Jun 12, 2019

Microsoft's Next-Gen Xbox Project Scarlett to Arrive in 2020

The video game juggernaut has also teased its hotly-anticipated video game streaming platform currently dubbed as Project xCloud.

Microsoft has officially taken the wraps off its forthcoming Xbox refresh. Announced at the annual Xbox E3 press conference, the company claimed that Project Scarlett is set to feature a performance that is 4x more powerful than its Xbox One X and that it will also boast of faster loading times and more immersive visuals, with the latter being teased with staggering 8K graphics, support for 120fps, and SSD. The new Xbox is projected to be released in 2020.

And to attract more crowd with its upcoming console, Microsoft also revealed at the conference that the device will be launched alongside Halo Infinite, the firm's next, big space war game. In addition, Xbox head Phil Spencer shared that the company currently has thousands of games in development right across its Xbox One and Windows PC platforms. During its presentation, the firm highlighted more than 60 games. The likes of Cyberpunk 2077, Gears 5, and some noted titles were mentioned during the event.

Alongside the much-awaited console, Microsoft also mentioned its upcoming video game streaming service, Project xCloud. Developed to rival the just announced Google Stadia, xCloud will also allow users to stream games over the internet. Imagine Netflix, only with gaming titles instead. Moreover, the company revealed that xCloud will work with an existing XBox to help users play games on their mobile devices, either at home or while traveling. Accordingly, the new platform is scheduled to enter a public testing phase some time this year.

Also tackled during the event was Microsoft's subscription service, Xbox Game Pass. The company shared that Game Pass for the PC platform will carry a price tag of USD 9.99 (around PHP 520.00). The said service is now slated to begin its public testing on Sunday. Additionally, Microsoft announced that the service will be tied up with its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service, which currently costs USD 14.99 (around PHP 779.00) per month. This subscription combines the firm's Xbox Game Pass for console, right alongside its Xbox Live social network, and Xbox Game Pass for PC.

In the same vein, Microsoft also revealed that it's offering its imminent Gears 5 gaming title, which now has a release date on September 10. The company's acquisition of Double Fine Productions was also mentioned. The popular video game developer's merging with the company should also fuel their upcoming releases, especially now that the "Psychonauts 2" adventure game is almost within our reach.

Also unveiled at the conference was Microsoft's new version of its Elite controller. The refresh now comes with adjustable tension thumbsticks, an internal rechargeable battery pack, and Bluetooth support.

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