Jan 26, 2018

Razer Creates a Giant Keyboard for CES

Keyboards are our primary means of interfacing with computers today, and this one is bigger than anything you've ever seen.

As we move into the future, we sometimes get pulled back in the amazing technology of the past. That may sound like a paradox, but one big example of that happening today is the unprecedented resurgence of mechanical keyboards, an old-school technology that has become incredibly popular with modern day computer users, eschewing newer technology for the old reliable mechanical keyboard switch. Now, Razer is doubling up on that renewed interest in a big way, pun intended; a gigantic mechanical keyboard that it showed off at CES 2018.

Razer is well-known for producing high-end gaming peripherals, and mechanical keyboards have been especially popular with the gaming demographic. Gamers are enamored with the tactical response of mechanical keyboards, which they claim outperforms and outlasts other technologies like membrane keyboards, capacitive keyboards, dome switches, scissor switches, and optical keyboards.

There's a complete line of Razer mechanical keyboards using Razer's green or orange switches (which are based on the popular Cherry MX Blue and Red switches respectively), and most of the modern models are backed by Razer's implementation of RGB lighting, Chroma. The keyboard they displayed at the CES floor this year was gigantic, with keys as big as the palm of your hand. Underneath were switches that actuated just like a mechanical keyboard would, though for sure the switches used here aren't the kind you'll find on a consumer product! The RGB lighting was standard Razer fare, and lets you light up the keyboard as you wish, with different presets for the lighting.

While the keyboard is completely impractical and nobody is ever going to be able to buy one, you can't help but feel a sense of awe in something like this. Razer knows how to do its marketing gimmicks, and this keyboard is like a wet dream for keyboard enthusiasts all over the world. While you'll never be able to buy something like this, as it is strictly a showroom display item, we can't help but think that somewhere there must be a Razer employee playing with this keyboard in the office.

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