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cd-r king Digital Video Cameras Price List in the Philippines June 2021

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cd-r king K507

cd-r king K507

  • 5.0 Megapixels (12.0MP Max.), 640x480, ...
- (0 Prices)
cd-r king DDV-A700

cd-r king DDV-A700

  • CMOS
  • 5.2MP, 640x480, 320x240
  • 64MB Flash Memory
- (0 Prices)
cd-r king DV2000

cd-r king DV2000

  • CMOS
  • 3.2MP
- (0 Prices)
cd-r king TDV541

cd-r king TDV541

  • CMOS
  • 5MP, 320x240, 640x480
  • 64MB built-in flash memory
- (0 Prices)
cd-r king DDV-H6

cd-r king DDV-H6

  • 12MP, 1280x720 - HD, 320x240, 800x480
- (0 Prices)
cd-r king V5PH3L

cd-r king V5PH3L

  • CMOS
  • 5MP, 12MP max, 1920x1080 - Full HD, 144...
- (0 Prices)
cd-r king V12Z

cd-r king V12Z

  • CMOS
  • 5MP, 12MP max, 960x240
- (0 Prices)
cd-r king DDV-9000

cd-r king DDV-9000

  • 1/2.5 inches CMOS
  • 5.03MP, 640x480, 320x240
  • Built-in NAND Flash 16MB
- (0 Prices)
updated on Jun 23, 2021, 06:51

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Latest Reviews for cd-r king Digital Video Cameras

Hindi pang matagalan ang ganitong videocam, biruin nyo megabytes lang ang memory nito tsaka panget yung lens pati yung video ko, super badtrip na camcorder, pero okay naman yung sytem tsaka video ...Read more

  • Rating : 2.6
  • Review by Nasry Po
  • Date : Feb 12, 2015

One use only and its broken , the LCD screen of this cdr king camcorder is so cheap, very poor quality, its easy to break and the menus button are not functioning well, I blame myself why I buy this ...Read more

  • Rating : 1.6
  • Review by CjbAbY00
  • Date : Jan 18, 2015

Not clear video and audio, so cheap thats why the quality also very cheap not durable video cam , cd-r king is not good, I tell you guys..very poor quality, the connections to my t.v is not good..Bad ...Read more

  • Rating : 2.0
  • Review by Jhal Mente
  • Date : Nov 9, 2014

Latest Topics for cd-r king Digital Video Cameras


battery problem

hi medyo luma na itong cam recorder ko at yung battery niya i think ang sira pwdi kaya ito sa ibang brand na battery new pa naman amng battery pero palaging lowbat.

  • Last updated : Apr 30, 2017
  • Posted by carla.Al
  • Replies of This topic : 1 Replies


battery life

Magandang hapon po, magtatanong lang po sana kung pwede po bang malaman yung battery life nitong cd-r king DDV-H6? ThankS.

  • Last updated : Apr 27, 2017
  • Posted by Jk
  • Replies of This topic : 0 Replies


short record!

Money will not be worth it because it can't record long time so its useless. And all the result of the video is not clear enough.

  • Last updated : Sep 16, 2016
  • Posted by Dalipe
  • Replies of This topic : 1 Replies

About cd-r king Digital Video Cameras

CD-R King Digital Video Cameras make it large after quite a while

CD-R King is a Philippines based brand involved in the production of multiple categories of products, ranging from car accessories and cameras to all computer tools and home appliances. This brand has made its image well known to the Filipinos by supplying a staggering amount of content spanning a large number of segments; not only that, these products are priced within the reach of people at large further contributing to their success. With aim to deliver up to date video recording equipments to the people of the country, CD-R King Digital Video Cameras have brought about a revolution in the market.

Features of CD-R King Digital Video Cameras

As Video recording is on a rise both as a passion and profession, increasing number of people in the Philippines are opting for rugged yet stylish cameras that offer excellent quality of performance. Some of the popular ones and their specifications are as follows:


This model owes its popularity because of its cheaper price and excellent features that include 20.1 MP camera, 5 MP CMOS image sensor, 32 GB of storage size, USB 2.0, LCD display, 7.35 mm Focal length and Aperture F/2 8.


This device is actually a newbie oriented model that offers you the very basics to introduce you to video recording. You will get 12 MP camera, 6 MP CMOS, up to 8 GB storage space, 8x digital zoom, USB 2.0, 3.0 LCD screen and various other cool features.


This camera is a stellar model that offers top quality video recording with a very user-friendly interface. There is a 12 MP camera capable of recording videos at 1280x720 pixels @30fps, 3x zoom, 3.0 LCD screen, Self timer of 10 seconds, CNP40 Li-ion battery and auto flash modes.

Reasons for popularity in the Philippines

Among a myriad of reasons, CD-R King Digital Video Cameras made their way into the hearts of the people, the important reasons are the following:


This is the most important aspect when it comes to making choices. Since the company has a good marketing strategy, most of their products are priced in an extremely pocket friendly manner. People readily trust a brand that is local and offers low prices.


Leaving price aside, performance of these devices is commendable. Even though there aren't many models capable of competing with the likes of Sony, Samsung, etc. in Philippines. Still, the sheer number of well performing, lower-priced models outshine all.

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