Oct 10, 2018

Honda is Developing Smart Intersection Technology

Driving on intersections presents a lot of risk; a wayward driver can cause unfortunate accidents. Honda is developing new technology that will cut down on this risk.

For the drivers out there, we all know that intersections are a very problematic venue during our daily drive. This is the part of the road that is most dangerous since this is where most accidents take place, particularly drivers who take matter into their own hands and decide to accelerate recklessly when trying to beat a red light, putting other motorists at risk of harm.

Honda is doing research and development on a way that will cut down, if not totally eliminate, accidents that take place at road intersections using its Smart Intersection technology. Through its 33 Smart Mobility Corridor project initiative, Honda has partnered with the city of Marysville in Ohio, USA for a test run of this new technology.

Honda's Smart Intersection technology uses its in-house object-recognition software to give drivers a better view of their surroundings up to a 300-foot radius from a supported intersection, which will have mounted cameras with a 360-degree viewpoint. The cameras will then transmit this information to supported vehicles through Honda's object-recognition software which will notify drivers of any incoming vehicles, eliminating any blind spots.

Illustration of the Smart Intersection technology.

The technology of cameras communicating with vehicles has been dubbed by Honda as the V2X (vehicle-to-everything). The 360-degree viewpoint of the cameras have been designed to provide a clear view of the surroundings, providing drivers ample warning on threats on the road.

Ted Klaus, vice president of strategic research at Honda R&D Americas says that "Honda believes that V2X technology is an essential component of a smarter and safer transportation ecosystem and can play a role in our dream for a zero-collision society, (and by) partnering with the City of Marysville and the State of Ohio, we believe this research will give us a better understanding of how V2X technologies can be further advanced and most effectively deployed for the benefit of all road users."

Honda's R&D in the Smart Intersection technology is a game changer since around 7,000 deaths annually resulting from automobile collisions occur in the United States alone. There's no official word yet on when this would become available globally and here in the Philippines, so be sure to stay tuned for more information about this new technology.