Apr 11, 2017

Behold the new king of graphics cards- the NVIDIA TITAN Xp

NVIDIA recently announced their latest video card, the NVIDIA TITAN Xp, which comes with more cores, faster clocks, faster memory, and much more. The TITAN Xp now serves as the best GPU available, dethroning the previously reigning king, the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.

NVIDIA, a company known for designing graphics processing units for gaming PCs, recently launched a new video card which boasts more cores, faster clocks, faster memory, and more TFLOPS than its predecessor, the Pascal-powered TITAN X released last year. The latest video card in question is dubbed as the NVIDIA TITAN Xp, which is described as the best NVIDIA GPU so far and fastest graphics processing unit available on the market, dethroning the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GPU.

NVIDIA's newest GPU is based on the Pascal GP102 chip, the same chipset that powers the expensive NVIDIA Quadro P6000. The NVIDIA TITAN Xp's CUDA core count is 3840 which is remarkably higher than that of the 1080 Ti's 3584. The said CUDA cores are running at 1.6GHz. Although the base clock speed of the card is not specified, the boost clock speed is disclosed, which is 1582GHz. The floating point performance was now considerably higher than that of its predecessor, from 11 TFLOPs to 12.1 TFLOPs.

The TITAN XP card still packs the same memory of 12GB GDDR5X RAM. However, the memory speed increased from 10Gbps to 11.4Gbps with the similar memory interface of 384-bit. The memory bandwidth has now gone up to 547.7GB/s from the previous 480GB/s. Both the new TITAN Xp and last year's TITAN X are clad in black hue and feature the same heatsink and shroud design, connectivity, 250W power, and thermal characteristics.

Furthermore, NVIDIA is on the verge of making the latest TITAN Xp available to the Mac community using the Pascal drivers this month. This would give Mac users the chance to have access to the top-of-the-line Pascal-powered GPU. Regarding the price, the video card can be purchased for the same price tag that the TITAN X has- USD 1200 or around PHP 50,000.

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