Mar 26, 2015

The icon-like Polaroid camera Socialmatic

It looks like applications' icon and it looks very cute but it's a digital camera and can print out your picture.

It seems like applications' icon and looks very cute.


This Polaroid Socialmatic has the ability to post on the web using its built-in Wi-Fi/Android interface and print out. It has a joint area on its back so you can even stick it on the wall.
Now is the time we photograph with the smartphone. To have the "actuals", you need to use "Printstagram" which is one of the printing service. And finally, we have "Socialmatic" from Poraloid that have both classic print function and SNS share function.

Socialmatic is the digital camera that has 24MP. It has Wi-Fi function so you can post your picture on the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Actually, the Android works for downloading apps or browsing the website with 4.5-inch touch display.
It has 2MP camera on the back, supports to GPS and Bluetooth.

Socialmatic can edit the images with touching the display and print out 2x3 inch pictures as well.
And the pictures you print out has an adhesion tape on its back so you can stick them on the wall, mirror or notebook. But when you want bigger picture, you need to ask to the printing service, but at least you can share your picture with your friends soon.

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