Guaranteed Well & Freshly Milled!

P1,050 Lazada

Cherry blossom Jasmin

Jasmin variety.

P950 Lazada


New Arrival Same quality sa kohaku red and blue pero sa mas barato nga presyo. We deliver at the doorsteps of your home, but mas cheaper if pick up. Just pm for inquiries for household use or bulk orders.

P2,100 4% OFF P2,200 Lazada

PREMIUM RICE! 25 Kilos long grains Dinorado Jasmine Sinandomeng Super Angelica Cherry Blossoms

PREMIUM RICE for sale! Let's support our local farmers! Straight from Bulacan! ‍‍ Fresh Produce Mabango. Bago. Masarap! UNIQUE FLAVOR and FRAGRANT SCENT: Brings an authentic flair and flavorful accent into the dish. Develops a pleasant organic Dinorado aroma even inside the ...

P1,269 Lazada

First Class Jasmine Rice

25 kilo 1st class rice direct from Nueva Ecija.Fragrant, Delisous, & New MilledA taste of satisfaction

P1,350 Shopee

LM pancit canton kalamansi

#pancitcanton,#kalamansi,#pancitcanton #kalamansi

P13 Shopee

Lion King Long grain Rice

Special Imported RiceLong grain, maalsa Note: Maximum of 4kilos only per order.#rice #longgrainrice #specialimportedrice #maalsa

P45 Shopee

Argentina Corned Beef 175 grams x 6 cans (Yellow) Halal Food Essentials Canned Goods from Darren Karrys Grocery Store


P234 Lazada

Farmboy Sinandomeng 10kg white rice

Farmboy Sinandomeng White Rice is a traditional Filipino favorite – when cooked, it has a delicious aroma and soft texture.

P520 Lazada

Healthy forbidden black organic rice 2kg

Brand : f&cForbidden Black RiceOrgani 2kgNote : no cancellation of order once ship and scheduled for pick up in the courier

P329 Shopee

PUREFOODS CORNED BEEF 150 GRAMS (2 PCS) WITH FREE MaLing Pork Luncheon Meat 170 grams

? Made from 100% PURE BEEF,? Offers the premium taste and quality corned beef,? NET WT 210 grams

P299 40% OFF P500 Lazada



P1,400 Lazada

Lucky Me Noodles Chicken

Lucky Me Noodles Chicken

P8.75 Lazada

OTTOGI BEIJING JJAJANG Ramen Korean Instant Noodle Black Bean Sauce 135g

Korean Instant Noodle Black Bean Sauce ,OTTOGI BEIJING JJAJANG Ramen5ea

P69 Lazada

IWG PALM Corned Beef - Gold Label

Halal Certified Palm Premium Corned Beef with Juices is made from 100% premium quality beef from New Zealand. Ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. EXPIRATION DATE: NOVEMBER 14, 2020PRODUCT OF NEW ZEALAND

P214.50 Lazada

Harvester's Sinandomeng 10kg white rice

Sinandomeng is a traditional Filipino favorite, the long and slender grains when cooked produce a delicious aroma and soft texture. You can’t go wrong with Harvester’s Sinandomeng!

P588 Lazada


PREMIUM RICE for sale! Let's support our local farmers! Straight from Bulacan! ‍‍ Mabango. Masarap. Maganda. Why DINORADO rice is special? Dinorado rice is 100 percent Philippine rice variety that is characterized by its natural fragrant aroma, white, long grain, smooth, ...

P1,349 Lazada

Doña Maria Jasponica Brown 10kg - Aromatic, nutty and chewy rich in essential nutrients and Vitamin B-complex

Brand : Doña Maria ,Aromatic ,Nutty and chewy ,Rich in nutrients and vitamins that makes you fit

P850 Lazada

Red Fried Rice Spices (seafood Fried Rice) Froozen Food 100 G

Fried rice seasoning.Fried rice is a lifesaving menu when it wants a different variety of foods. It is easy to cook fried rice, which is added to the taste. There are many kinds of fried rice in this world, Among them hong kong fried rice, Thai fried rice, Crazy fried rice, Seafood fried ...

P119 Shopee

PUREFOODS LUNCHEON MEAT WITH BACON 230 grams (6 PCS) WITH FREE Mikasan Choco Flakes Milk and Chocolate Flavor Small 160 Grams

•A flavorful mix of premium meats, mild spices and seasoning,•A favorite among Filipinos,•A perfect pair for sandwich fillings, creative appetizers, or a filling meal in itself,•The delicious mix of flavors and spices of luncheon meat blended with the classic family ...

P919 57% OFF P2,150 Lazada

Wish-Bone Thousand Island Salad Dressing ( 444 ml) set of 3

The bolder the better,Great on sandwiches!,Flavor you can see!,Rich in omega 3 ALA,No high fructose corn syrup,Gluten-free

P1,170 22% OFF P1,500 Lazada

Noshers DUO Bento Squid Seafood Snack Thai Original Dried Squid Seafood Ready-To-Eat Seafood Squid Dried Spicy Slices Seasoned Squid...

PLEASE READ: EXPIRATION of BENTO is DATE/MONTH/YEAR in Thailand bento Expiration is Always DATE/MONTH/YEARNoshers Bento Squid Seafood Snack Thai Original Dried Squid Seafood Ready-To-Eat Seafood Squid Dried Spicy Slices Hot & Spicy, Sweet & Spicy, Seasoned Squid Original Chew While ...

P95 45% OFF P174 Lazada

Black rice natural food anti oxidant rich

Black rice is a range of rice types of the species Oryza sativa L., some of which are glutinous rice. Varieties include Indonesian black rice, Philippine balatinaw rice, and Thai jasmine black rice. Black rice is known as chak-hao in Manipur, where desserts made from black rice are served ...

P750 Shopee

Harvester's Brown Rice 2kg unpolished rice

Stay fit and healthy with Harvester’s Brown Rice!,Before white rice went through the refining process, it at one time was Brown rice. Brown, unlike white rice, still has the side hull and bran.

P130 Lazada

Harvester's Thai Jasmine 10kg white rice

Harvester's Thai Jasmine white rice is a genuine Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice. Superior all-around taste and texture. All-around goodness ideal for most rice dishes.

P734 Lazada

BDAY OFFER 12 cans X 155 grams of Mega Sardines in Tomato Sauce (Green) Halal Food Essentials Canned Goods from Darren Karrys Grocery Store...


P241 Lazada

555 Tuna Caldereta 155 grams x 3 cans (Blue) Halal Food Essentials Canned Goods from Darren Karrys Grocery Store * Groceries / Food Staples...


P80 Lazada


2 Times Hotter Noodle Challenge ?140g Samyang 2 times spicy Chicken Flavor Ramen.( 2X BULDAK NOODLE )Hotter than the original buldak noodle.Simple Called 2X SPICY

P75 Shopee

Red Boat Brand Pickled Lettuce 182gr / Acar Sawi Lettuce Canned Caisim

182grIf on the way there 's a break or break, we' re not responsible for packing as safe as possible. Receiving a propeller & droshipperWholesale us chat for more details ===============Please read: All kitchen tools started to be shipped jm 1 or 2 noon.?? Our store closes at 4 pm then ...

P177 Shopee

Argentina Meat Loaf 250 grams x 12 cans (Yellow) Food Essentials Canned Goods from Darren Karrys Grocery Store * Groceries / Food Staples &...


P378 Lazada

Chebe Fermented Rice Water (8 oz)


P2,193 Galleon

Dinurado Mindoro white rice

Dinorado Mindoro (Mindoro) Mabango, malambot at masarap.100 percent Philippinerice variety that is characterized by its natural fragrant aroma, white, long grain, smooth, shiny and silky appearance. When cooked, it is sweet and has a fragrant aroma. CookedDinorado riceis also soft, ...

P1,350 Lazada

Japanese Noodles Spicy Flavor Tomyam By Green World (Vegan Friendly)

Japanese tomyam spicy noodles vegan friendlyHomemade noodles with a tasty japanese flavorHalal 100% is suitable for all vegans and vegetariansProducts without preservativesNo animal elementsNo eggs.No milk.Non onionFor those who are not strong spicy, spicy seasoning can be reduced during ...

P288 Shopee

Cdo Karne Norte 60g Pouch

Cdo Karne Norte 60g PouchPls chat seller first for your orders to check if the items can fit in a pouch

P14 Shopee

555 sardines 150g per piece

SardinesCanned goods Red spicyGreen

P18 Shopee

Samyang Black with soap

Samyang black With Soap#JazumiShop

P100 Shopee

Shirataki Dry Keto Noodle - @ Dry Shirataki Blue Vest. Debm, Diabetes, Low Carb Diet Low Calorie

You like noodles but fear fat. Calm down we have noodle products but don 't make fat guaranteed quality. Suitable for diet keto, diabetes, epilepsy, debm, low carb diet.For the benefit of it, you can slide the picture.

P487 Shopee

Sea Grapes / Sea Grapes / Green Caviar / Vegetarian Caviar / Umibudo / Seagara Dehydrated

Seagara superfood is a company that focuses on cultivation and selling sea grapes (green caviar seaweed) in indonesia. The sea grapes (green caviar seaweed) are cultivated in cleanly controlled pools located in northern bali. Green caviar has the mineral properties of absorber, so it is ...

P398 6% OFF P425 Shopee

Maling Canned Green Peas / Canned Beans

Canned green peas thief / Canned peasClean weight 397grPrice 12,000Can be bought at your favorite market place # The shop

P401 Shopee

Sedap Noodle White Curry

Mie sedaap is the only noodle product that has iso 22000 certification and is one of the leading instant noodle products in indonesia, Present with a variety of tasty and delicious flavors to be an alternative to the practical dish at your table.There are several flavors + good onion ...

P91 Shopee

Gold Seas Tuna Chunk Herb and Garlic Olive Oil with Chili Tuna (185G)

With six delectable variants to suit every taste and every craving, you can enjoy Gold Seas Tuna Chunks everyday!cF?? Tuna in Easy-Open Can?? Weight: 185 grams?? Available Flavors: ?? Herb & Garlic - Wow your taste buds with the contrast of strong and subtle flavors with Gold Seas Tuna ...

P99 Shopee

Food processing food, rice cake, delicious rice cake, Chang billion chal-tteok, five kinds of five sets of pumpkin injeolmi, modumchaltteok,...

Food processing food, rice cake, delicious rice cake, Chang billion chal-tteok, five kinds of five sets of pumpkin injeolmi, modumchaltteok, whole red bean tteok, etc. Individual packaged rice cake such as this.* Genuine : Korea* Deliver : KoreaBusy time, simple meal substitutea safe and ...

P5,643 26% OFF P7,700 Shopee

Soy Black Bean Amoy Canned Ikps

Hello! Nice to meet you! Welcome to our shop!Check out our shop daily for the latest productsWe are an ethical business where prices are always affordable and reasonableNo worries! You are guaranteed to be satisfied with the quality of our productsIt is checked rigorously multiple times ...

P224 Shopee

Golden Mandarin Orange 312gr

Golden mandarin orange 312gr is a fresh and sweet mandarin orange canned food and with the best quality produces a more premium flavor for your dish. Bpom: Ml 517709206038

P489 1% OFF P495 Shopee

?Peeled pea flour yellow jelly 5 catties bean noodles multigrain thin soybean non-starch grains

Place of Origin: Mainland China/Shanxi Province/Xinzhou CityNet content: 2500gPacking method: edible agricultural productsFlour type: otherFlour grade: ordinary flourFlour gluten: low-gluten flourProduction date: 2021-03-10Shelf life: 180 days

P2,875 Shopee

Maltese Kagoshima Black Pig Pigment Ramen

Ramen with a soup made of black pig bone is famous in the kagoshima area, plus vegetables and delicious seasonings. Raw material name: Soup. (Pork extract. (Kagoshima prefecture black pig extract 50%)), lard, salt, vegetable powder, powdered soy sauce, powdered oil, saccharide (Glucose ...

P435 Shopee

PALM Corned Beef Gold Garlic Original Barbecue 326g

PALM Corned Beef Original 326gPALM Corned Beef Gold Label 326gPALM Corned Beef Garlic 326gPALM Corned Beef Barbecue 326gPackaging Notes:Maximum of 6 cans per order for Integrated courier option.#Palm#CornedBeef #Garlic #Gold #FreeShippingShopee

P235 Shopee

Dapurcandy - Prims Food Premium Black Rice Flour (Vacuum Pack) 500 Gr

Black glutinous flour description (tkh)Black glutinous flour kualtias topp, fragrant and made from genuine black glutinous rice. It 's so dark. It has been sold in stores in india. Tell me his own quality. There 's stuff for no price.Black flour resilience plastic vacuum bag durable and ...

P501 Shopee

Vit Asha Aposhayu S Ramen Penang White Curry 196 Gr

Vit 's presents premium noodles with authentic taste taste of malaysiaMade up of:- Penang white curry- Hokkien mee penang- Myriad acid penang1package of 2pax ramen and seasoningThere is bpom ri and halal malaysiaPlease beorder according to taste variants400-440gram weight for 1 ...

P427 Shopee

???A wide red oil noodles dry Roll out Liangpi dormitory instant non-fried

>Brand: A wide production date: 2020-10-01 Shelf life: 300 days Origin: Mainland China/Sichuan Province/Chengdu Food Production License Number: SC10351011200312 Product Standard Number: Q/CBJ0004S Single Specification Quality: 105g Specification: 3 Bags Packaging: Special products in bags:...

P376 Shopee

Kfc Rice Paper Logo Rice Green Paper Wrap Kebab Food Grade Lamination 27x22 Contents 100 Lbr

The above price for 100 sheets- Paper size 27x22# National paper# Paperburfer# The paper is ready every day no matter how customer requestsPrice above content per sheetThis excess of paper:- Not sticky on rice- Not through water.- It 's not oil-free, it' s clean and- More hygienic and ...

P217 Shopee

Food Grade Rice Lamination Paper Yellow Rice Logo Ecer

Ecer packaging / sheetMinim order 25 sheets#National paper #Paperburfer#The paper is ready every day no matter how customer requestsThis excess of paper:- not sticky on rice- not through the water.- not through oil, keep clean and- more hygienic and simple.- it 's thinner so it' s easy to ...

P53 Shopee

555 Tuna Flakes in Oil 155 grams x 12 cans (Orange) Halal Food Essentials Canned Goods from Darren Karrys Grocery Store


P318 Lazada

555 Sardines 155 grams x 6 cans in Tomato Sauce Hot Chili Added (Red) Halal Food Essentials Canned Goods from Darren Karrys Grocery Store *...


P125 Lazada

Staples in the Pantry


Rice is the staple food for most Filipinos. There are also different kinds of colored rice, even now it offers black rice which is healthier than the standard rice but much more expensive. Most Asian loves eating rice, this is the staple food in Asia since time began. When talking about rice, it's all about the more common white rice. When it comes with the black rice, on the other hand, has a more interesting story behind it.

In ancient China, Black rice was one of the valuable commodities. It was grown in very limited quantities and in every grain of this crop was seized and consumed by the Chinese royalty and nobility, and its consumption by the common folk was banned. That is why it is also known as the 'forbidden rice' in history. For many years now, black rice is being consumed internationally. It was first introduced to the United States and since then it gains more popularity and becoming widely available in supermarkets. Food is indeed important to everyone.

Luncheon Meat

We all know luncheon meat and we will always have this as part of our daily menu. It is one canned good that is affordable, and you will also see varieties of it as well.


Quinoa is known to be one of the world's most popular health foods. It is also considered as one gluten-free, high in protein and few plant foods that contain enough amounts of all nine essential amino acids, it's really something healthy to take in sometimes. It is also considered to be high in fiber, also with magnesium, B vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E and various beneficial antioxidants. Quinoa is not something that Filipinos are used to eating. We rarely have and use gluten-free food in the Philippines, so this is something that is not a fan favorite of all.

Chia Seed

Chia seed has been growing in popularity in recent years. You can usually see it being posted on Instagram by health-conscious people. This seed originated in Mexico and Guatemala and is rich in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, high-quality protein, manganese, phosphorus, copper, iron, magnesium, calcium, and antioxidants. It is also said to improve blood circulation, digestion and reduces risks of diabetes and heart diseases. It is very filling but only has 138 calories per 28 grams.

Flax Seeds

The flax seeds are mostly used as part of an ingredient which gives more nutrients to every dish but not every household has this kind of ingredients at home. All you need to take is one good tablespoon which then provides a good amount of protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids, in addition, to be a rich source of some vitamins and minerals. It is also a good source of many nutrients. The main health benefits are the content of omega-3 fats, lignans, and fiber.


We all love eating raisins, especially kids. This food can be eaten at any time of the day, which is nutritious food. We see this yellow, brown, or purple colored bean type is known as raisins. It is actually grapes that have been dried in the sun or in a food dehydrator. It is commonly used as a salad topping, mixed into oatmeal, in yogurt, in granola or cereal.

Spicy Noodles

Samyang is a Korean Spicy Noodles brand. This has been vlogged by different YouTubers. It has taken the world by storm. If you are not aware of the different flavors. Here is the list that we made so you can imagine or maybe be interested to try it out. It is something that is not cheap to buy but some might say it's worth trying it since its delicious and ticks all the boxes when it comes to its spicy level. The noodle has a rich flavor and will make you want some more if you are into spicy food. Instant noodles have always been the top food to eat by every Filipino. If you love eating noodles this is a good spicy noodle to try.

August 1, 2019

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