Jul 22, 2016

The Top 10 Cars under PHP 700k in the Philippines

If you need a brand new car but are on a budget, consider a look at these super affordable cars.

Shopping for a new car? If you are looking for a great new car but don't feel like spending a cool million for one, we at Priceprice have put together a great list of options for you under PHP 700,000.

1. Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is a great small car with a local list price of PHP 698,000. It's available in 1.5L Manual Transmission both in Sedan and Hatchback configurations.

Ford Fiesta Hatchback 1.5 Ambiente MTPHP 698,000
Ford Fiesta Sedan 1.5 Ambiente MT PHP 698,000

2. Honda Brio / Brio Amaze

Falling into the b-segment, the Honda Brio/Brio Amaze is a great city-driving car that can really save you gasoline. Options start at PHP 609,000 for the Brio S with manual transmission, up to the Brio Amaze 1.3 S AT at PHP 689,000.

Honda Brio 1.3 S MT PHP 609,000
Honda Brio 1.3 S AT PHP 649,000
Honda Brio 1.3 V MTPHP 689,000
Honda Brio 1.3 S AT Modulo Utility PHP 666,000
Honda Brio 1.3 S AT Modulo Aero PHP 691,000
Honda Brio Amaze 1.3 E MTPHP 629,000
Honda Brio Amaze 1.3 S ATPHP 689,000

3. Hyundai Accent

The Korean car company also joins in on the b-segment with a great looking 1.4L Sedan, the Hyundai Accent. Locally the Accent is available in manual transmission for PHP 668,000.

Hyundai Accent Sedan 1.4 GL MT PHP 668,000

4. Kia Picanto

Kia has been known for having some good small cars, and the Kia Picanto is the latest incarnation of the small car that could. Available in 1.0L manual transmission at PHP 575,000 and a 1.2L automatic transmission for PHP 650,000, the Picanto remains one of the smallest and most affordable cars in the country.

Kia Picanto 1.2 EX AT PHP 650,000
Kia Picanto 1.0 EX MTPHP 575,000

5. Mitsubishi Adventure

The Mitsubishi Adventure is the only SUV in this lineup, which is great if you are looking for something that can carry more people. The Adventure is available in manual transmission for PHP 690,000.

Mitsubishi Adventure TX MT PHP 690,000

6. Mitsubishi Mirage / Mirage G4

The Mitsubishi Mirage/Mirage G4 takes care of Mitsubishi's lineup in the b-segment. The little car is available in a variety of configurations, from the entry-level GLX 1.2 MT at PHP 533,000 all the way up to the Mirage G4 GLX 1.2 CVT at PHP 653,000.

Mitsubishi Mirage GLX 1.2 MT PHP 533,000
Mitsubishi Mirage GLX 1.2 CVTPHP 583,000
Mitsubishi Mirage GLS 1.2 MTPHP 633,000
Mitsubishi Mirage GLS 1.2 CVTPHP 683,000
Mitsubishi New Mirage GLX MTPHP 553,000
Mitsubishi New Mirage GLX CVT PHP 603,000
Mitsubishi New Mirage GLS MT PHP 663,000
Mitsubishi Mirage G4 GX 1.2 MTPHP 563,000
Mitsubishi Mirage G4 GLX 1.2 MT PHP 603,000
Mitsubishi Mirage G4 GLX 1.2 CVTPHP 653,000

7. Suzuki Swift / Swift Dzire

Suzuki's trendy Swift/Swift Dzire also enters the b-segment with some very affordable and usable city cars. The Japanese manufacturer offers three options for the Swift, from the Dzire MT at PHP 568,000 to the Swift 1.2 AT at PHP 678,000.

Suzuki Swift 1.2 MT PHP 638,000
Suzuki Swift 1.2 ATPHP 678,000
Suzuki Swift Dzire MTPHP 568,000

8. Suzuki Ertiga

The Suzuki Ertiga is a compact MPV that can seat seven people with its 3-row layout. Looking a bit like a strangely proportioned hatchback, it's a great option for families that need a lot of eating. It's available for PHP 665,000.

Suzuki Ertiga GA 1.4 MT PHP 665,000

9. Toyoto Vios

The ever-dependable Toyota still has some great entries in the entry-level market with the Vios. The 1.3L variants fit well into the price range, with the base model at PHP 592,000 and the starter level J model at PHP 630,000.

Toyota Vios 1.3 J MT PHP 630,000
Toyota Vios 1.3 Base MTPHP 592,000

10. Toyota Wigo

Toyota has also entered the small car market with the Wigo, a small hatchback with a very efficient ride. The Wigo makes a great city car, even if it's not as fuel efficient as the Picanto. The Wigo 1.0 E MT starts at PHP 473,000 and scales all the way up to the premium 1.0 G AT TRD model at PHP 623,000.

Toyota Wigo 1.0 G AT PHP 561,000
Toyota Wigo 1.0 G MTPHP 526,000
Toyota Wigo 1.0 E MT PHP 473,000
Toyota Wigo 1.0 G AT TRD PHP 623,000