Feb 17, 2016

If you love both Cars and Coffee then you’ll probably like the “Espresso Veloce coffee machines”

Inspired by the automotive world, Paolo Mastrogiuseppe has created the world’s coolest coffee machine built with art and function.

Have you ever seen a espresso coffee machine that’s way cooler than this?!

Espresso Veloce says that creating a perfect cup of coffee is the same as a competing in a motorsport, where up to one thousandths of a second time is crucial in achieving the best results.


Inspired by the automotive engineers and icons of the racing world. Using aerospace alloys and other racing materials, Paolo Mastrogiuseppe handcrafted his unique espresso coffee machine. These limited espresso coffee machines are half-scale models of racing car engines (V-Type engines) used in 90’s, available in 3 different models. V8, V10 and V12 with color combinations available depending on the owner’s choosing.



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