Nov 24, 2017

Razer launches a new keyboard with water and dust resistance

For the first time, Razer has introduced a mechanical gaming keyboard with water and dust protection. Dubbed "BlackWidow Ultimate Keyboard", it is IP54 certified to overcome the accidental spillage of water or beverages. Besides, it has 80 million keystroke lifespan and 10 key anti-ghosting capability. The keyboard lighting is limited to green color, but still, users can make use of various lighting effects such as ripple and wave.

The gaming keyboards from Razer have been tough and armed with an array of functionalities, but they were never water and dust resistant. Now, that gripe isn't going to be there anymore as the gaming hardware manufacturer has launched a new upgraded mechanical BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard which is IP54 rated. The keyboard is currently on sale in the US for USD 109.99(Approx. PHP 5,600). Worldwide availability may commence later this year.

The keyboard features Razer Green Mechanical Switches with 50 grams actuation force and 80 million keystroke longevity. Keys are also programmable for "on-the-fly macro recording". Further, the keyboard has 10 key anti-ghosting capability. For the uninitiated, the ghosting is the problem when simultaneous pressing of some keys renders a few keys dysfunctional.

When it comes to lighting it is only restricted to green, whereas many keyboards from different manufacturers have ample lighting color options. However, the users have the freedom to create lighting effects such as ripple, wave, and starlight, to name a few.

Coming to the most important aspect of the keyboard, its IP54 rating makes it resistant to the dust and water, but not entirely. The IP54 doesn't give protection against the heavy water spillage. At best, it safeguards the switches from the accidental spilling of water and the other beverages. Full protection can be achieved only if it is IP67 or IP68 rated. Nonetheless, it is a good beginning.

Currently, the water and dust resistant keyboards are not in vogue, despite a few manufacturers have already given it a shot. But since Razer is one of the most prominent brands in this field the water-proof keyboards from now on could take the shape of a trend, something similar to what has happened in the smartphone industry in the recent times.