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No Brand Nanxia GK-800 RGB Blue Switch Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

P890 43% OFF P1,580 Lazada

Zeus Zeus Mk-880 Professional Gaming Mechanical Aluminum Steel Keyboard with Free Zx-310 ...

with Free Zx-310 Professional Gaming Mouse

P1,049 59% OFF P2,599 Lazada

Zeus Zeus Mk-880 Professional Gaming Mechanical Aluminum Steel Keyboard with Sound Sensor ...

P799 52% OFF P1,699 Lazada

Vktech Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Microsoft Surface Pro 3/Pro 4(Blue)

P1,674 50% OFF P3,349 Lazada

Dodocool dodocool MFi Certified Smart Keyboard for 10.5-inch iPad Pro with Smart ...

P2,360 9% OFF P2,600 Lazada

A4TECH A4Tech KRS-85 USB Wired Keyboard

P390 11% OFF P440 Lazada

Vktech Original CHUWI Rotary Keyboard for 10.8 Inch Chuwi Hi10 Plus Tablet PC - intl

P2,547 50% OFF P5,094 Lazada

Unbranded Mini Multimedia Keyboard for PC / Asus Laptop (Black)

P366 47% OFF P699 Lazada

AESOPCOM D280 Rainbow Colorful USB Gaming Keyboard with 3D Mouse free mouse pad GOLIOTHUS

P579 51% OFF P1,200 Lazada

Redragon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Redragon Rahu K567

P3,450 50% OFF P6,900 Lazada

OEM Bluetooth Keyboard Keyboard Universal Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Smart Phone Tablet for ...

P1,109 47% OFF P2,107 Lazada

Razer Razer Cynosa Pro Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Bundle (Cynosa Keyboard + ...

P3,788 24% OFF P4,999 Lazada

No Brand Shipadoo JK200 Black Wing RGB Blue Switch Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

P799 55% OFF P1,800 Lazada

A4TECH A4Tech B314 Bloody 4 Light Strike Gaming Keyboard

P1,698 25% OFF P2,288 Lazada

Zeus Zeus Mk-880 Professional Gaming Mechanical Aluminum Steel Keyboard Bundle With Free ...

With Free M-110 Gaming Mouse

P999 23% OFF P1,299 Lazada

No Brand Shipadoo JK200 Black Wing RGB Blue Switch Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

P799 41% OFF P1,359 Lazada

ASUS Laptop notebook keyboard for Asus X451M, X451MA, X451MAV

P1,800 53% OFF P3,899 Lazada

OEM Ultra Slim Wireless 2.4G Keyboard and Mouse Set with USB Bluetooth Receiver for PC ...

P929.19 30% OFF P1,327.42 Lazada

OEM Wired Colorful RGB Backlight USB Gaming Keyboard for PC/ Laptop (White + Blue Light) -...

P1,138 50% OFF P2,276 Lazada

Unbranded Rapoo 1860 Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo (Black)

P823 48% OFF P1,588 Lazada


P3,550 7% OFF P3,850 Lazada

MSI MSI GF63 8RC -206PH Red Backlit KB 15.6" Black Intel? Core? i5 8300H +HM370 4GB DDR4 ...

P52,995 Lazada

FANTECH Fantech MK883 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Backlit

P2,760 57% OFF P6,500 Lazada

A4 Tech A4Tech X7 G800V USB Gaming Keyboard (Black/Grey)

P1,199 Lazada

A4TECH A4tech KRS-8572 USB Keyboard and Mouse

P570 28% OFF P799 Lazada

Razer (Original) RAZER CYNOSA CHROMA: Spill-Resistant Design - Individually Backlit Keys ...

P3,399 32% OFF P4,999 Lazada

OEM Thin Smart Cover Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Stand Case For iPad 6 Air 2 - intl

P1,198 67% OFF P3,714 Lazada

Kinbas Kinbas VP-X9 USB LED Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

P868 56% OFF P1,988 Lazada

Unbranded Dream Universal USB Mini Multimedia Keyboard for Laptop (Black)

P288 64% OFF P800 Lazada

FANTECH Fantech K3M Multimedia Mini Keyboard for PC

P280 59% OFF P699 Lazada

Dell Authentic Dell KB212-B USB wired keyboard

P199 60% OFF P500 Lazada

Dell 2018 Dell Latitude E7450 Ultrabook 14" FHD Touchscreen Laptop Computer, Intel Core ...

P68,348.16 Lazada

Logitech Computer Accessories Logitech Logitech K830 Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard ...

P6,863 59% OFF P16,803 Lazada

A4 Tech A4tech KRS-8372 Keyboard and Mouse USB Black

P479 Lazada

Zeus Zeus Mk-500 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Bundle with 4Pcs AAA Batteries

P279 72% OFF P999 Lazada

Logitech Logitech MK850 Performance Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo - intl

P9,102 2% OFF P9,310 Lazada

A4TECH Wireless 3000N Combo USB Keyboard and Mouse A4TECH

P1,066 Lazada

Unbranded Dream Universal USB Mini Multimedia Keyboard for Laptop (Black)

P288 64% OFF P800 Lazada

Unbranded Dream Universal USB Mini Multimedia Keyboard for Laptop (Black)

P287 64% OFF P800 Lazada

Not Specified USB Mini Flexible Silicone Keyboard Foldable for Laptop Notebook BK - intl

P286 48% OFF P560.50 Lazada

A4 Tech A4Tech KRS-85 USB Wired Keyboard (Black)

P349 20% OFF P440 Lazada

Zeus Zeus Mk-880 Professional Gaming Mechanical Aluminum Steel Keyboard Bundle With Free ...

With Free M-110 Gaming Mouse,X9 Mouse Pad & Zx-101 Headphone

P1,699 43% OFF P2,999 Lazada

Unbranded AWEADN G20 Backlight LED Pro Gaming Keyboard USB Wired Powered Gamer Keyboard ...

P478 71% OFF P1,699 Lazada

A4 Tech A4 Tech X7 G800V USB Wired Gaming Keyboard (Black)

P1,800 Lazada

niceEshop niceEshop Ultra Thin Protective Folio Stand Smart Cover With 7 Colors Backlit ...

P1,949 77% OFF P8,664 Lazada

Zeus Zeus M-710 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Bundle

P339 73% OFF P1,299 Lazada

HP Laptop HP Keyboard HP Compaq Presario CQ60 G60 CQ60Z G60T CQ60-101AU CQ60-206US CQ60-1...

P1,250 49% OFF P2,499 Lazada

Unbranded Universal USB Mini Multimedia Keyboard for Laptop (Black)

P285 43% OFF P502 Lazada

Gaming Gaming M200 3LED RGB Ergonomic Gaming Keyboard (Black)

P425 67% OFF P1,299 Lazada

A4 Tech A4 Tech 6100F Padless Wireless Keyboard and Optical Mouse Combo(Black)

P988 37% OFF P1,588 Lazada

OEM Retro RGB LED Backlit Usb Ergonomic Gamer Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Blue Switch - ...

P2,488 53% OFF P5,383 Lazada

No Brand Keyboard Mouse Combo Set 1600DPI Waterproof for Computer PC desktop With Free (gr...

With Free greenUSB2.0 Card Reader

P399 69% OFF P1,299 Lazada

Unbranded GTX300 Suspended Backlit Gaming Keyboard with mouse (White) with Free S6 4.1 ...

with Free S6 4.1 Bluetooth Sport Wireless Headset White

P645.05 50% OFF P1,299 Lazada

Leegoal leegoal Wireless Robot Keyboard And Mouse Set

P1,298 74% OFF P5,190 Lazada

OEM Honioer Bluetooth 3.0 Ultra Mini Keyboard Touch Pad Mouse for iOS Windows Android BK

P1,029 65% OFF P3,026 Lazada

OEM Honioer Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse Touchpad For Windows Android IOS BK

P709 66% OFF P2,088 Lazada

OEM DELUX T9X USB Wired Keyboard Gaming Mechanical Keyboard E-Sports Game Mechanical ...

P3,285 50% OFF P6,570 Lazada

OEM DELUX KM07 E-Sports Game Mechanical Keyboard USB Wired Keyboard Backlight Gaming ...

P2,621 50% OFF P5,242 Lazada

OEM RII Mini I28 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard with Mouse Touchpad and Backlit (CE/FCC) - ...

P2,289 30% OFF P3,270 Lazada

OEM Original package HP Probook the 4445 Ss 4440 Ss 4441 Ss 4446 S notebook keyboard

P1,477.10 33% OFF P2,225.70 Lazada

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About Keyboards


keyboard is like a typewriter that lets you enter information to a computer or any other form of device that you are using. Computer keyboards are similar to electric-typewriters but contain additional typing keys.

In 1868, Christopher Latham Sholes invented the QWERTY keyboard with other inventors like Samuel W. Soule, Carlos Glidden and John Pratt. It was actually patented from the likes of a typewriter which was first use for delivering messages and encoding letters and numbers.

A keyboard is composed of 110 keys. Four major keyboard layouts being used worldwide is QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ and HCESAR and they are also classified in different categories which depend on what type of computer is being used, the connector, its size and also number of keys and more.

What you need to know about a keyboard is that they do perform several tasks which includes the following list: typing of documents, to use keystroke shortcuts, for accessing menus, and also to play your favorite games. Though the applications are more or less same in all the computer keyboards, they have different keys depending on various factors.

These factors include the difference if they are being connected to a desktop computer or into a laptop. In Spite of all these, the physical aspects are all the same. Sizes and shapes of the keys on the keyboard do not differ much between various keyboards and also its arrangement.

The standard layout of letters, numbers, and punctuation is known as QWERTY due to the first six typing keys on the top row of letters spell QWERTY. The QWERTY keyboard was designed in the 1800s for mechanical typewriters and was actually designed to slow typists down to avoid jamming the keys on mechanical units.


Here are some of the types of keyboards by generation which that went to a series of changes through time to be more effective and more convenient to its users.

  • Ergonomic Keyboard- its slightly broader and different in shape when you compare it with the normal keyboard.
  • ADB Keyboard (Apple Desktop Bus)- This is specifically for Apple computers which uses its own special port.
  • XT Keyboard- This is an obsolete type, this are supported by older computers it has much larger the modern keyboards, Enter key is backward L shaped.
  • Mini PS/2 Keyboard-It has fewer keys and does not have a numeric keypad and also small in size.
  • Multimedia Keyboard -This keyboard is designed for multimedia designing, composed of additional keys for multimedia purposes.
  • Internet Keyboard -It has special keys like back and forward key, it also has an email launch key, home key and browser launch key and more.
  • Mechanical Keyboard / Gaming Keyboard -Available in wired and wireless it is more on gaming and composed of more gaming-oriented features.
  • Membrane Keyboard -These are rare kinds of keyboards, keys are so close and mostly used in mobile phones and old landline phones.

There are other several types of keyboards in the market or may have been invented, but it will all end up being a QWERTY kind of keyboard which basically offers the same layout for its keys, may it be on plastic, metal or glass like the ones being used on various phones and tablet computer's touch screen.

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