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RCBC Bankard Black Card Platinum MasterCard

  • RCBC Credit Cards
  • Get exclusive superior convinience and world class privileges with high credit limits.
  • Free Travel insurance package for your worry free travel whenever, wherever you go all around the globe.
  • Accumulate points instantly, for every P36/USDd 1 you can get 1 rewards point.
3.50% per month
P3,600 USD100 For Black Card Dollar First year waived Free for life for an annual spent of P 500,000
  • Cashback
  • Reward
  • Fuel rebate
  • Mileage
  • Shopping
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PayMaya partners with McDonald's so you can buy a McChicken without cash

No cash? Don't head over to the ATM, just pay for your Happy Meal with PayMaya.

Jan 25, 2018

Cashless transactions are seen as the wave of the future. In many countries, vendors are scrambling to provide customers the means to pay for goods and services without using the old standby of legal tender, cash. That's because cash is inconvenient to carry in large denominations, and vendors want to make it as easy as possible for you to part with your money.

The Philippines has traditionally been resistant to such attempts; even today credit cards are not as ubiquitous as they are in other countries, and people still pay in cash for most transactions. McDonald's, however, has an eye on other things and wants you to start paying with your card as it partners with PayMaya.

PayMaya is a Smart Communications subsidiary that is focused on bringing virtual cash tender to common everyday transactions like online shopping, booking flights, paying bills, and paying at restaurants. Now, PayMaya and McDonald's have announced a partnership that enables 40 branches nationwide to accept cashless payments using either your PayMaya card, or a Mastercard, Visa, or debit cards.

If you ever found yourself craving for a McSpaghetti or a cheese burger with no ATM in sight, you might just be in luck. Just tap that card and you can pay for your meal with the convenience of a cashless transaction. There are branches in Quezon City, San Juan, Mandaluyong, Pasig, Taguig, Makati, Pasay, Muntinlupa, Las Pinas, Antipolo, Binan, Boracay, Palawan, and General Santos which are now PayMaya-enabled, and you can check which ones exactly at PayMaya's site. In addition, PayMaya QR payments are now accepted at McDonald's McCafe at the BGC Arts Center, and at McDonald's Tagaytay Calamba.

There are still a lot of concerns around cashless payments, many Filipinos still haven't warmed up to the concept. There's a lot of progress on this front, however, with more Filipinos trying to adopt the cashless lifestyle, or at least partially do so and with more options to pay cashless and more vendors allowing so, we might just turn into a cashless society, sooner than expected.

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