Aug 16, 2016

Chery QQ Makers Delivers One Great Concept Car the Chery FV2030

The Chery QQ has been a symbol of Chery's efforts and willingness to compete with established automakers. It is Chery's best-selling model because it's simple to use, won't cost you much and it comes with all the essential features you would need.

Forward to 2016 and Chery has more models and variants to choose from, and not only that, it has revealed its concept car the Chery FV 2030(Future Vision 2030). It was an instant hit in the 2016 Beijing Motor Show where it was presented along with Chery's theme "Fun to Drive, Enjoy Future with Chery".

The revelation of the concept car is a bold statement, it represented Chery's vision and ambition in the future to become a top automaker in 10-20 years. At the core of the Chery FV 2030 is to incorporate three vital points which are new energy, internet and intelligent – which the company sees as the forefront of an industrial revolution in the auto industry.

To make sure Chery will be moving forwards and will keep up with the vigorous technological advancement, special importance is placed and significant investments in Research and Development. Patents on air filtering HVAC system and a portable self- contained music system are samples of Chery's efforts in providing breakthroughs in the automobile industry. Chery not only boasts of future in technological advancement but also a shift in a more futuristic look and design. The concept car which has a sleek body, floating grill, huge intakes and big wheel arches are very different from the Chery of old. It's profound what Chery was able to accomplish from the very modest Chery QQ to the modern and futuristic Chery FV 2030.

Chery has leaped forwards from its simple beginning with Chery QQ to their concept car, the Chery FV 2030. New technology and bolder design along with Chery's vision and theme represent what Chery has become. Its recent improvements and commitment to push boundaries is a clear message that Chery is here to stay and that someday it will become a top automaker.

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