Acer Desktop Computers Price List in the Philippines December 2018

Here's the trend of Acer Desktop Computers for November 2018. Want a popular product but got a budget? Look for great deals and get your hands on trending items! We've gathered data just for you!

Most viewed : Aspire ZC-700, Aspire X1920, and Aspire X1700 got the most views last month. How long will this trend last?

updated on Dec 1, 2018

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Acer Aspire ZC-700

Acer Aspire ZC-700

  • Pentium Dual Core, Pentium, 1.6GHz
  • 19.5 inch, Windows 8.1
P24,990 (1 Price)
Acer Aspire X1920

Acer Aspire X1920

  • 3.2GHz
  • 4GB, 2GB, HDD, 1TB
  • Windows 7 Home
- (0 Prices)
Acer Aspire X1700

Acer Aspire X1700

  • Pentium Dual Core, 2.4GHz
  • DDR2, 1GB, HDD, 160GB
- (0 Prices)
Acer Aspire TC-780

Acer Aspire TC-780

  • Core i5, Core i7, Core i3, 2.7 GHz
  • DDR4, 8GB, 32GB, 4GB, HDD, 1TB
  • Windows 10 Home
P65,999 (1 Price)
Acer Aspire Z1-611

Acer Aspire Z1-611

  • Pentium Quad Core, Pentium, 2.41GHz
  • DDR3L SDRAM, 4GB, 2GB, HDD, 500GB
  • 19.5 inch HD+, Windows 8.1
P17,999 (1 Price)
Acer Predator Orion 9000

Acer Predator Orion 9000

  • DDR4, 128GB, HDD
  • 35.00 inches, Windows 10 Home 64-bit
  • Latest model
- (0 Prices)
Acer Aspire X1900

Acer Aspire X1900

  • Pentium Dual Core, 3.06GHz
  • DDR3, 2GB, HDD, 320GB
  • 20inch, Windows 7 Home Basic
- (0 Prices)
Acer Aspire XC-730

Acer Aspire XC-730

  • Celeron Quad Core, Pentium Quad Core, 1...
  • DDR3L, 4GB, 8GB, 2GB, HDD, 500GB, 1TB
  • Windows 10 Home
P17,988 - (2 Prices)
Acer Veriton M2611G

Acer Veriton M2611G

  • Core i3, Core i5, Pentium Dual Core, 3....
  • DDR3 SDRAM, 4GB, 2GB, HDD, 500GB, 1TB
  • Windows 8 Pro/Windows 7 Professional
- (0 Prices)
Acer Aspire Predator G3620

Acer Aspire Predator G3620

  • Core i7, 3.4GHz
  • Windows 7 Home Premium
- (0 Prices)
Acer Aspire AZ22-780

Acer Aspire AZ22-780

  • Core i3, Core i5, Pentium Dual Core
  • DDR4, 16GB, 6GB, 8GB, 4GB, HDD, 1TB
  • 21.5 inches, Windows 10 Home
P31,990 - (4 Prices)
Acer Aspire X1800

Acer Aspire X1800

  • Pentium Dual Core, 2.5GHz
  • DDR2, 2GB, HDD, 320GB
  • Windows Vista Home Basic
- (0 Prices)
Acer Aspire M3970

Acer Aspire M3970

  • Core i5, 2.8GHz
  • DDR3, 2GB, HDD, 1TB
  • 20inch, Windows 7 Home Basic
- (0 Prices)
Acer Aspire X3950

Acer Aspire X3950

  • Core i3, 3.2GHz
  • DDR3, 2GB, HDD, 500GB
  • Windows 7 Home Basic
- (0 Prices)
Acer Veriton N4630G

Acer Veriton N4630G

  • Core i3, Core i5, 3 GHz
  • DDR3 SODIMM, 2GB, 16GB, 4GB, HDD, 500GB
P20,990 - (2 Prices)
Acer Veriton S6610G

Acer Veriton S6610G

  • Core i5, 3.30GHz
  • 16GB, HDD, 500GB
  • Free DOS
- (0 Prices)
Acer Aspire Z 24

Acer Aspire Z 24

  • Core i7
  • DDR4, 16GB
  • 23.8 inches
  • Latest model
- (0 Prices)
Acer Aspire TC-601

Acer Aspire TC-601

  • Celeron Quad Core, Celeron, Pentium, 2GHz
  • DDR3L SDRAM, 2GB, HDD, 500GB
  • Windows 8
P18,990 (1 Price)
Acer Aspire TC-705

Acer Aspire TC-705

  • Core i7, AMD, 3.40 GHz
  • DDR3 SDRAM, 12GB, HDD, 2TB
  • Windows 8.1
P52,990 (1 Price)
Acer Veriton N4630G-G3260T

Acer Veriton N4630G-G3260T

  • Pentium Dual Core, 2.9 GHz
  • 2GB, HDD, 500GB
  • WINDOWS 8.1
P14,988 - (2 Prices)
updated on Dec 10, 2018, 21:50

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Acer Desktop Computers Price 2018

Latest Acer Desktop Computers Price
Acer Veriton M4640G P27,990 -
Acer Aspire AZ22-780 P31,990 -
Acer Aspire XC-730 P17,988 -
Acer Aspire AZ22-780-EB11 P31,990 -
Acer Aspire TC-780 P65,999
Acer Veriton N4630G-G3260T P14,988 -
Acer Aspire TC-704 P19,999
Acer Veriton N4630G P20,990 -
Acer Aspire TC-601 P18,990
Acer Aspire ZC-700 P24,990
Acer Veriton M4640G Acer Veriton M4640G

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About Acer Desktop Computers

Acer Desktops reinvent old classics with modern technology

Desktops have always been Acer’s prime electronics equipment to go on sale. Acer produced some excellent desktops back in the day when it was formed. However, fortunately that habit has not died out. Even to this day, Acer continues to produce excellent quality desktops for both commercial and private purposes. They have improved their products over time the latest technology, and Acer’s desktops now provide Windows 10 and more.


Desktop products from Acer go a long way back. Since this mode of computing was the first to be discovered, most computer hardware companies or franchises have obviously been producing desktops since its beginning. Acer is no exception to this idea. Acer has been momentous in implementing private computing through a personal desktop.

When Acer first stepped into the Filipino electronics community, it brought its desktops franchises with it. Since then, there has been no turning back with this company in Philippines and adjacent countries. 2010 was the best year for Acer in recent past, since it introduced some new models with an entirely new franchise dedicated solely to home computers and personal desktop setups.

Popular Models

The following models are quite popular in Philippines due to their moderate pricing as well as impressive features. Let’s have a look at those models:

  • Aspire M3985 – This model is not quite new as it offers Windows 7 OS, but its sales are quite good. It also features 3.1 GHz Intel Core i5 processor with 4 GB RAM and 1 TB HDD space. 2 GB NIVIDIA GeForce video memory is available as well.
  • Aspire MC605 – This model offers Windows 8, but it can be upgraded to the latest Windows 10. Apart from that, it also had 2 GB DDR3 RAM, along with 500 GB of HDD space.
  • Aspire TC-601 – This is a modest desktop from Acer, with 2 GHz Intel Celeron quad core processor and 2 GB DDR3L RAM. It operates on Windows 8 OS, with 500 GB HDD space. It also comes in a variant with internal Wi-Fi connection.

Marketing Strategy

Acer employs a straightforward and yet successful marketing strategy for its desktop models. Since it has a very good reputation in the Filipino electronics community for its products, Acer just offers better technology with their older classics. This helps them reinvent popular models, along with newer technology without coming up with entirely new models. This is the reason as to why Acer is becoming so popular with the Filipino crowd.

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