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Nintendo DS Game Consoles Price List in the Philippines June 2021

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updated on Jun 17, 2021, 02:51

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Nintendo DS Game Consoles Price 2021

Latest Nintendo DS Game Consoles Price
Nintendo 3DS P2,300 -
Nintendo New 3DS XL P17,393 -
Nintendo 3DS XL P7,000 -
Nintendo 2DS XL P8,995 -
Nintendo 2DS New Super Mario Bros 2 Bundle P5,995 -
Nintendo 2DS Mario Kart 7 Bundle P6,580 -
Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 3DS

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Nag-iisip ako dati kung ito ba ang bibilhin ko o yung Sony Playstation 4. Nakabasa ako ng mga reviews at nakapanood din ako ng tungkol dito. Yung mga types ng games ng Nintendo ay yung mga games ba ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.0
  • Review by Mary Grace Tera
  • Date : Aug 25, 2020

Very disappointing! Wala itong kasamang power adapter na sobrang importante para magamit ang Nintendo New 3DS XL na ito. Sa mga bibili na hindi pamilyar sa system nito, maiisip ng ilan na hindi ...Read more

  • Rating : 3.0
  • Review by Kyrine May
  • Date : Mar 24, 2018

If you got a nintendo 3DS already I recommend not to buy this one. You will just be disappointed. Except of you're Nintendo fan lol. I got mine and it looks really vintage to my perspective, but ...Read more

  • Rating : 3.7
  • Review by CelestialhaMMer52
  • Date : Jan 31, 2018

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Kenneth Gamboa

Ano bago?

Kasi parang wala naman sense magkaroon ng mas magandang 3DS XL, may Switch Lite naman

  • Last updated : Sep 16, 2020
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Jolly Medina


Ang konti naman pala ng games dito sa Nintedo 3DS, akala ko kasing dami ng mga lumang Nintedo, parang less than 1000 lang ata yung laro dito

  • Last updated : Feb 28, 2020
  • Posted by Jolly Medina
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Kirby Rich Ramirez Bautista


Totoo ganito presyo nito kahit 3ds xl?

  • Last updated : Aug 22, 2019
  • Posted by Kirby Rich Ramirez Bautista
  • Replies of This topic : 1 Replies

About Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS offers great gaming consoles in the Philippines

The Nintendo DS is basically a dual screen device that features handheld gaming console. It was developed and released globally by Nintendo. The North American sale started on November 2004, but soon after that, this new gaming device revolutionized handheld gaming. The DS in its name stands for Developers’ System or Dual Screen. Their primary feature includes 2 separate LCD screens with the lower screen featuring a touch screen with buttons to control and navigate.


This complete Nintendo DS line was sold between 2004 and 2013. Nintendo made sure that their DS line succeeded their Game Boy Advance line, and this console was later replaced by Nintendo 3DS. In many Asian countries such as Philippines and Indonesia, this DS line have been exceptionally successful – as much as the fact that people still use this console for playing supported games. Asian markets have been a prime target for Nintendo upon releasing this console as they were cheap and affordable, but they also featured some of this company’s latest games and powerful handheld accessibility.

Available Models

Some of the features of this line of gaming consoles include multiple variants over the years. These models include the original Nintendo DS, along with DS Lite, DSi as well as its XL variant. Even though there were several home consoles during that time, it still offers a huge bulk of Nintendo’s sales. So, let’s have a look at these multiple variants of this console line:

DS – It was the original model for Nintendo gaming console. It features a dual screen with a built in microphone as well as wireless functionality. Its design was pretty similar to a clamshell styled Game Boy Advance SP. Multiple DS gaming consoles could also interact over a shared personal Wi-Fi connection, as well as Nintendo Wi-Fi service.

DS Lite – Several design changes occurred in this variant, as it became much slimmer and lighter than its predecessor. In addition to that, the LCD display module improved as well, with a much brighter display. This model actually marked the extension of Nintendo’s gaming module to several Asian markets, including Singapore and East Asia.

DSi – In order to set up a competition to Sony’s PSP, Nintendo released their 3rd iteration of DS line. It featured a much larger display area as compared to the DS Lite. In addition to that, the company removed Game Boy Advance cartridge slot from it, in order to improve its portability without compromising on its durable character. It also featured a couple of digital camera, with internal and external storage capacity. An online store called Nintendo DSi Shop was also introduced with this device.

DSi XL – This was Nintendo’s last installment in this line. It also improved on overall size, featuring a larger display and multiplayer connectivity. The screen angles also improved with dual 4.2 inch wide angle LCD screens and improved battery life. Nintendo aimed for a better table top experience with this device and introduced 2 styli as well.

Popularity in the Philippines

This gaming console was perhaps the most popular gaming module in South Asian markets during its time. Its popularity has decreased over the years with the introduction of much improved and more innovative gaming consoles, but it still holds a powerful market share in Philippines. Nintendo has recently released some major gaming titles especially for their DS line, and some of their best selling games are already available in most DS models. The major reason for its popularity in Philippines is the fact that this gaming console is pretty customizable in terms of its usage and touch modules. It features multiple controls layouts which is absolutely fantastic for gamers who are not really big fans of the D pad gaming consoles.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy for this DS series is very simple for Nintendo. In order to retain its popularity in the Philippines, Nintendo has subsequently improved their gaming compatibility specs, and looked over to introduce new titles for this series.

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