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Facial Tissues Price List in the Philippines May 2021

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  • A facial cleansing tissue with rich moisturizing ingredients and vitamin nutrients from the finest grown olives to easily removes and cleanses makeup and impurities.

  • An oil control paper made from a natural hemp material that absorbs oil while keeping your skin hydrated and prevents irritation on the skin.

  • A 3M oil control film that removes sebum easily in just a simple touch.

  • A 100% compressed cotton pad and sponge cotton pad in one that helps wipe away irritants and gently exfoliate for soft, smooth skin.

  • A 2-way cotton pad made from 100% cotton with two different sides for cleansing and the other one for absorbing products.

  • Blotting papers that absorb excess oils while moisturizing your skin.

Best Facial Tissues Price 2021

Weekly most viewed products Lowest price Shop
Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Tissue P170 Lazada
Innisfree Clear Oil Control Film (50 Sheets) P110 althea
dear, Klairs Toner Mate 2-in-1 Cotton Pad P340 Go Bloom & Glow
COSRX Pure 100% Cotton Rounds P612 Shopee
Missha Oil Control Paper P129 Shopee
3CE Blotting Papers P905 SEPHORA

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The softest Tissues: Facial Tissues

For sure you have heard about facial tissues or paper handkerchiefs. They are almost like normal tissues or napkins with just better quality, softness, absorbency, and thickness. If you go to Japan, where facial tissues seem to have originated, a lot of these facial tissues have different types, some even have scents in them.

How do you distinguish a facial tissue from other tissue papers?

A facial tissue is said to weigh around 14 18 g/m2. It has a very smooth surface that is made possible by the process of calendaring where hard rollers smooth out the paper. The smooth is a major key in a facial tissue since it is usually used for blowing one's nose when he/she is suffering from nose allergies, colds, etc. If it is not smooth and soft enough, the friction might cause further irritation and make the nose sore. If you use a normal ply of tissue paper, you use for wiping your butt, that doesn't also hold the moisture and mucus from the nose, and will just cause more mess and contamination around the house.

What to look at when choosing a facial tissue?

When looking for a facial tissue, aside from being a trusted brand, you also need to know if you prefer a 2-ply, a 3-ply, or a 4-ply paper. If you want the facial tissue hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, moisturizing, cooling, or anti-bacterial. If you plan to use it often, instead of buying a single pack, try considering buying multi-pack, carton or 6-pack. Although not a big factor, it is also nice to know that the facial tissues you are using are eco-friendly and FSC certified. When you check the label, if it says its made from virgin pulp, that means that is the softest possible tissue you can get from that brand. Another thing to keep it mind is if the facial tissue is bleached or chlorine-free. If you feel guilty using facial tissues because they use so much tree, perhaps you would look into the option of buying one made from bagasse.

What are the best facial tissues available in the market?

If you say facial tissues, one brand comes to mind, and that's Kleenex. Kleenex has an ultra-soft tissue that a lot of women prefer because of its softness even with 3-ply layers. It is best for those who have sensitive skin. It is available in four forms: upright tissue box, flat tissue box, go-anywhere pack, and ultra-slim wallet.

Kleenex trusted care tissues can be bought in upright tissue box with 50 sheets in them. It is one of most bought Kleenex facial tissues because it is soft yet strong, and has 2-ply for good absorption. You can also but the trusted care in a flat tissue box, in perfect fit, go pack, and on-the-go slim pack.

If you want moisture infused with your facial tissues, then the soothing lotion line available in an upright tissue box or flat tissue box is for you. It is moisturizing and soothing because it has aloe vera extract, and Vitamin E infused in each sheet.

Suffering from a cold or flu and want to be hygienic while also taking care of yourself? Then get the Kleenex anti-viral tissue which promises you help kill 99.9 percent of cold and flu viruses, so you can be sure that you are not contaminating your living room, your bedroom, your bathroom, or even your desk at work. It can only be bought in an upright tissue box.

Want something to wipe your face when its humid and hot out? Kleenex cooling lotion facial tissue is the solution. It is infused with cooling properties from aloe vera, while also maintaining softness, smoothness, and absorption.

What are other brands of facial tissues available in the market?

Aside from the oldie but goodie Kleenex, you can also buy from nepia, elleair, palladio, Orita, Sofeel, Jade, Soft, Reach, Blest, Tisyus, Extra, DuraSoft, Nice, Daiso, Miniso, Babycare, Sanicare, Hallmark, MIDIO, VNDA, Unicare, Bouncy, SHUTA, Georgia Pacific, Soft Bloom, Femme, Bench, Puffs, Renova, Surpass, Scotties, Nice N' Soft, Green Forest, Cloversoft, and Cottonelle.

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