Aug 23, 2016

Xbox One S 2TB launch edition is now sold out

Microsoft releases a limited edition 2TB launch edition Xbox One S. Most retailers have already sold out, but there are future models coming with 2TB storage as well.

If you want to get the USD 400 limited edition 2TB variant of the Xbox One S launch model, you better get a move on other, otherwise you just might end up empty handed. Microsoft has confirmed that this variant of the Xbox One S has a limited release, with some retailers saying that they have already exhausted their stock, with some saying that they "had sold out for good", and the important thing to note here is that Microsoft will not be replenishing stocks; once it's gone, it's gone for good.

The normal variants come in 500GB and 1TB, however, there are a number of after-market solutions to expand storage, and one of them is getting an external hard drive which you can simply plug into one of the Xbox's USB ports. If you absolutely want the 2TB variant, however, you could choose to wait for the Gears of War 4 edition that comes with 2TB storage, and a color coordinated console and controller. By the way things are looking, the 2TB variants will be offered in limited edition releases, but it's not likely that we'll see another release in the default white console.

To make the most out your money, however, we highly suggest that you wait on future Xbox One S models so that you can save money because the games and the console will come bundled. Other than the Gears of War Xbox One S edition, you could also wait for the Madden NFL 17 limited edition (1TB - USD 350, and 500GB – USD 300); there's also the upcoming Halo games Halo: The Master Chief collection (perfect for Halo fanatics since it packs all past Halo games) and Halo 5: Guardians. All Xbox One S models support 4K and HDR display modes, and will come inside a smaller and more power-efficient body. It was also noted that there were some games which received a boost in performance when played on the Xbox One S.

Do you think that the Xbox One S will finally succeed in dethroning the PS4 as the current console gaming king?