Oct 13, 2017

Toyota TJ Cruiser: Minivan and SUV in one, to debut on October 25

Toyota's latest subcompact-crossover vehicle offering, the TJ Cruiser, is expected to launch at the Tokyo Motor Show this coming October 25. The TJ Cruiser, which is a crossbreed between a minivan and SUV, will pack toughness and functionality at the same time.

What would happen if a minivan had an affair with an SUV? As expected, the result is a subcompact-crossover which bears the functionality of a minivan and the toughness of an off-road SUV. Fortunately, Toyota is on the verge of launching such a vehicle dubbed as the TJ Cruiser at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show which will start on October 25 until November 5. It is worth mentioning that the acronym TJ stands for "Toolbox of Joy," giving us an idea of its design language. Also, Toyota included the moniker "Cruiser" in the name of its newest vehicle to express great force or strength.


Most of its design is on the SUV side, while the minivan inspiration is seen on the flat roof and seamless window line. As what was aforementioned, the TJ Cruiser has a close connection with a toolbox, design-wise. Just like a toolbox, it has a whole bunch of hard angles, slab sides, and sharp corners. It has a variety of strakes stamped in the metal and a silver painted-body accented by panels coated in a bed liner-style material, which makes it look stiff and strong, and of course, resist scratches.


The design of its spacious interior also shows the same theme as the exterior, which underlines toughness, practicality, and versatility. It has sliding door panels that look like pegboards as well as passengers seats which can be laid flat on the floor, so it can accommodate items up to about 3 meters in length. Under the clamshell hood, there's a hybrid motor system built around a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that powers either a front-wheel drivetrain or a four-wheel drivetrain. As of now, that's only what we know about the TJ Cruiser. More information will surely become available upon its launch at the car show a few weeks from now.