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False Eyelashes Price List in the Philippines April 2021

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  • Lower lashes that blends in seamlessly with your natural eyelashes and creates perfect subtle finish to any makeup look.

  • A false eyelashes that feature light and volumized lashes for a very feminine and fluttery effect.

  • Adds length, volume and thickness to your lashes to enhance your eyes. Available in a range of lengths and styles to suit any occasion.

  • A false lash that can transform your look from everyday to glamorous in a matter of seconds.

  • Light and layered false eyelashes that combines the varying lengths of fine lashes to add natural-looking length and volume.

Best False Eyelashes Price 2021

Weekly most viewed products Lowest price Shop
Teviant Lower False Eyelashes P345 Teviant
Benefit Cosmetics False Eyelashes P990 SEPHORA
Lavie Lash Chloé P201 SEPHORA
Lavie Lash Ivy P201 SEPHORA
Natasha Denona False Eyelashes P695 SEPHORA
Huda Beauty Classic Lash P1,395 SEPHORA
Lavie Lash Lola P201 SEPHORA
Teviant Upper False Eyelashes P345 Teviant
Lavie Lash Rosie P201 SEPHORA
Lavie Lash Luella P201 SEPHORA

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How to Find the Perfect False Eyelashes for You

False eyelashes have become on trend recently, thanks mostly to beauty gurus who share their tips and tricks for wearing falsies. Lashes add a touch of femininity that never gets old. And it's also a great option for those who have short, sparse lashes that no amount of mascara can remedy.

If you're looking to get on the false eyelashes trend, here are a few tips you might want to keep in mind when wearing them.

Falsies don't always have to look dramatic.

While you may think that wearing false eyelashes may seem like it would be suited to a glamorous look, they can actually be worn with a simpler everyday look. Back then, false eyelashes would be considered suitable only for special events, but these days there are so many simple, everyday false eyelashes that you can hardly tell they've been glued on!

Balancing volume and length.

With so many styles out there, you can easily pick a pair of false eyelashes that can cater to your specific needs. Some ladies may prefer long false eyelashes for a wispy, almost natural look. And others may find that false eyelashes that have more volume than length are more suited to the loo they're going for.

Natural hair fibers.

The ideal false lashes would have natural hair fibers to mimic natural lashes. However, these eyelashes may sometimes be expensive. And in most cases, they use animal fur to mimic the look of natural lashes. In cases like these, you might want to try synthetic lashes. While they don't look as natural and wispy, they can be suitable to a more dramatic makeup look.

Finding the right band.

One other thing to consider with false eyelashes is the band. This band is what keeps the eyelashes together when glued to the lashline. Bands can be opaque black (as pictured) or transparent. Some ladies prefer the opaque black band because it acts like eyeliner. On the other hand, some ladies prefer a clear band because it doesn't look as dramatic, and thus is more suited to a more natural look.

Finding the right glue.

Lash glues are everywhere! Some of them even come free with the false lashes you buy. However, you need to consider what kind of glue you would like. Some glues are hypoallergenic, which is great for those who have sensitive eyelids. On the other hand, some glues are waterproof and extra-strength, making them perfect for those who want to wear lashes all day or even while swimming. And then there's the question of using clear glue vs. black glue.

Some prefer to use glue that dries down black to mimic eyeliner along the lash line. This is great for those who prefer an opaque black band. On the other hand, there are also clear glues that go on opaque but dry down clear. This is more suitable for those who like clear lash bands on their false eyelashes.

Would false eyelashes go with your look?

If you just love the look of false eyelashes, then go for it! Long, wispy lashes never go out of style. However, if you're donning a more elaborate eyeshadow or eyeliner look, thin wispy lashes might be best as this won't obstruct the view of the artwork you've created on your eyelids. Or you can even go with wispy lashes at the center with more dramatic, long lashes at the outer corner of the eye to imitate a cat-eye flick.

The online shop is filled with false lashes that suit any makeup look. Go check out the selection we've got and pick out the perfect pair of lashes for you!

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