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Beverages prices online in the Philippines May 2021



Cute/swakto size soft drinks (coke,zero,sprite,royal) 200 ml (12 pcs)

May increase po ng price dahil sa packaging and transaction fees. Yes ,we still can delivery.Nagkaproblem din kami dati ,Thanks so much sa shopee xpress and other couriers po.We are direct supplier or dealer.We can offer 110 pesos per pack (12pcs) just give us a message about this offer....

P160 Shopee

ABSOLUT Family Pack Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water 8 Liters


▪Absolute is the product of a state of the art distillation process employing vapor compression and ozonation which ensures consistent water quality

P90 Lazada

Cute/swakto size soft drinks (coke,zero,royal,sprite) 24 pcs

P318 Shopee

SOFTDRINKS MISMO (Sprite, Coke, Royal)

P18 Shopee


P135 Shopee


SUMMIT MINERAL WATER 350ml (35bottles) : ?263.00 (?7.51/PIECE) 500ml (24bottles) : ?240.00 (?10.00/PIECE) 10000ml(12bottles) : ?204.00(?17.00/PIECE) FAST SHIPPING LEGIT SELLER

P240 Lazada


Fans of sweet and aromatic coffee can find themselves enjoying Great Taste White Caramel. It offers the perfect mix of roasted coffee and cream with hints of luscious caramel,blending a sweet linamnam for everyday coffee fix. For a more flavorful and full-bodied coffee experience,Great ...

P100 Lazada

ROYAL Tru- Orange Softdrinks 1.5 liters

ROYAL Tru- Orange Softdrinks 1.5 litersWith B- VitaminsAvailable on HandsMORE STOCKSSupported by CODPacking with a box and bubble wrap inside and out to avoid deforming and to ensure the quality of the products are safe.Snowbear mGood quality, Original, No Imitation, Long expiry dates.

P70 Shopee

Ceres Red Grape Juice 3 Pack (1L per Pack)

Contains no preservatives, artificial color or flavor,Filled with all the vitamins and minerals found in fresh fruit,Ceres fruit is picked and processed at its peak for optimal nutrient content,It's cholesterol-free,No sugar is added,Contains minimum sodium salt,Research has shown ...

P729 Lazada

Precious Purified Drinking Water

5gallon Purified Water24stages water purification/clean, safe and quality water.

P15 Shopee

Nestle Lemonade Flavor Fruit Drink Mix Set of 4 (Red Tea, Blue Lemonade, Lychee Pink & Cucumber)

Ingredients: Sugar, Food Acid, Stabilizers, Vitamin C, Aspartame, ,Manufactured for Nestle Philippines, Inc. 1 teaspoon for every 1 glass,Makes 8 Liters,NET WT 360g

P1,265 15% OFF P1,499 Lazada

Bottled water, 500ml

Aqua-Maro Purified Drinking Water is now at your door-steps providing you a truly clean, refreshing and reliable drinking water. Certified by DOH with 24 stages of water purification and filtration using the complete and state of the art technology.

P192 5% OFF P204 Lazada

Johnnie Walker Johnnie Walker Red Label 1L Blended Scotch Whisky

Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker Red Label was launched in its current form by brothers George and Alexander Walker in 1909, though it had existed as Walker's Special Old Highland Red Label for some years previously. Alexander blended a type of whisky which is more suited to mixing with soda than the ...

P1,060 29% OFF P1,500 Lazada

Nescafe Classic Coffee 10 Contemporary S X 2 Gr - Black Coffee Instant Powder

Need to be noticed!!Standard packaging of each order: Plastic bagIf you want to be safer, you can add bubble warp & cardboard please click on etalaseNescaf. ? Classic, instant black coffee made of 100% of the robusta seeds lampung choice.

P111 Shopee

Soft drinks 2 for 100

1.25l soft drinksFlavors available Pepsi7 upMountain dew2 for 100We also offer whole sale 4 for 180

P100 Shopee

Gold Leaf Organic Teas: Organic Black Chai Spice Tea 20s

Gold Leaf Organic Black Chai Spice Tea is made from the finest organic black tea and spices including nutmeg, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and ginger. The ingredients are grown in complete harmony with nature and processed so as to retain its freshness and quality. This tea is ...

P189 41% OFF P321 Lazada

MIGHTY GREEN Calamansi Energy Boosting Herbal Juice Drink 350ml

This Product is made with a higher percentage of Herbal materials,Gives Extra Energy and Improves Stamina,Boost the Immune System,Fights Cancer Cells,Reduces bad cholesterol,Normalizes Blood Sugar Level,Detoxifies Toxins,Intense Colon Cleansing

P49 50% OFF P99 Lazada

Johnnie Walker Black Label 1Liter (Johnny Walker)

Johnnie Walker

Black Label 1 Liter (Authentic)Also available in Green Label 700ml and White Walker 700ml (Limited Edition)

P950 Shopee

Absolute Distilled Drinking Water - 5000 ml

[Shopee Mall] Absolute Distilled Drinking Water - 5000 mlTrusted Distilled Water Brand for the FamilyDuring distillation, water is boiled at 100 degrees killing the microorganisms (germs) and water-borne parasites

P69 Shopee

Johnnie Walker Johnnie Walker Black Label 1L with 200th Anniversary Edition Tin Can

Johnnie Walker

[Shopee Mall] Johnnie Walker Black Label is rich, complex, and incredibly well-balanced, full of dark fruits, sweet vanilla, and signature smokiness.Get 1 200th Anniversary Edition Tin Can when you purchase this.

P1,189 Shopee

Bubbles Black Gulaman Samalamig Juice Powder Drinks (500g)

Preparations of orders will be done on: MONDAYS and THURSDAYS only❌Rush orders. ✔️Expiry dates will vary. ✔️If ordering more than 5 kilos, choose OWN PACKAGING courier. ✔️To make sure, send us a message to check if stocks are available. BUBBLES SAMALAMIG POWDERED DRINKS 500g/packOne pack ...

P115 Lazada

Gold Leaf Black Series: Vanilla Tea 25s

Inspired by Vanilla being by far the most popular flavor, Gold Leaf has created Vanilla Tea by combining the delectable flavor of sweet vanilla beans and premium Ceylon black tea. This will surely help you unwind after a long day!,Ingredients:Premium Black Tea with a hint of vanilla,...

P114 Lazada

Gold Leaf Oriental Blends: Oolong Tea 25s

When tea leaves go through a fermentation process halfway between that of green and black tea, they turn golden-brown. This type of tea produces a russet colored liquor known for its fruity flavor and invigorating characteristics, hence the apt name Oolong, which is Chinese for Black ...

P108 Lazada

Jack Daniel's Jack Daniels Original Steak Sauce 10 oz. (283 grams) Bottle

Jack Daniel's

Add a rich burst of flavor to your dishes with the Jack Daniel's Steak Sauce. Smooth and mellow, it comes with only 20 calories per serving, making it ideal for almost any diet. Try it on chicken, steak and pork. Use it to create new recipes. The flavor profile features a smoky, mesquite ...

P520 35% OFF P800 Lazada

KENKO Matcha Green Tea Powder [USDA Organic] Ceremonial Grade - Japanese, Green, 30g (1oz)

CEREMONIAL GRADE QUALITY - This is the highest grade matcha tea available. Only the youngest, greenest, and most delicate leaves are chosen to enhance the natural sweetness of the tea. There is no bitterness and no traces of stems or leaves— just light, soft tea powder that froths ...

P4,035 20% OFF P5,044 Lazada

Bubble Tea Zone Vanilla Syrup

Add Flavor to your coffee or teas,Bold and rich flavor with minimal application,Improted from Taiwan

P740 41% OFF P1,258 Lazada

Alfonso Alfonsos classic Hot chocolate Gourmet powder 6x30g. sachet


Alfonso's Hot chocolate Gourmet powder 6x30g. sachet

P140 Lazada

Johnnie Walker Johnnie Walker Red Label 1 litre 40%

Johnnie Walker

Red Label whiskies have consistently won awards in competitions; recently Red Label won Gold and Grand Gold Medals at the Monde Selection Awards, one of the drinks industry"s most respected international events.Nose: Very aromatic, indeed. Sexily earthy. Peaty, junipery, fruity. Palate: ...

P1,399 12% OFF P1,600 Lazada

Johnnie Walker 2 Black Label 1L + White Walker 700ml Bundle promo

Johnnie Walker

Buy 2 Johnnie Walker Black Label 1L and get a free White Walker 700mlAlways shipped with a box protected by bubble wrap. 100% AuthenticNew Stocks availableABV: 40%

P2,800 Shopee

Alfonso Alfonso's Tablea Hot Chocolate (200g)


Alfonso's Tablea Hot Chocolate (200g)Include 10 cacao tabletsPerfect fir breakfast #alfonso #cacao #tablea #hotchocolate Alfonso's Tablea Hot Chocolate (200g)Include 10 cacao tabletsPerfect fir breakfast #alfonso #cacao #tablea #hotchocolate Alfonso's Tablea Hot Chocolate (200g)Include 10 ...

P180 Shopee

Vita Soy Plus Milk Drink - Milky Flavor (1L)

Soy milk drink made from high quality, non-GMO soybeans and real oats.

P110 Lazada

Alfonso Alfonso's Hot Chocolate


Composed of 10 cocoa tablets200 gramsSince 1949Ideal for spanish chocolate and champorado#Cocoa #tablea #chocolate #champorado #spanishchocolate

P160 Shopee

Jack Daniel's Jack Daniels Original Steak Sauce 10 oz. (283 grams) Bottle

Jack Daniel's

Add a rich burst of flavor to your dishes with the Jack Daniel's Steak Sauce. Smooth and mellow, it comes with only 20 calories per serving, making it ideal for almost any diet. Try it on chicken, steak and pork. Use it to create new recipes. The flavor profile features a smoky, mesquite ...

P595 25% OFF P800 Lazada

Herbalife F1 Shake, Aloe Mango & Tea 50g (WILD BERRY) with Shaker Cup

Provides balanced nutrition to give you energy,Packed with 20 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and fiber,Has only 80 calories and 1 gram of fat per serving,When mixed with 240 ml of non fat milk, Formula 1 Shake has only 170 calories,Enjoy as part of your Weight-Management Program for ...

P3,599 32% OFF P5,368 Lazada

Summit Natural Drinking Water 500ml

Summit Natural Drinking Water#PureWaterPureLove

P23 Lazada

Alfonso Alfonsos Tablea Hot Chocolate (200g)


Alfonso's Tablea Hot Chocolate (200g) Include 10 cacao tablets Perfect fir breakfast

P130 10% OFF P145 Lazada

Silck Original Soymilk 3 Pack 946ml Per Pack

8 grams of heart-healthy soy protein2,50% more calcium than dairy milk1,100% cholesterol-free,Low in saturated fat,Free of dairy, lactose, gluten, casein, egg and MSG,Verified by the Non-GMO Project's product verification program,No artificial colors, flavors or funny business

P1,019 Lazada

Amparings Authentic Homemade Tablea

Amparings Authentic Homemade Tablea,Made from the Purecocoa seeds in Davao,Perfect for hot chocolate and other chocolate applications,100% Authentic Pure Cocoa from Calinan, Davao city,Sugar Free and No other mixed Ingredients,9 tablets 125g,We will deliver within Philippines Only,Note: 1 ...

P100 44% OFF P180 Lazada

Alfonso Alfonso Hot Chocolate Classic Tablea 200g


***PLEASE READ FIRST*** - EXPIRY Date indicated is just an ESTIMATED date as it varies everyday. Every product has different expiry date based on date of Production so what we do is we always choose stocks with farthest expiration - Strictly No Cancellation of Order/s once confirmed ...

P199 Lazada

Jack Daniel's Jack Daniels Coffee Decaf 100% Arabica Ground 250g

Jack Daniel's

Our unique blend of gourmet coffee is 100% Arabica, infused with authentic Jack Danielfs? Tennessee Whiskey, and roasted medium to provide a full-bodied rich flavor. The distinct caramel and vanilla notes of Jack Danielfs? Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey are evident in each sip.

P1,399 Lazada

Alfonso Alfonso Hot Chocolate Tablea 200g


Alfonso Table Hot Chocolate 200grams

P143 Lazada

DXN Cocozhi Chocolate Drink (20 sachet)

Cocozhi? is formulated from the finest cocoa with Ganoderma extract. It is in a ready to drink powdered form, which gives you a chocolate taste. Just pour the contents in a hot cup of water and stir to enjoy an invigorating drink suitable for the whole family.Packaging size: 20 sachets x ...

P735 Lazada

Lifestyles INTRA JUICE 950ml (3 BOTTLES) FREE Conditioner

Guaranteed Authentic, Brand New, Sealed,Helps balance and strengthen the bodyfs systems with the essential nutrients that are lacking in modern diets. Potentcells and have been shown to fight diseases, including cancer. It can magnify the power of phytonutrients and antioxidants,providing ...

P3,340 38% OFF P5,400 Lazada

20kg Sagada Dark Roast Roast Whole Coffee Beans - Pure Arabica - Wholesale

Whole coffee beans,Harvested from the mountains of Cordillera,Strong taste and smell,Distinctive flavor,Can beblended with other coffee varieties,Packaging: each kilo is package in a brown paper bag and plastic. Ship with the box.

P9,250 39% OFF P15,220 Lazada

Sagada Arabica Premium Coffee - 250g Dark Roast

100% Arabica cultivated locally in the high mountains of Sagada Province,Dark Roast with Full, BOLD Flavor,Guaranteed Freshly Roasted,Guaranteed Freshly Ground FREE Grind of your choice Fine, Medium or Course,Freshly Sealed Inside a High-Quality Foil Coffee Pouch,Notes: Nutty with hints ...

P175 30% OFF P250 Lazada

Pan de Manila Chocolate con Nueces, 12 sachets

Made in the Philippines,3-in-1 Spanish style chocolate drink with roasted peanuts,Made with muscovado sugar and roasted peanuts,20 sachets + 1 free,38 g per sachet

P249 34% OFF P379 Lazada

Sikwate Certified Organic Tablea/Cocoa Liquor/Cocoa Mass - The Only USDA-Approved Organic Cacao Product from the Philippines

Made from certified organic cocoa produced in the municipality of San Isidro in the Province of Davao del Norte where approximately 4,000 hectares are planted to cacao trees, the Sikwate! Cacao Liquor, or tablea, makes cocoa drinks of high quality and great taste.Produced by CSI, the only ...

P170 Lazada

Lifestyles INTRA JUICE 950ml (2 BOTTLES) FREE Beauche Beauty Bar

Guaranteed Authentic, Brand New, Sealed,With Generous FREEBIE,Helps balance and strengthen the bodyfs systems with the essential nutrients that are lacking in modern diets. Potentcells and have been shown to fight diseases, including cancer. It can magnify the power of phytonutrients and ...

P2,250 37% OFF P3,600 Lazada


New and improved NESCAF? BROWN! Experience the caramely sweet taste of brown sugar and just right coffee strength in one cup. How to make your NESCAF? BROWN: 1. Pour sachet contents in a mug. 2. Add 200ml of hot water 3. Stir and enjoy! Available in Single Sachet Polybags and Twin Packs. ...

P7 Lazada



P418 Shopee


Whether you're looking for drinks to try in Japan’s vending machines or quench your thirst after a long walk from sightseeing and shopping. Japanese beverages have a lot to offer. Collect them now!100% Authentic Made in Japan

P79 47% OFF P150 Lazada

Pfanner Orange Juice 100% 1L

Pfanner Orange Juice 100% 1L- 100% orange juice- Without added sugar- Rich in vitamin C- Energy value 43 kcal per 100mlPfanner 100% Orange Juice spoils the palate with the fruity taste of sun-ripened oranges and supplies the body with an extra dose of natural vitamin C. 1 litre of Pfanner ...

P149 40% OFF P250 Lazada

Demisoda Apple 250ml Korean Softdrinks (Apple, Grapefruit, Orange) Soda

DemiSoda Apple 250mlProduct of KoreaImported from KoreaKorean Softdrinks with special fruity tasteDemiSoda has a very fruity taste and best seller soda drink in Korea. It was first released in 1991 as a low-carbonate juice drink that selected 11 fruits that Koreans liked and added 11% of ...

P50 Shopee

Lipton Plain Black Tea Keto/Low Carb Diet. Keto Approved. Keto Food. Keto Essential

Like the sun, the taste of Lipton? Yellow Label? tea gives you a gentle lift, brightening your day. Full of the natural goodness of the finest hand plucked tea leaves, the premium black tea is appreciated around the world for its uniquely refreshing taste.Grab your healthy low carb ...

P5 Shopee

Tang Orange Powdered Drink Mixes 20oz

DetailsTang Naturally Flavored Orange Powdered Drink Mix is a great way to jump start your day. Made with a refreshingly sweet orange taste, Tang has 100% of your Daily Value of Vitamin C and is a good source of calcium. This Tang Naturally Flavored Orange Powdered Drink Mix comes in a ...

P344 14% OFF P400 Lazada

White Chocolate Milk Tea Powder 1kg | Instant Powdered Milk Tea Drink

Miguelitos Milk Tea is an instant tea drink with milk added. Added milk mellows and smooths out the flavors of tea, particularly some of the bitter notes found in black tea.1 year shelf life fr. Production date STORAGE CONDITION:Store in a cool dry place (15°C-30°C) away from ...

P297 Lazada

Golcheka Rose Water 400ml

It is usually used as relish in drinks and aromatic foods. Tonic for nervous system and heart sooth body temperature, tonic for gastric entrance, best remedy for chest and throat bleeding, intestinal and gastric pain and stomachache, anti depression,relaxing effects, exhilarative,...

P295 Lazada

First vita plus natural health drink gold

First vita plus natural health drink gold .Directions: empty contents into a 5oz. Glass of water or adjust to taste. Stir until contents are completely dissolved. Relax and enjoy the refreshing and healthy taste of First Vita Plus.#20sachets #makes20glasses #servehotorcold

P530 Shopee

OldTown White Coffee 40g x 10 Stick Packs (on stock)

What makes OLDTOWN White Coffee tastefully different and stand out as the true white coffee brand?On top of our perfect blend with 3 types of premium beans, and brewed with the same roasting process as when it was first created, we also strive to deliver the best in our products by ...

P259 Shopee

Ru Tea Favor Decoration Yixing Zisha Rolling Creative Gold Sculpture Tea Set

-specify needs. Please know as much as you can about the goods before taking the shots. please leave a message asking if there is any ambiguity. the customer service will reply to you as soon as possible.-adequate supplies. We have enough goods, we can safely subscript.The temporary ...

P3,310 Shopee

All About Liquid Refreshments

According to Wikipedia, a drink or a beverage is a liquid intended for human consumptions. Aside from its basic function of satisfying one's thirst, it also plays a vital part in our society. From way before, drinking has been a social thing. From the Ancient Greek times where on certain gatherings they would serve watered down wine to the present where drinks reflect your social status and lifestyle.

Different kinds of beverages have been produced through different methods from purifying water, pasteurization especially of dairy products, juicing, infusion, percolation, carbonation, fermentation, distillations, and mixing.

Types of Beverages

  1. Coffee
  2. Coffee is a drink prepared from roster coffee beans. The Philippines, specifically Sultan Kudarat is one of the main producers of Coffee beans in Southeast Asia. Most of the coffee varieties produced are Arabica, Barako, Excelsa, and Robusta. It is a vital drink fir Filipinos especially on breakfast time when it is paired with Pan de Sal.

  3. Drinking Water
  4. Most people only drink tap water before but due to the rise of water pollutants, some people now have opted to drink Distilled, Mineral, Spring, or Purifies water.

  5. Juices
  6. Pressed from fruits and vegetables, juices are liquids that are very nutritious and tasteful. Some are pasteurized, and some are fermented. You can choose if you want it with pulp as well as the concentration. Recent years have also paid the way for Green Juices which is a nutrient dense drink with tons of health benefits.

  7. Teas
  8. Teas are beverages from dried or cured leaves poured and soaked in hot water which releases the flavor and smell. It is said that teas originated as medicinal drinks. Now teas such as Black tea, Green tea, oolong tea, and Chai are prepared with sweaters or flavorings for social gatherings.

  9. Soft Drinks
  10. Soft Drinks are carbonated drinks with sweeter and natural or artificial flavorings. This fizzy drink is usually associated with Coca-cola, Gatorade, Perrier, San Pelligrino, Dr.Pepper, and the Instagram famous VOSS.

  11. Hot chocolates
  12. It normally is in powdered form is prepared with milk or hot water and topped with marshmallows or whipped cream during cold months. Some of the famous brand mixes are Swiss Miss, Cadbury, Nestle, Starbucks, Ghirardelli, Ricoa, Milo and Tim Horton. There is also a traditional way of preparing hot cocoa using tablea.

  13. Milk
  14. Milk, specifically dairy milk is can be processed through pasteurization, filtration creaming or UHT. It comes in liquid and powdered form. Most powdered milk has a longer shelf life.

  15. Energy Drinks
  16. Energy drinks provide mental and physical stimulation with the use of sugar, herbal extracts, and caffeine. It comes in an energy shot or caffeinated alcoholic variants. Some of the famous brands of Energy drinks in the Philippines are Monster, Lipovitan, Red Bull, Bacchus, Cobra, extra Joss, BlackMamba, and Sting.

  17. Non-dairy drink
  18. If you are vegetarian, has some dietary restrictions, or simply has dairy allergies, there are still options for you. The best substitutes are Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, Oat Milk, Rice Milk, Cashew Milk, Macadamia Milk, Hemp Milk, and Quinoa Milk. If you don't know where to start, try the Almond Breeze, Kirkland, or Silk brand.

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