Jan 7, 2021

Best Gaming Chairs in the Philippines 2020 - 2021

Gaming chairs were one of the most targeted items last year. The demand for a proper working/learning stations has risen due to work-from-home and distance-learning setups being applied across the country.

Finding the perfect gaming chair is an integral part of setting up spaces for gaming or work. Surprisingly, a gaming chair can usually cost as much money as a computer, and finding a good one at budget prices is quite a task. One of the major features to look for in a gaming chair is ample lumbar and neck support to prevent or lessen physical stress, especially during long hours of usage.

To help you find an affordable gaming chair, below is an exclusive list of the 10 best affordable gaming chairs for sale online in the Philippines.

Best Gaming Chairs in the Philippines 2021

10. TTRacing SWIFT X 2020

(Image credit: lazada.com.ph)

The TTRacing SWIFT X 2020 gaming chair is a great choice since it not only gives you optimum comfort but also comes with extra lumbar and head support.

This chair has wider lumbar and head support in an enclosed design to ensure that it maintains a perfect curvature. In most cases, we spend more time in our computer chair than in our bed. The soft and thick cold cure foam helps distribute weight evenly so that while experiencing maximum comfort the user can sit in correct posture. The TTRacing SWIFT X 2020 has a seamless cover achieved by innovatively combining faux leather with the cold cure foam. The heavy-duty nylon base can support 10 times its weight through proper weight distribution and provide maximum stability.

The lumbar and head support pillow is adjustable to accommodate different body types and ensure that you are getting the support where necessary. Additional bonus features include a 165-degree full recline and tilt mechanism that allows users to unlock a rocking feature.

9. BraZen Puma

(Image credit: lazada.com.ph)

The BraZen Puma PC Gaming Chair is on the simpler side in terms of design and functions. It's also one of the most affordable on our list, making it a good choice for those who are on a budget. The BraZen Puma can be used as a gaming or office chair; its ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort and support regardless of whether you are gaming or not.

The BraZen Puma uses a combination of PU, PVC, and mesh padding that provide comfort and breathability. Noticeably, the BraZen Puma lacks several support found in most gaming chairs. Although there is no lumbar or head pillow for extra support, it does have a cushioned headrest. Functions and options to adjust tilt and orientation are limited and the armrest is non-adjustable.

8. MSI MAG CH120 X

(Image credit: lazada.com.ph)

The MSI MAG CH120 X gaming chair is just what you'd expect from the manufacturer's simple and intelligent design with awesome build and performance. The high-quality steel used in the mainframe gives the chair great durability and strength. The steel base is 20% stronger than generic ones and the smooth PU casters have anti-scratch features that will protect your floor.

The MSI MAG CH120 X gaming chair comes with adjustable features for a custom-fit, providing optimum comfort. The molded foam provides additional support for better comfortability over long periods. And the adjustable lumbar and neck pillow is a great addition that enables users to sit in the best posture over long hours.


(Image credit: lazada.com.ph)

The COUGAR Armor PRO is a premium gaming chair with great design and features that embodies COUGAR's passion. The ergonomic design also gives the gaming chair great back support.

The body-embracing high back and extra lumbar and neck pillows allow you to get all the necessary support to keep good posture. This is important because you might be spending long hours working or playing games, and having good support will prevent you from back pains. The breathable PVC leather is extra thick but will still allow air to flow through to always keep your back cool.

The full steel frame and high-quality materials guarantee durability, making it better equipped to withstand prolonged use. The COUGAR Armor PRO is similar to other COUGAR gaming chairs, but what sets it apart is the suede-like texture and support pillows that give the Armor Pro a more premium look and extra comfort.

6. TTRacing Duo V3

(Image credit: lazada.com.ph)

The TTRacing Duo V3 is a popular entry-level gaming chair that is both affordable and comfortable with unique design resulting from built-in support for the neck and back. The only downside is that unlike most gaming chairs, the Duo V3 doesn't come with back and neck pillows for extra support.

The TTRacing Duo V3 features a comfortable carbon fiber PU leather with a breathable Italian cloth at the back and middle of the seat to facilitate airflow. In addition, faux leather was bonded with cold cure foam to reduce or eliminate creases and increase comfort.

The TTRacing Duo V3 comes with a heavy-duty nylon base and PU castor wheels that provide fantastic weight-bearing capabilities and durability.

5. Fantech Alpha Gaming Chair GC-181

(Image credit: shopee.ph)

The Fantech Alpha Gaming Chair GC-181 has an ergonomic design providing its users with enough comfort and support. The racing seat design also gives you a snugger fit.

The GC-181 has an adjustable lumbar and head support pillow to always ensure correct posture. This gaming chair uses genuine leather which gives it a premium look, feel, and durability compared to faux leather. The premium design also allows different users to use it for office or gaming use without looking like it's out of place. The high backrest will offer enough support and comfort to tall people too.

The nylon base is light but durable and the heavy-duty, smooth caster wheels are friendly to different floor surfaces. Additional highlights include a multi-function tilt mechanism that allows users to take full control of the suspension and find the perfect balance for you.


(Image credit: lazada.com.ph)

Design-wise, the COUGAR Armor ONE looks similar to the COUGAR Armor PRO, looking comfortable with the breathable materials seen all over it.

The COUGAR Armor ONE uses premium quality materials like PVC breathable leather that not only looks good but also helps with airflow to always keep your back cool and fresh. The high back structure supports your lower back to avoid tension building up on your back muscles. The COUGAR Armor ONE is supported by a full steel frame that guarantees long-term durability and the steel base is capable of enduring loads of up to 120kg.

The extra head and lumbar pillow will allow you to customize the level of support needed to keep the right sitting posture. The adjustable armrest also gives you the ability to find the right height adjustment to help with productivity and comfort. The COUGAR Armor ONE gaming chair can recline up to 180 degrees when you need a break.

3. MARVO CH-106

(Image credit: shopee.ph)

The MARVO CH-106 is a top-quality gaming chair with multi-function features that provide versatility and comfort. Its affordable price and flexible design make it a popular choice for gamers.

The MARVO CH-106 uses a combination of PVC and PU synthetic leather that gives it its fine gaming look. The chair is also equipped with an adjustable neck and back pillow to help users keep proper and comfortable posture.

The highlight of the MARVO CH-106 is its butterfly adjustment mechanism that offers 360-degree rotation. This feature allows users to adjust the height of the chair and swing it while in a reclined position. Additional features include a heavy-duty nylon base, PU caster wheels, and weight support up to 150kg.

2. Rexus Gaming Chair RGC 103 v.2

(Image credit: rexus.id)

The Rexus Gaming Chair RGC 103 v.2 highlights the importance of comfort above anything else. Playing games can be taxing because of pressure and duration: having a chair with great comfort can make you feel more relaxed, which would in turn largely contribute to the user's performance.

The high-quality synthetic leather is elegant and very durable. To provide more comfort, the seat, headrest, and waist rest are wider to accommodate larger individuals. The padding is noticeably thicker for more comfort, which contrasts with some other gaming chairs that have nice design but lack necessary padding, making sitting for long periods uncomfortable.

The steel frame and synthetic leather and even foam are all made from high-quality materials that make the chair durable. The Rexus Gaming Chair RGC 103 v.2 comes with the latest "frog" mechanism which provides a 4D handle and multi-function features that allow you to customize sitting positions and lock tilt.

1. Secretlab OMEGA 2020

(Image credit: lazada.com.ph)

The Secretlab OMEGA features a great balance of comfort, style, functionality, and durability. It uses a special type of PU leather that is not only durable but is also flexible and abrasion-resistant. And there's no need to worry about the quality and durability of the Secretlab OMEGA 2020 because, upon purchasing the chair, you will also get an extended 5-year warranty.

Cold-cure foam technology provides a solid cushioning system that absorbs pressure. To make things more comfortable, the extra back and neck pillows use a signature memory foam that will dissipate heat and keep you cool. The thick padding is neither overly hard nor soft, delivering a perfect level of comfort.

Additional features include an adjustable armrest that has 3 different settings you can choose from. You can change the height, move it side to side and even bring it forward and back. The lumbar pillow has an arched design that fits the curve of your back, keeping your back straight and providing additional support.


Although gaming chairs may look aesthetically similar, certain technologies and features set them apart. Since you can't try them out when purchasing online, it is highly advisable to research extensively before deciding which model to purchase.

Comfort plays a big role that affects performance both in work and play. Having an ergonomic design improves sitting posture and provides ample protection against back pains. Gaming chairs are expensive than your regular office chairs, due to features like lumbar and neck support as well as higher-grade materials used in them.

It's hard to find a good gaming chair at an affordable price. Understanding the fundaments of a gaming chair will help you decide the right model for you. Knowing what features it has and lacks will play a big role in your selection process.

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