Aug 26, 2016

The PS4 Slim Leaked!

An auction at European auction site Gumtree has given us the first unofficial look at slimmer, thinner PlayStation 4.

Sony and Microsoft are always at each other's throats when it comes to the console war, and now that Microsoft has launched the Xbox One S, there can be no doubt that Sony isn't far behind with their own slimmed-down version of the PS4.

There's been a lot of news on Sony releasing the PlayStation 4 Neo, an updated version of the PS4 with better internals and in particular a better GPU capable of doing 4K video. But it looks like we aren't just up for a 4K-ready PS4 Neo, we are likely also getting a PS4 Slim. What's not clear is whether the 4K-capable PS4 Neo is the same thing as the PS4 Slim, coming with a slimmer body, or if the two are separate models coming in for Sony's launch event on September 7 next month in New York.

A video was recently released by Eurogamer discussing the alleged PS4 Slim, which was allegedly sold on European auction site Gumtree. While the unit hasn't been announced by Sony, and there's no official information on it, the mysterious PS4 Slim has been recorded on video up to boot up, showing that it looks legitimate at least.

The updated PS4 Slim has the familiar parallelogram shape of the existing PS4, but it is noticeably thinner with rounded off edges, giving it a much softer look. The unit that was sold on GumTree came in the full box in Jet Black with a 500GB hard drive, but it's unclear if it'll have the powered up internals of the PS4 Neo that can do 4K video. There's no doubt that Sony has this feature as a priority, as Microsoft's Xbox One S is 4K ready.

We'll find out at Sony's September event next month, as it's widely believed that Sony will be showcasing a technical demo for the PS4 Neo. Sony's Andrew House has already confirmed that the Neo will be coming, so at this point, the big question is whether the slim new model leaked at Gumtree is, in fact, the Neo or a separate slim model.

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