Jan 12, 2016

CES 2016: “KeyMission360” NIKON’s new action cam equipped with VR and 4k

Following the 360° camera “Theta” despite its unfruitful outcome in the market. Nikon comes back with yet another 360° camera only this time packed with specs one would definitely consider “The best action camera there is”.

Nikon breaks its silence as it enters the action camera market with its KeyMission 360. This may sound crazy or to others may sound too late. Nikon is a company known worldwide for providing top notch cameras for decades. The company undoubtedly holds a very good reputation with its name not to mention its class leading technology and experience in this field so for them entering the action cam market does make sense.

Now, Nikon is up to challenge the other makers who first entered and dominated the market such as the GoPro and Sony with its KeyMission 360 action cam. Using Nikon’s experience in image processing, the Company says that it had successfully built a camera that can provide its users with the best experience in capturing 360° output thanks to the combination an image sensor and a group of advance lenses on each side of the camera. This combination then produces a striking high definition 360° image output designed to capture all those adventures and journeys.

As of now, the detailed specs, price and release date of the action cam is unclear yet. So far all we know about the KeyMission 360 is that its waterproof even without a different housing, it can go onto depths up to 30 meters, the cam is also dust and shock proof and can even stand low temperatures. Sounds too good to be true? We’ll follow up with Nikon’s “KeyMission 360” the absolute imaging experience action cam’s details as soon as it comes out, so stay tuned.

Nikon Key Mission 360 Images