Nov 15, 2018

Aside from the Smartphone Industry, Sony Seems to be Losing in the Camera Market as Well

The recently published full-frame mirrorless camera market share shows that Sony's share has fell down. Canon now owns around 22%, while Nikon has approximately 10% share.

After several years of possessing tremendous market share that's nearing 100% for full-frame mirrorless cameras in Japan, the Japanese tech titan Sony might need to feel quite alarmed. Apparently, Sony's closest competitor, Canon just garnered a whopping 22% from a market share of 8.1% after launching the EOS R system.

Blue: Sony, Red: Canon, Green: Nikon

In a recent published data by BCN Ranking, an illustration shows how Sony's near 100% share went down to 67% after the Nikon Z 7 and Canon EOS R were revealed. The latest market share breakdown shows that Nikon now has 10. 4 % market share, Canon owns 22.1 % share, and Sony possesses the remaining 67% of the market share.

The numbers as per data may be a bit prejudiced though, since Nikon and Canon just unveiled their very own full-frame mirrorless cameras, hence, their glory may just be a spur of the moment, to say the least. As indicated in the graph, the Nikon Z 6 is not yet reflected in the data gathered, considering that the camera line's shipping date will start at the end of November. It can be recalled that Sony has already been in the industry and has penetrated the market early on with its α7 ILCE-7, α7R ILCE-7R, and α7S ILCE-7S in 2013 and 2014, respectively.

It is also worth noting that Nikon has only just started the retail of its latest Z Series camera lineup. The company's Z 7 line was only released last month, in September, while the much-awaited Z 6 is scheduled to arrive in the market at the end of this month. As of the moment, any changes as to the market share for the full-frame mirrorless cameras remain to be seen though we can finally get the message that the competition is quite fierce now compared to the previous years. There are also some predictions circulating which state that Canon may garner at least 50% of the market share before the year ends once it releases the highly anticipated EOS R ecosystem.