Mar 24, 2017

'Altwork Station': You can now sit, stand, or lie down while using your laptop

The Altwork Station is an innovative reclining chair created through marvelous desk engineering. The station lets the user sit, stand, or lie down- all while working using your laptop.

Working at home seems to be the latest trend nowadays. You might start your day by sitting in front of your computer and after a few hours, you start to feel back pain and tiredness. It is recommended to stand from time to time to avoid body ache due to sitting for a long period. However, if your work is a fast-paced one, you may find yourself glued to your seat and no way to take even a quick break. That kind of lifestyle has been linked to posture problems, shorter life expectancy, obesity, and several types of cancer. That being said, several companies are creating alternative chairs, standing desks, and treadmill desks. But one certain company had gone deeper to make e a workstation that will enable the user to work even when lying down.

The workstation in question is called Altwork. Using Altwork Station, you can sit, stand, and lie down- all while using your laptop. It is somewhat intriguing due to its very innovative design. We can see an impressive engineering work in the form of Altwork Station which took five years to create. Basically, the station looks like a futuristic dentist chair. There's a part where the user can comfortably sit and an arm that securely holds the laptop in place. The user can adjust the height of the standing platform through the control panel located on the desk surface. You can also set the chair according to your choice and even roll out an adjustable leg support. The most important feature is you can recline your chair as far as you want- to the point that you are literally lying down. Interestingly, the monitor and desk move with you.

The whole set of Altwork Station, complete with the fully-reclining chair, desk, and the screen monitor, can be purchased for USD 5,900 (or almost PHP300,000) which is quite expensive, though. Apparently, if you want to relax while working, you wouldn't mind spending a huge sum of money.